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7 Must-Have Apps For College Students

The introduction and wide spread of smartphones has indeed made a student’s life a lot easier. If back in the days we would have to spend a fortune on tools and supplies already in August, before the school year starts, now we can enjoy the luxury of having next to everything we need in our pocket – that is, on our smartphone. All we need to do is open App Store or Google Play and tap Install. Still, it is best to have all those apps installed and ready before the school stars, to be prepared when it does. That is, of course, unless you plan to have all your homework done for you, all your papers written by custom writing services, etc.

Anyway, as a modern person, you are most likely already using your smartphone not only for communication and fun but for your studies as well. Today, we would like to give you a glimpse at some of the newer apps that you probably haven’t heard of yet, but that should come quite handy for your studies.

1. Any.Do

This is an app to organize your tasks and create timetables for them. Here are the features that make Any.Do stand out:

– you can add new entries not only through the touch-based interface but also using your voice;

– the app can be synchronized with different devices so you can access your to-do list(s) from anywhere at any time;

– you can manage the status of a task by specifying its priority or marking it as completed;

– upon completing multiple tasks, you can have fun by literally shaking them off by shaking your device.

2. Brainscape

Basically, this is a service that helps you to create flashcards. The users often opt to make the flashcards that they create with Brainscape available to the general public. Considering the app’s growing popularity not only among students but also among professors, as well as textbook authors and publishers, the flashcard sets cover a vast array of topics and are of good quality. So, it is possible that you will not even have to make your own cards. Instead, you can just pick a topic and choose a set of options from the database.

If you have never tried to use flashcards for your studies, then perhaps you should consider it. Research has shown, that studying with flashcards is significantly more effective than with conventional textbooks. Brainscape is available both as an app and as a web-based service on their website.

3. CamScanner

This app is not designed specifically for use at school, but it comes extremely handy. Here is what it does: it allows you to scan the text (handwritten or printed, possibly with illustrations), and then convert the scanned images into a single PDF file. Here is a couple of examples of how a student can use it:

– if you only have access to a printed copy of a book that you need for your studies, you can just scan it, convert it into a PDF, and have access to it from any device anywhere;

– if you are used to writing your homework by hand, but you need to submit a soft copy and have no time to type it, you can just have it scanned with CamScanner and submit the PDF to your professor.

4. CliffsNotes

This app is an absolute must-have for everyone studying literature. It is a huge database of book summaries, as well as information on every character, plot, theme, etc. Basically, anything you may need for all types of essays.

There are also audio versions of those articles.

5. Evernote

Chances are that, when you were in elementary school, you were taught to take written notes on paper in class. Since there was not so much information, it was rather convenient. So, you have carried this habit on to your high school. There, the amounts of information that you receive in the class have grown, but it was still possible to take notes with pen and paper.

As you have moved on to college, the amounts of information are becoming so overwhelming that it becomes ever harder to take them in class and even more so to keep them organized.

Evernote enables you to make and edit notes, as well as to organize them for the ease of use in future.

You can access your Evernote database from any device.

6. iTunesU

Many of us use iTunes for music. But did you know that you can also access the audio versions of a vast variety of courses in different subjects from world’s top universities? This is what iTunesU is for.

7. Scribd

This app grants you access to an extensive online library with millions of documents and books. The database is constantly growing because there is an opportunity for the users to upload content to the general public.

Moreover, you are welcome to organize the books and documents that you need for your studies the way you want.

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