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Top 6 Real Estate Software for Small Brokerages

Real estate brokerages need software to organize leads and listings, stay connected, maintain a schedule, and keep up with office tasks. While small brokerages may not have a large budget for software, that doesn’t mean their needs are necessarily bare-bones. To compete in the real estate market, small brokerages need software that streamlines their day-to-day tasks, is easy to use, and adds value. Here are the top 6 real estate software for small real estate brokerages.


Real estate agents who can send strong leads to clients will close faster. Yet chasing down leads for clients can be time consuming — at least, it is without RealScout, the must-have lead nurturing software used by Sotheby’s, Berkshire Hathaway, and others.

RealScout allows agents to specify up to 100 criteria — everything from high ceilings to waterfront views — then automatically scans the MLS for the newest listings that meet lead criteria. Next, the software generates custom emails that look like they came from agents. Impressed clients schedule viewings, find a home they love, and everyone’s happy.


Every real estate deal has a lot of moving parts, including extensive and complicated paperwork, and Dotloop helps busy real estate agents keep track of all of them. Agents can create custom templates, then email them to clients for electronic signature. Agents can also collaborate — for instance, with mortgage lenders or real estate attorneys who may need access to information — and see at a glance the status of everything.

This will help save time by reducing the amount of staff time spent searching for signed documents, following up with third parties, or waiting by the fax machine.

Showing Suite

Finally there’s a solution to help real estate agents manage showing data, keep track of showing schedules, and keep need-to-know-data in one central place. With Showing Suite, real estate agents can see buyer agent feedback, listing notes, photos, lockbox codes, contact information, and more. The software shows schedules, so agents can keep clients informed, which in turn helps keep the home in viewing condition to impress potential buyers and generate commission.


The typical small brokerage doesn’t have a lot of income and expense categories to worry about, which is why FreshBooks is a top pick. This easy-to-use accounting software integrates with bank cards and credit cards, which means transactions automatically import. Once they’re in the system, someone can categorize them. Come tax time, it’s easy to see how much was spent on office supplies vs. mileage. If employees tend to avoid using the bookkeeping system because it is too complex or confusing, this will simplify things while making sure everyone stays up to date, so there’s not a rush to organize things during the busy tax season.


These days, all brokerages need software for electronic document signature. DocuSign is trusted by more than 250,000 companies worldwide. DocuSign even offers ZipForm Plus integration, which means that it can handle NAR forms with ease.

By switching to DocuSign, brokerages can enjoy increased transparency and control over all documents that must be signed before closing. Processes and workflow means agents can automate parts of the process or retain strict oversight, whatever they prefer.

Broker Sumo

Brokerages looking to multitask with software should consider Broker Sumo, which offers accounting with QuickBooks integration, Dotloop integration, back office, agent management, commission management, and electronic onboarding for new agents.

Wave goodbye to the painstaking process of manually tracking agent sales in Excel and let Broker Sumo keep track of the relevant data, then deliver reports. Since the software is web-based, brokers can view information from anywhere, not merely the office. While Broker Sumo is new (launched in 2016), it was developed expressly for brokerages, and the attention to detail is evident.

By investing in the right software solution, small real estate brokerages can save time, increase responsiveness, and decrease stress associated with the rush to close. Increased productivity and responsiveness at the brokerage translates directly to higher rates of customer satisfaction, which can lead to more referrals from happy clients.

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