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What are the Best Online Tools for Academic Writing?

Unlike the pre-digital era, university students today have several wonderful online and digital academic writing tools that make research paper writing or a large writing project much easier. Many programs complement each other quite well and streamline the writing process for you. Here are some of the free or affordable online tools for college students:

Use good reference management software to make your research work easier.

Mendeley is a program with open access and a user-friendly interface that integrates well with Word and has an effective Web Importer. It makes saving documents and editing them online easy. Mendeley can store up to 2GB of data and documents for free. It also has a huge library of free content which makes it a great research resource. You can use it on your PC or smartphone or any other mobile device. It works with Mac, Windows, and Linux too.

Other popular reference managers you may use include EndNote, ReadCube Papers, and RefWorks. These tools make it easy to gather, store, manage, cite, and share all types of information.

Use App Killers to boost smartphone performance and battery life.

Mia, a medical student, shared, “Studying to be a doctor is tough. There are so many courses and so many assignments to do every week. I bought the best smartphones I could but with heavy use and research work, they used to slow down drastically. It was then an expert from the assignment help Australia service I used advised me to use app killers to enhance the battery life and performance of m smartphone.”

Some of the app killers that you may use are:

  • Greenify: It puts all the background apps draining your battery into hibernation.
  • KillApps: Mia says that the expert had recommended this app killer to disable the app instantly. It supports system apps and third-party apps too. It also comes with a custom list feature and is quite user-friendly.
  • App Killer and Manager: This app can help you get rid of all the tasks, apps, and services running in the background including the hidden apps that hog your internet connectivity, RAM, and CPU. It also has a memory cleaner and allows you to retrieve detailed information on any third-party app installed on your smartphone.

Use Citation generators to construct your Bibliography on the fly.

Automatic citation generators can do the painstaking work of generating citations and references for you within minutes. BibMe, OttoBib, Zotero, and Citation Machine are some of the best tools to arrange information about a user into your preferred citation style. The student has to input information like author, title, publication date of the source, etc. and these citation generators format the info according to their preferred citation style.

Online assignment help provider Glenn Mark shares, “Some citation generators are more advanced than others. They can search for the source’s title in online databases and fill out entire citations automatically. They may also fix spelling or capitalization errors. But the results they generate depends on inputs of the user. So, the author of the paper must double-check the citations they receive.”

Use decent grammar and spelling checking tools for academic writing.

Many students make the mistake of relying solely on Grammarly to check their papers. Grammarly is good for the 7th or 8th grade level of writing but if you have a good grasp over English, it doesn’t do much. It is not intuitive and makes too many mistakes. It does not recognize the Oxford comma and suggests incorrect tenses in compound sentences.

Neil used an online assignment help service to hire professional editors and proofreaders to work on his scientific paper. He said, “I do not trust Grammarly. Maybe it is good for international students for whom English is a second language. But I use it only for a basic spell and grammar check. AI-powered paper checkers fail to catch dangling modifiers, lack of linguistic clarity, weak arguments, bad inferences, or poor word choice. Hence, for important documents like writing research papers or articles for publication, I prefer to take the help of manual, competent, and online editing and proofreading service providers.”

Apart from Grammarly, you may also use grammar and spelling checkers like Ginger, ProWritingAid, and Hemingway Editor.

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