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What Kinds of Business Should Use Wet Signature

Businesses are coming forward with mind blowing ways to ease their functionalities. Your business might have a different type of league it belongs to, but signing off.

Authorizing and certain other official documents are evidentially inevitable for the business’ conduct. This is where many businesses have switched to using a wet signature. Wet signatures are a very prominent way to brand on a personal and professional level.

You can read more on CocoSign as to how some people can still sign traditionally with a pen with a digital signature upload tool like itself. The ‘wet’ in wet signatures refers to the fact that the ink of the signature has not dried off.

What Kinds of Business Should Use Wet Signature

While eSignatures offer a lot of signing leverage to the user of CocoSign, the platform also offers wet signature possibility. A lot of people and businesses are not comfortable with designing and in those scenarios wet signatures come forward as a handy proposition.

CocoSign is essentially a ‘sign document digitally’ platform, users can still prefer to print, sign and scan the document back. This platform also allows electronic filing of the document before a print out is opted.

There are certain business types that can and should use wet signatures for their business or conduct. Below are the businesses that should use wet signatures, which you can read more on CocoSign:

Requirement by Law

While eSignatures are admissible in many parts and contexts of the World because of their ease of use and increased protection in signing, sometimes law necessitates wet signatures. For instance, sometimes banks require wet signatures only on loan-related documents.

Therefore, if the documents you eSign are not admissible by the local law, there is no point in doing so. As a precautionary measure, it is always okay to check the requirement under the local laws regarding the paperwork under question.

Financial Transactions

In the case of financial transactions or a transaction where under money is changing hands, wet signatures are preferred. However, many nations have expanded the admissibility of eSignatures in financial transactions as well.

The idea behind this allowance is that as long as both the parties to a contract agree to allow electronic signatures and consider them viable, the documents will be admissible. However, on a safer note, wet signatures are most preferred for financial transactions.

Businesses that can afford time

eSignatures are used to save upon the time that is wasted in printing, signing and scanning back. So, if as a business, you are okay with the dilatory procedures of traditional signing, you can prefer wet signatures.

However, in a fast paced business environment, businesses prefer the swifter mode of operations through eSignatures. They are much more time efficient as compared to traditional methods of signing.

Lack of Internet Connectivity

If internet connectivity is a pertinent issue in the place of operation of a business, wet signatures can be preferred. eSignatures heavily depend upon a stable internet connection to sign documents digitally.

With lack of reliable internet connectivity, eSignatures will be more and more challenging. In this scenario, it is always better to sign your way through wet signatures.

Bulk Documents

When the volume of documents is large enough, it can get really bewildering to do that online. It would be more time consuming and inconvenient to drag, drop, sign digitally and then upload and download accordingly.

This is where wet signatures can be really handy. Signing documents in bulk is a virtue that human beings are blessed with. Post the signatures are so affixed, they can be scanned back in one go. The volume based function of the printer and scanner comes to the rescue here.

Lack of Trust

If there is a new business relationship that is being established, there is not a lot of trust between the parties. In those scenarios, where trust is lacking, wet signatures can be really reassuring for the parties.

As and when the trust is established through recurrent contracts and dealings, the trust is reinstated and transactions can be resorted to online modes of signing through eSignatures.

Geographical Context

Not all places in the world are the same, developed and admissible with account to transactions and documents. The place of your conduct matters as many countries, nations and geographies have their own set of rules and regulations.

While some geography render eSignatures as admissible documents, some are still new to the concept. So, kindly go through the admissibility and recognition of eSignatures as per the broad and local laws.

In places where eSignatures are not the admissible kind, wet signatures can be used as a good and viable alternative.

Why Use CocoSign to Affix Wet Signatures

Out of the many modes of online signing available, reaching a trustworthy platform like CocoSign is a true operational blessing. There are many reasons why CocoSign should be chosen for wet signature purposes:

Time Efficient

CocoSign is very time efficient. Be it wet signatures or eSignatures, you can obtain all sorts of physical and virtual signing abilities through CocoSign. It takes no longer than a minute to indulge in a signature operation from CocoSign.

Secured Platform

No online signing or digital signature generators provide as much security as CocoSign. CocoSign uses an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) as its encryption protocol. You can be relieved of no leakage from CocoSign whatsoever.

Considering the materiality of your documentation and the extremely prevalent culture of hacking and phishing tools, CocoSign is the most safe platform. There can be no misuse of data and the inbuilt security seconds to none.

Multiplicity of Options

You don’t have to be bottlenecked by one single way of affixing signatures through CocoSign. It offers you great varieties to sign. From eSignatures to wet signatures to different modes of online signature generation, it is like the one stop shop for signing virtually.

Even with the creation of eSignatures, there are many ways to do so. You can draw it with a touchpad, type your name and arrive at the font of your choice or simply click a picture and edit it till you have arrived at your most likable signature.


Your signature is your very identification, and that applies to businesses and individuals. eSignatures offer extreme ease of use but a wet signature too is almost like a brand identity and corroborates for the veracity of the business.

You can read more on CocoSign as to how businesses are outperforming themselves with newer ways of signing. It is an added advantage in today’s dynamic world. Having ease of signing and authorizing remotely is a blessing.

With wet signatures involved, the environment friendliness does take a backseat, but if the eSignatures are not admissible, they can certainly be opted for. You can trust CocoSign with your documents, your signatures and even your system’s protection.

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