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6 Reasons HR in Cloud makes Sense for your Small Business

Businesses across the globe are fast waking up to the idea of cloud computing and the many benefits it offers. Be it public or private cloud computing, a whopping number of enterprises are using the cloud in some way or the other. With a number of critical business operations being moved to cloud at breakneck speed, HR is no exception. As a matter of fact, organizations are saving a fortune by moving their HR processes to the cloud ecosystem.

Yes, implementing a cloud based payroll software or HCM solution can address various painpoints related to employee and human capital management. Here are five reasons why HR in cloud makes total sense for a small business.

1. HR chatbot

So, we all know ‘Siri’ (the infamous chatbot/virtual assistant) and its role in our lives! Now imagine a chatbot powering an HR department near you. Yes, most of the cloud based payroll software solutions come with intelligent HR chatbot serving as an extended arm for HR departments. Most of the questions employees put forth to their HR department are answered by HR chatbots that use machine learning and AI algorithms to interact with humans. These bots would perform mundane and routine HR related tasks such as taking employee surveys, collecting employee info, providing salary details, etc. on the go.

2. Scalable and budget-friendly

Yes, SaaS based subscription plans make cloud payroll software a perfect pick-me-up for startups and small enterprises. Simply put, the pay-as-you-go feature makes cloud based HR software fully scalable for small and medium size enterprises. In addition, it eradicates the need for having additional IT equipment and crew for maintenance and implementation purposes.

3. Unified HR database

Cloud based payroll software serves as a comprehensive and centralized hub for all your critical employee data thus, ensuring that everyone stays on the same page. No more payroll and attendance redundancies or inconsistencies. Most importantly, a cloud based payroll software offers instant access to a pool of HR data such as leaves, holiday details, sick leaves, etc. of an employee on the run.

4. Time and attendance

Cloud based HR software assists you to stay abreast with punctuality and absenteeism with its automated time tracking functionality. It lets you create and handle multiple work shifts, employee timings, leaves/attendance and a lot more from a centralized system.

5. Self service

Here comes the most exciting part of moving your HR operations to cloud. Employee self service arms the employees of a company to check leaves, apply for leaves, check tax/salary details, etc. on the fly from their handheld devices without the need of ringing up the HR. Since it allows employees to check and update their personal details on their own, the HR doesn’t have to do it thus, saving them time and efforts.

6. HR analytics

Whether your human resources department uses more than hundreds of pre-formatted charts or reports, you can integrate them all with a cloud payroll software. Eureka! Intelligent HR reporting anywhere anytime and from any device. Enjoy on-demand access to intuitive HR analytics and MIS reports for a range of HR related activities such as staffing, attendance, performance management, recruitment, etc.


At its heart, a cloud payroll software grows with your small business. Easy to implement and use, it certainly makes a sense for a growing company to invest in a cloud based HR solution. Besides saving time and being pocket-friendly, cloud payroll software is a boon when we talk about innovation. Yes, automatic system upgrades and updates make it relatively easier for cloud HR solutions to stay useful and cutting-edge.

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