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The Ultimate Highest Paying Affiliate Programs

Not just you or not just I, nearly every successful affiliate marketer makes most of their money from the highest paying affiliate programs. There is a truly long list of successful affiliate marketing websites that have revolutionized a new way of making more money. Generating revenue of nearly 6 or even 7 figures just by promoting products and services of companies via your website is what affiliate marketing is about.

And here are some of the fascinating numbers on affiliate marketing

According to a survey by an affiliate network, the affiliate marketing industry alone in the United States of America group to nearly, dollars 4.8 million in the year 2016 and is anticipated to grow further $2 6.9 million by the year 2020.

You might be wondering that these figures are crazy but they are true. Affiliate marketing is increasingly becoming trusted marketing source for companies around the globe. The below are some of the mind blowing takeaways from the survey.

– More than 85% of advertisers claimed that the affiliate programs were either “Essential” “Highly essential” to their companies overall marketing strategies.

– Most of the publishers said that the affiliate marketing brought nearly 19% of the annual company’s revenue.

– Almost 79% of advertisers and 85% of publishers participated in the survey run some sort of affiliate programs.

Why should every affiliate marketer be focusing on high paying affiliate programs?

Most of the best affiliate marketing programs of better products for affiliate marketers to promote. Such kinds of affiliate programs are usually the main source of income for some affiliate marketers. The majority of the high priced products sold were these high affiliate programs are products that have been brought to the doorstep of the customer after they make the second or third purchase.

The biggest myth high ticket products and affiliate marketing are that the products are difficult to sell to the customers if their cost is too high. It could be $500 or even $1000.

One of the most surprising and shocking things is that it is actually simpler and you see to make a sale of a costlier  product when compared to their bargain bucket counterpart.

Let me give a detailed explanation

Let’s say you are aiming for $500,000 in a year. In order to accomplish this figure, you would need to sell 25,000 copies of products that are worth at least $20.

And that is a pretty big number. Isn’t it? On the other side, if you are promoting products that are worth $500 then you will have to sell only 1000 products in order to achieve your $500,000 figure. The same way, if the product cost is going up the number of products you need to sell decreases.

People are greatly interested in investing

Whether it is a skin problem or some other problem, today,  the Internet is filled with people who are greatly interested in investing a good amount of money into stuff they are looking for or problems they have in their lives. Right from best mobile spy to luxury accessories, usually,  people who want to invest in such high ticket items are more realistic.

If you are new to affiliate marketing then one of the essential resources you would require as the new affiliate is the right kind of training. There are people everywhere so it is extremely difficult to figure it all out on your own. In order to do that perfectly, a step by step process is important. Because it is a kind of road map that you would require to navigate your way to a successful affiliate marketing business.

Which kind of affiliate programs are truly worth their salt?

I did a good research and felt that there is a severe lack of information on the Internet about the highest paying affiliate programs. So I decided to provide my readers a list of highest paying affiliate programs. Not just highest paying, but these top affiliate programs are also verified as the legitimate ones. Below is the list of my hand paid top 4 affiliate programs that I found the best.

Here’s the list of highest paying affiliate programs that are worth to give a shot.

1.  The 6 figure mentors

Honestly, the 6 figure mentors platform is more of a digital business than an affiliate program. More and more affiliate marketers are showing interest in this is because of the sea life changing the value it offers.

This is one of the Paying affiliate programs I have ever come across. The 6 figure mentors are for entrepreneurs who need training on mentorship. The platform helps entrepreneurs with the right kind of digital skill set and leadership mind said they required in order to succeed in today’s online space.

2. Regal assets

Regal assets deals in a precious metal investment like gold and silver. We have been listed on the top 500 companies by INC  and also various accreditations from several organizations and have a great reputation in the industry. The company attracts more and more affiliate marketing by offering them $85,000 max as a Commission.

3.  eBay partner network

Well, you might have already heard about eBay. Of course, everyone is. This is not exactly high ticket but wait. Affiliate marketers can indeed make good connections from eBay but it entirely depends on the type of products you sell to the customers. For instance, this platform is extremely known for listing for sale. Now affiliate marketing can make a significant amount of money by promoting the expensive cars. The higher the price of the car,  the better money you make.

4. Ashford

It is one of the popular brands luxury watches and jewelry retailers. If you are fond of either luxury jewelry or watches  Then Ashford is a great affiliate program to make good money. The brand offers more than 5% Commission on all their products.  and the average order amount is $600 to $ 650.

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