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App or Mobile Website?

In today’s modern world, with social networks, text messages, gps and emails that can all be accessed on the go, mobile technology is proving itself useful time and time again.

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Relative to the internet and search engines replacing things like phones-books and directories, the web as we know it today, is being replaced and influenced by mobile technology.

Since the first “smartphone” hit the market, consumers have been moving more and more towards accessing data via mobile phone, tablet or portable device.

However, the mobile take over is not surprising due to it’s extreme accessibility and convenience. With mobile technology, consumers can now map out a trip, read a restaurant review or look up a movie time, all from the comfort of their own personal space.

No more waiting to get home or searching for public internet access for your laptop, mobile gives you all the accessibility you need and it does it right from your pocket or briefcase.

Which brings us to the topic at hand, should a person or business opt to use a mobile app or a mobile optimized website?

Creating An App vs Creating A Mobile Website

A mobile app brings a variety advantages to the table, like device integration, integration with other device apps and programs, user interaction and the always sought after speed. But, relative to websites being found on the internet, a mobile app must first be found and then downloaded before the consumer can use and interact with a person’s or business’ mobile app.

A mobile website also brings a lot to the table as far as benefits are concerned. Mobile websites can be accessed via mobile browser anytime from any mobile or personal device with access to the mobile network. Mobile websites are also typically much cheaper to develop and launch as opposed to their heavily coded counterpart, the mobile app. However, mobile websites depend on data transfer from the mobile network, which makes them dependable on the mobile signal.

Creating An App or Creating a Mobile Website Help

5 years ago, mobile users spent an average of 20 minutes per day accessing mobile data via browser based programs vs application based programs. Now, that trend has flipped and users are spending more time on mobile apps vs time on mobile based browsers. Either way, both mobile apps and mobile websites offer a wide variety of pros and cons, the real question is, what will be the best option for you at that specific point in time.

Figuring out the service you’re trying to provide might actually outline whether you should go with with mobile app or mobile website. Studies have show that mobile users like the browser for searching, entertainment and shopping while they prefer the mobile app for data management and social networking. Armed with that information and the chart below, you should be able to come to an educated conclusion when faced with the decision on whether to create an app or create a mobile website.

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