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What are the Important Features of Recruitment Software

Automated software for recruitment makes the hiring process very simple. They assist in building the best teams consisting of high-skill staffs. Recruitment software such as ELMO Software irons out the creases on both the candidate as well as the companies’ end.

If you are not familiar, these are the features of recruitment software that you should look out for:

1. Requisition management.

  • Appropriate job description – The software allows managers in the HR department to formulate proper specifications of the job. It makes use of predefined positions and is, therefore, quicker than doing it manually.
  • Approval for workflow – The automated software provides a customized dashboard and email for quick notification. It is done to suit existing as well as new hiring procedures.
  • Pre-screening process – The system uses personalized questions to filter and select the most suitable of candidates. It eliminates the candidates who do not meet the criteria even before the interview process.

2. Sourcing of the candidates.

  • Initial search – The search for candidates is done by criteria such as qualification, skills, and location. This allows the managers to pare down to the best possible candidates for the job.
  • Candidate management – The software offers a platform to organize and browse all the candidates in one place. Features such as keyword search, application processing, automated emails, and geo-location searches are part of the digital software.
  • Posting on social media – A lot of candidates use social media platforms to search for jobs. Make use of the software and reach far and wide by posting company videos and advertisements.
  • Talent pools – The recruitment software also allows the creation of talent pools for both existing and new candidates for a specific job. It allows managers to keep track of the performance of prospective candidates.
  • Screening of candidates – The digital software screens the candidates almost instantly. This eliminates the need to manually plow through hundreds of candidates résumés just to get to that one suitable candidate. Additional questions for screening can be added.
  • Vendor management system – This feature in the software allows managers and organizations to create a job and give them to external recruiters. Then vendors then review the job requirements and select the most suitable candidate on their list to fill the vacancy. This transaction is done through the vendor portal.

3. Applicant tracking system or ATS.

  • Applications – The recruitment software also makes the candidates’ application process a lot easier. They can submit their résumés along with videos if need be. This, along with creating profiles, is made possible with the use of parsing technology.
  • Workflow for applicants – For each role, the workflow can be easily customized. This can also be duplicated as a template for use in future openings. Candidates can be tracked throughout the process using the ATS.
  • Scoring – The grading and scoring model identifies the most suitable of candidates within minutes. These shortlisted candidates are chosen to hire almost instantly.
  • Interview – Scheduling and conducting an interview is effortless. A digital calendar takes care of all these features. The follow-up questions are also readily recorded.
  • Collaborative recruitment – With the software, managers can delegate an inner panel for reviewing the shortlisted candidates. This allows them to share their evaluations.
  • Contract management – Job offers can be signed and uploaded in the software system using the ATS. Personalized letters for specific candidates can also be stored here. This gives the candidates the confidence and the freedom to sign electronic contracts whenever it’s convenient.

4. Reporting and analytics.

  • Reporting – A wide range of topics such as time to hire and cost to hire can be generated with the software. This allows managers to plan for changes in the future recruitment process.
  • Analysis – Employers and organizations can quickly assess the hiring teams as well as the candidates more thoroughly.
  • Sharing the report – The software allows the company to share these reports with the stakeholders in the company.

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