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Top 7 IoT Beneficial Application for Users

Internet and telecommunication have revolutionized the way people lead their lives. People can connect to others across the globe in a blink of an eye. It is also a great source information as you can find almost everything on the internet. The internet of things, also known as IoT has made it possible to interconnect various computational devices and machines by automatically sending data back and forth from the devices. For any app development company, IoT has provided a large field of opportunity to develop various apps that can help in various ways.

With the advent of mobile phones with capabilities of a mini computer, people can now have applications installed on a device that fits right in their pocket. This has led to rapid IoT mobile app development in the past couple of years. As a result of that, IoT based mobile apps are quickly becoming popular among users with smart-phones.

Benefits of the IoT

The introduction of IoT has led to the saving of both time and resources. It has added security at many aspects, and also helps in management and maintenance. Needless to say, there are many benefits of IoT in telecom making the whole process of communication and transfer of human to human information easier and convenient.

Some highly beneficial IoT Apps

The IoT app development platform has created apps that benefits both consumers as well as manufacturers. Such apps provide benefits in many different fields. While there are a lot of different apps that are present some of them have been comparatively proven to be more beneficial for the users. Mentioned below are some of the top IoT apps preferred by users.

  1. Smart Homes – Smart homes are rapidly gaining popularity among consumers. The concept of smart homes is to link every electronic device to each other and control them all with a single device. Lights, curtains, water taps can easy be controlled using mobile devices or smart speakers. Door security locks, security cameras, home surveillance cameras and baby monitors can be accessed remotely, even from outside your home using an IoT mobile app. Smart homes not only add to convenience but also to your home security.
  2. Healthcare – There are numerous IoT benefits in Healthcare that has enabled doctors and nurses to deliver better care to their patients. IoT has brought a degree of automation in in the medical field which helps to save precious time. Hospital beds are equipped with advanced vital monitors. These vital monitors are connected to pulse oximeter devices and digital sphygmomanometers which give their respective values in a single screen. It also alerts doctors when the vitals deviate from normal and these data are also sent to the central hub. There are automated syringe pumps which deliver drugs at a specified rate over a period of time. It also sends an alert when the drug deliver is complete. Then there are machines that help deliver oxygen and also assist with respiration which operate by the click of a button. For conducting faster and hassle-free blood glucose examination there are glucometers which show the value in seconds. Digital weighing machines gives very accurate weight in both kilograms and pounds. On top of it all IoT app development has led to the production of pace maker devices which can be monitored and partially controlled using mobile phones.
  3. Manufacture and logistics – Industries have benefitted a lot from IoT apps. A lot of the production is now automated saving both time and human resources. The various devices are remotely controlled to perform various tasks that help with the manufacture. These devices also ensure safety and overrides any action that can potentially endanger people’s lives and the business as a whole. These devices alert the user when there is a need for maintenance or replacement. IoT app development tools have made it easy to maintain logistics. All products are put in tagged packaging which can be traced from source to the destination. This helps to keep track of the number of items that have been shipped. It also reduces the risks involved in the movement of products from one source to the other. With the help of new and innovative IoT mobile app ideas, the logistics department can effectively which location has more demand for their products and supply them accordingly.
  4. Agricultural industry – IoT applications had a big impact to the modern agricultural techniques. Such applications notify farmers the correct time to plant a certain crop and when it should be harvested. There are devices that are used to determine the soil profile which find out various parameters about the soil. Based on the values of those parameters appropriate fertilizers are suggested. There are devices equipped with sensors that help to monitor livestock very efficiently. This reduces the chance of animals running away or eating the crops that have been planted. With devices that can collect weather forecast data, farmers can effectively plan out their crop cycle.
  5. Data analysis – Business and companies hold large amount of data that cannot be managed manually. Proper software coupled with efficient hardware can make data management and analysis an automated system. With android mobile app development employees can manage and see data analysis reports right on their phones. The added security in the applications makes it impossible for data stealers to get hold of anything at all. The data is stored in cloud-based servers which makes it immune to data losses in case of any system failure.
  6. Fitness and exercise – The mobile app development framework has come up with apps that can not only assist but also motivate people to work out and stay fit. These apps suggest you the perfect workout for your body type and also monitor how you are performing it. These apps link themselves with smart watches and fitness band which feeds data directly to your mobile app. It will alert you if you are overdoing an exercise or being to lazy. These apps also, monitor how frequently you consume water and notifies to drink some in case you are dehydrating for a long time. It also monitors your diet and your calorie intake and suggests you how much you should eat and what you need to avoid.
  7. Electricity distribution – The electricity distribution system of many cities across the world are equipped with smart grids. These grids channel the power to the various points of consumption such as industries, hospitals and homes. It can estimate where the demand is high and can provide more power to that point. In case of power outages, it can efficiently distribute the load and give priority to places such as hospitals and industries responsible for the production of essential good. It can also help to pinpoint the location of a fault, if it so occurs, so that the repairmen can promptly come and rectify it. This whole smart grid system actually saves more power by preventing wastage.

Conclusion – Internet has changed the way people lead their lives. With the development of IoT, people have been able to link various devices in a sort of a web where data can freely move across. The benefits are being reaped in many fields involving various aspects of life and livelihood.

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