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Mobile App Development Grows with Beacon Technology

By now I’m sure that mostly everyone has heard of latest buzz about beacon and beacon in mobile app development segment in recent times. And how capable this Beacon technology is? When Apple launched its iBeacon protocol in 2013 at the Apple Worldwide Conference, retailers and other transmitters and receivers are going to be able to offer iBeacon-enabled beacons to tap this rapidly growing market in the early days.

The beacon market is still fairly new and increasing exponentially. Beacons technology are part of allows notification or action when a user’s device enters a particular geographical area when the user is in close proximity. Using this power packed Beacon technology can be added to a most exciting development on Android and iOS app.

Let’s be honest, so, what is beacon technology and how are its implications for mobile app development industry? Let’s dive in to first understand the Beacon or iBeacon technology the most and how the technology boosts your business faster in various domain-specific mobile apps.

Heard about Beacon Technology?

Obviously, Yes. Thanks to Beacons, are offering to facilitate the user interaction but not send any useful information to mobile devices. Beacons are the revolutionary concept that can transmit signals location-based information to your smart devices via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. Aren’t they just QR codes? With QR codes, people don’t like to scan each product on smartphone device and actually take the step of scanning the code.

These will allow when a person find a specific location or enters such a space such as a neighbouring supermarket or will receive a notification with user’s app if it’s already installed.

Top Industries Using Beacon Technology

Beacons are used in every industry. Beacons can be practically across a variety of industries, in order to deliver valuable retail to fashion and concert. Almost every industry, get new opportunities for retailers for provide truly unique experiences and beneficial for both customers and add value to retail app development. Here are listing possible industries which already using beacon in some clever ways.

  • Travel
  • Retail
  • Hotel
  • Food
  • Healthcare
  • Bank
  • Offices
  • Education
  • Event
  • Zoos and Theme Parks
  • Museum
  • Smart City
  • Libraries

Can Your Company Benefit from Mobile App Beacon Technology?

Now that you are aware of what an iBeacon. Beacon technology is big in retail. Beacons communicate through Bluetooth to provide special discounts or offers to one device to a compatible app on another device. Then mobile app development company likely benefit from beacon technology and different business class.

The first thing to note when app users who are near a store or restaurant location and how to benefit from beacons. Mobile app beacon to provide discounts or offers to be what your unique end-users may want or need. But no technology is perfect. There is no better that send out an electronic signal than a BLE equipped beacon layout to cater for your app if it is meant to give direction to preferences of their visitors in retail space.

How can SysBunny help you in developing beacon apps?

Sysbunny offers your customers a better experiencing and cost-effective app development services. Of course, not every mobile app developer must prepare for the next revolution called BLE. If you have beacons on your mobile app, not mobile app developer specializes in beacons.

Finding difficulty about to take your mobile app to the next level with beacon technology to your business? Don’t have a mobile application yet? No worries, to talk with me or our specialist’s Android and iOS Mobile application developer can help with that, too.

To talk with me or any of our other beacon specialists to discuss how beacon into your mobile app to your business, fill out our online form or give us a call. Don’t have a mobile app yet? No worries, to talk with me or our specialist’s app developer can help with that, too.

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