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How To Make An Invoice

What is an Invoice?

An invoice is a notice you drive to clients or customers to inform them that compensation is payable for services you have carried out for them. An invoice is supposed to outline the complete details of services you have carried out, how much the customer owes and where they are supposed to send your compensation. Here is a step-by-step method on how to make an invoice that you can use every time you carry out a service.

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Generate a header

Generating the header is nothing, but including the name of your business. This fundamental information regarding your company is supposed to emerge in professional lettering at the crest of the page. If you are employing word processing software, generate a fresh document and choose the “header” option from the menu to generate a header, or else, just type the name of your company and align it to the center of the top of the page. If you do not own a company name, just type your name.

Supply your contact details

Enter the address where you would like to get the payment, the phone number of your business, and the email address of your company, just below the name of your business. Your contact details are supposed to be aligned in the center of the invoice page, and the size of the font should be less than that of your company name.

Consider incorporating the logo of your company

If your company has a logo, incorporate it in the page header to the right or left side of the name of your company. If the name of your company is part of your company logo, you can make use of the logo instead of your name.

Write the contact details of the recipient

The information, such as the name, address and the telephone number of the company you are invoicing are supposed to come into view on the left side of the preparing invoice, beneath the header. If you are preparing an invoice for an individual, rather than a company, incorporate that the name, address and the telephone number of the individual, which you have on file for that individual. If you do not contain the contact details of the recipient for the company or individual you are invoicing, incorporate an email address in its place.

Write the invoice details

Incorporate the particulars of your invoice on the right part of the invoice page, across from the contact details of the information of the recipient. Write the invoice information, such as the invoice number, the invoice date and the invoice due date on individual lines on the right part of the invoice page. On that invoice, you mention your terms of payment. Under the invoice details, mention whether you will accept cash, credit cards, checks, PayPal or some other mode of payment.

Construct a chart to list the performed services

Generate a table in which you itemize the dissimilar services you have carried out for your customer, or the items that were acquired from you for which you are demanding the payment. Your chart is supposed to contain the components, such as services, date, quantity, rate, hours and subtotal. Care should be taken to include one row for each separate service carried out for the customer, followed by a last row set aside for the total sum you are charging the customer for all services.

Work out the total sum

Subtotal the sum owed, with any applicable sales tax, delivery payments or other payments and compute the grand total. To make the total noticeable from the remaining particulars, highlight or bold the grand total.

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While preparing an invoice, it is better to provide supplementary information. If you are preparing an invoice for a customer who has acquired items from you, explain your return policy. You may as well, have to thank the client for their trade and offer other merchandise or services at the footer of the invoice. This is the final thing clients see, so in the interest of excellent relations, attempt to be kind and grateful.

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