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Zoho Reviews and Top 5 Popular Alternatives (Free & Paid)

Zoho is the online accounting software that offers many productivity tools that collaborate, from chat applications to customer relationship management tools. This software is capable of tracking projects and downloads the bank information automatically. The Zoho software comes in two versions, such as Zoho Invoice and Zoho Books. Even though Zoho Invoice carries out much of what this edition does, the Zoho Books version comprises additional accounting functions, bill templates and statements for somewhat more than the Zoho Invoice version.

Uses of the Zoho software

The Zoho online accounting software can generate invoices from an option of templates, using your emblem and online payment supplier, such as 2Checkout, PayPal or Zoho accounts offer limitless invoicing for one business for a low monthly subscription. This business tool can assist consultant teams and freelancers to track the time, expenses, customers, vendors, payments due, account balances and unpaid invoices. Employing this cloud-accounting service, you can generate tailored invoices from a collection of bill styles with your emblem, terms and conditions, personal messages, and expense links.

Invoices can be organized to be chronic, and you can duplicate invoices that you would like to use again. Bills can be saved as PDF files or be sent by email. Zoho will as well, mail bills to your customers through snail mail by making use of the stamp credits you buy. Zoho Books offers the most conventional accounting tools, including in excess of 30 perceptive reports, such as profit and loss statements, tax reports, and journal reports for you and your accountant,. It can as well, help with creating and printing the 1099 forms.

What Zoho offers

The Zoho online accounting software is designed with a tool for tracking projects. Project files comprise the skill to allot billing method, type of the budget, project cost and budget amount. This software will track the time, project-related jobs, billable and non-billable expenses, too. Receipt images can be affixed to expenditure records to assist you to keep your records answerable. If you require supplementary project trailing tools for collaboration, detailed jobs, milestone administration, text storage and other project administration, you can include Zoho Projects to Zoho Books for an extra monthly subscription.

Zoho offers an array of mobile phone tools through one interface. Using Zoho mobile tools, you can generate invoices, observe project activity, manage documents, access contact information, access your calendar, view email, etc., according to the services of Zoho you have signed up to exercise. The mobile application is compatible with most smart phones, including Android, iPhone and Windows cellular phones.

Features of the Zoho software

The Zoho online billing software is designed with several beneficial features that best suit the requirements of users. Some of the features of the software include:

  • Money In: With this feature of Zoho, you can know how much capital your company is generating. You can administer your bills online and computerize chronic invoices effortlessly. You can get paid faster through online payment doorways.
  • Money Out: This feature enables you to administer and control the outflow of your cash and expenses. You can record bills and commitments for acquisitions, services and even for compensating expenses, such as client travel. You can also keep track of outstanding balances of your vendors and pay on time, using this feature.
  • Routine bank feeds: This feature enables you to connect your credit card and bank accounts with Zoho. You can fetch dealings into the accounting system of Zoho automatically, and auto-classify dealings effortlessly with bank rules.
  • Time Tracking: You can make your time tracking behavior simpler through the Zoho billing software for business. You can generate innovative projects and append tasks to your projects immediately. You can even log personnel hours for your project jobs online and administer your timesheets easily.
  • Call your accountant: Through this feature of Zoho, You can share your books with an advisor or your accountant and get expert help with your bookkeeping. You can share your information to anybody in your business and set dissimilar permissions for you and your workers.


The Zoho online billing software is designed with easy-to-use online bookkeeping tools and Zoho offers an extensive range of supplementary applications to assist you to generate the correct business solution you need. The mobile phone application is compatible with the majority of platforms. Zoho is an appropriate option for users who work by mobile phone or for people who like the liberty to put the modules together to generate a tailored business solution.

Top Zoho Software Popular Alternatives:


If you’ve been looking for free Zoho alternative or a self-hosted Zoho alternative, you’ll love Bitrix24. There are several advantages Bitrix24 offers over Zoho. First, you get more free users – up to 12 and you can buy extra 12 users for $39 for a total of 24 users. Second, unlike Zoho, all tools in Bitrix24 are united by a single interface, which is modern and social.


Agile CRM is a leading Zoho alternative in the market with superior marketing and sales automation features, and advanced analytics & reporting features.


WORKetc goes beyond what Zoho can do by letting you manage and track all aspects of the entire customer lifecycle using only the one app, saving you time and money you can use to take your business further.


Scoro is an end-to-end business management software solution for professional and creative services that helps to streamline work and eliminate routine tasks. The best Zoho alternative for project management, CRM, and billing. Risk-free trial.


ZipBooks – It’s the accounting software of your dreams, offering unlimited storage for client profiles and a way to send clients clear, professional invoices.

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