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Top 7: Exciting Messenger Apps That Enhance Your Conversations

There are a number of messenger applications available for you to download on your smartphone. While it is very convenient to have a messenger installed in your phone so that you can communicate with people no matter where you are, it does get very daunting especially when you are at work and you don’t have a chance to constantly pull out your phone from your pocket.

When you are at work, you know for a fact that your seniors are always checking you out and seeing what you are doing and constantly staring into your phone will send out a message that you aren’t paying attention to work. If you want to continue to have a social life and converse with your friends and family without coming under the scanner at work, then you could definitely download interesting chat apps that you can use on your phone as well as your computer. Whether you’re on an Android device or whether you have an iOS device here are a few exciting chat applications that you can definitely use on both of these devices.

Top 7: Exciting Messenger Apps That Enhance Your Conversations:

Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger is very convenient for you to chat with whoever you want and you can also check out your social media page while doing so. The Messenger is available in two versions and if you have too many applications installed on your computer then you can try the messenger Lite which is a lighter version of the actual messenger service but comes with all the same features.

The best part about Facebook messenger is that you can continue your chat even when you are on the go by pulling out your phone. The only problem with Facebook messenger is that you will be showing active all the time and some organizations keep track of these accounts and this means that you will still be under the scanner if you constantly show online on your Facebook page.

Google Hangout

Google Hangouts is an effective way for you to chat with your contacts via Gmail without having to worry about whether or not you have to pull out your phone to send out a message. Google Hangouts is easy, fast and convenient but the only problem with Google Hangouts is that you can only converse with people who have active Gmail accounts and in case somebody you know does not have a Gmail account you will not be able to send them a message. It is free of cost and simple to use but again there are a few restrictions that you will constantly face while using the Messenger.

Snapchat On PC

Although Snapchat seems to be one of those applications that are more popular with the youngsters, this app is also quite popular with older people who prefer to send your pictures rather than chat with another person. If you are wondering how to Use snapchat on your pc, then you should know that there are some convenient websites that enable you to download this application on your computer and use it just as effectively. Snapchat is a lot of fun because you don’t really have to type too much and it’s quick, funny and interesting. When people are far away it is always good to send each other pictures so you can remind yourself of what the person looks like and feel good just looking at them.

Kik Messenger

Kik Messenger has been around for a really long time and although people haven’t been able to get very comfortable using this messenger, this is one messenger service that you should pay a little more attention to. While you can chat with people that you know on Kik messenger, you can also make friends here which means that you are killing two birds with one stone. Kik messenger is also considered to be a dating application or a friend application where you can find people who share similar interests as you. This is an easy to use application that is simple to download and once you get it on your computer you will be able to do so much with it that you won’t want to get off the Messenger.


There’s no denying that WhatsApp is the number one chat app that people use these days. What you didn’t know is that WhatsApp can also be used on your computer by simply scanning the barcode. It’s very simple to do this and you don’t need to download any application in order to be able to use your WhatsApp on a website. This saves you from all the problems of having to pull out your phone on a regular basis and you can continue your chats on WhatsApp with a simple web page. Since it’s a web based program, this means that you will not be judged for the kind of apps that are installed on your computer.


If you’ve been looking for a messenger service that could help you connect with other business owners or continue your business chat with your employees on a regular basis then Slack is the messenger service for you. It is simple and it helps streamline the entire process of an organization by connecting them with one basics chat application which is simple and easy to use. Slack can also be installed on various devices which means that your employees do not need to complain about not getting a message or that they won’t be able to reply to you because they were away from the computer.


If you were looking for a messenger service that provides you with video calling chat as well as voice call without having to spend any money then Skype is something that is definitely a good choice. You can download this messenger service on your phone as well as on your computer and it is an easy to use and convenient way to communicate with people. Skype can also be used for business purposes and having conference calls without having to be present at the same geographical location. The quality of a Skype call is always good as long as you have decent network.

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