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Top 11 Best Online App Builders Software for Small Business

These days, plenty of aspiring entrepreneurs are creating exciting, entertaining mobile applications for Androids and iOS powered smartphones.

If you’re interested in creating a mobile application for your own personal use or for your small business, but you lack the technical savvy to turn your concept into a finished product, you’ll find that an easy-to-use “app maker” will take care of the tiresome details for you.

When you use an online mobile app development service , you’ll access the fastest, most fail-safe app creation method for people without any experience. Today’s online app services are affordable, intuitive and incredibly user-friendly, and they’ll allow you to create a professional, pleasing app that you may sell, keep for yourself, or use to promote your business.

There are so many great reasons to make mobile apps! When you know the secret of simple and straightforward app creation, you’ll have what it takes to create the sort of app that may just become a worldwide phenomenon. By letting a good software package take care of the hard work for you, you’ll get the app that you need, without the hassles and headaches.

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Features First

Mobile app development platforms vary widely in terms of the features that they offer to their users and cost. Some app makers are available for a flat rate, while others are available on a per-month basis, with some platforms being free. When comparison shopping for the best “do it yourself”, online mobile app development service (and there are plenty to choose from), always consider your budget. Knowing how much money you’re willing to spend will help you to narrow down your choices from the outset. Once you’ve found a few options that fit your budget, you may compare their respective features in order to source out the services that you really need.

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Another strategy is to search for online app services that offer free trials to new clients. Testing out an app maker is often the best way to find out if you’re truly “compatible” with they have to offer. A service that’s fun to use while also producing premium results will always be worth the small financial investment required.

Other features to watch for include app design elements that will allow you to choose your preferred templates, icons, buttons and backgrounds. App design features will give you the creative chops to create mobile applications that are a perfect reflection of your personal style (or your corporate image).

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Features that help you to monetize your mobile application are also incredibly practical and important if you’re planning on building a business around your mobile app ideas. If you want to make money from your new app, make sure you find an online app development service that gives you the option of selling your new mobile application in both Apple and Google app markets. Most high-quality services will also have tracking features (such as built-in analytics programs) that give you the power to see how many people are using your app, along with advertising integration.

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Get it going 

All you need is an idea or concept. Since many prospective app makers have spent plenty of time dreaming up app ideas, (without knowing quite how to implement their concepts) it’s entirely possible that you may have some great ideas already.

The next stage is deciding which features your apps should have. For example, will your app be a game or an educational tool? Will it fill a need in the marketplace (by making life easier for the people who use it)? Will your app have a modern, stylized look or a retro, vintage feel? How many buttons will you need, and how will things actually work?

Answering these questions is the key to bringing your idea into fruition. Once you’ve made some theoretical choices, it will be time to storyboard or wireframe your imaginary app. Wireframes are drawings that illustrate the different stages of your app’s function and operation. By mapping out how your app will work from start to finish, you’ll figure out exactly what you want it to do and how your app is supposed to work in detail.

However, something to remember, you need to pick out which app development platform you’re going to use before you map out your app. That way, you know the capabilities of the service which will in turn help you wireframe your app the right way.

If you’re having trouble designing your concept effectively, don’t freak out. Most of these app maker platforms offer a step by step instruction process that just might help you visualize your app. That’s why you need to research and find the right mobile app development service before you wireframe. Another option is to visit either one of the major app markets and find an app that’s similar to your idea, doing so should give you a direction but don’t copy your “idea app” exactly. If anything you need to design something better.

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Now you should have your app service picked out, you’re app design should be sketched up and all you have to now is pull the trigger and build the damn thing.


Top 11 Best Online App Builders Software for Small Business:


Mobile Forms App Designed for Enterprise. Roll out a bug free form in minutes. IT departments love us. AWS style pricing starting at 12c. Only pay for what you use.




App Builder Appy Pie has been rated as the Best Mobile App Maker online. Now Learn how to create an app for free in 3 steps with Appy Pie’s DIY App Maker, Once created you can then Publish your mobile app quickly & easily to Google Play & App Store with this award winning App building software.




The #1 app maker for small business. Revenue generating features. Easy app builder. 24/7 support. Over 500,000+ small business apps created. Try us free!




Create SMP apps or small and medium business mobile apps to showcase products with photos & Video’s, connect and share updates with customers, run surveys and much more.




The Easiest App Builder online. Make an App for Android and iOS without writing a single line of code. App Maker for 70,000+ businesses. Start Free.




Tiger App creator is an app maker for creating mobile apps for small business. As it’s a full white label app creator, it’s dedicated to resellers who want to create mobile apps for local and small businesses.




1,000,000+ Customized Business Apps Created – Swiftic is a leading DIY app maker that helps small businesses all over the world to build personalized apps. Offer your customers an app that’ll keep them coming back for more – Get Started Now!




Appsbar is your free mobile app builder – free to all app builders and app lovers. Create an app for free today!




Zoho Creator gives your business powerful workflow automation. Create apps for the web and mobile, or start by customizing pre-built apps.




Create an App was never easier. AppYourself is the leading European App Builder “Made in Germany”. Over 500.00 Apps online. Start free!




Creating your mobile app for Android and iPhone for free is easier than ever.
iBuildApp app maker software allows building apps in a matter of minutes, no coding required!




Our app builder provide a platform where you can create free app for iPhone, Amazon & Android for all kind of business.




And Last but not Least: A Few Ways to Build Your Brand with Your App

Once you’ve discovered the value of an online app maker service, you’ll be ready to create mobile applications for a wide array of mobile platforms. These days, making apps is one of the secrets of effective marketing. In fact, tons of entrepreneurs advertise and promote their businesses using their new apps. If you’re searching for ways to build your brand through promotional apps, you should know that it’s very easy to spread the word about new mobile applications.

Once your new app is complete, be sure to let your direct mailing list (if you have one) know about it. Send a short email detailing the benefits of the application, and then encourage your existing clients to download it. You may offer this app as an exclusive bonus, in order to reward your loyal clientele, or you may simply give the app away to anyone who wants it.

If you’re going to give your app away, using social media platforms to advertise your new app will be a perfect way to get the ball rolling. Share information about your app (and links to your app download page) on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Then, await feedback about your new mobile application, including comments, likes, shares, and re-tweets.

An application that really resonates with your target audience will help you to build your brand. By providing information or pure entertainment to your clientele (through a mobile app that complements your company and its goods and services), you’ll plug into one of the cleverest modern marketing gambits around.


The Many Types of Mobile Apps

When you begin to learn how to create an app, the first question that hits your mind is which type of app you should create. There are countless mobile applications ranging from – informative  to entertaining to productive ones. Depending upon how people use these applications, they can be categorized in these  types :

Time waster app – This includes those faddish apps, which are used when people have some spare time, like : while waiting in line, or in a restaurant. These are mainly games that let you waste time in an entertaining way. When you learn how to create an app that is used to pass time , focus on making them really interesting because generally people get bored with games relatively soon. You can also learn how to create an app building machine, which does everything for you, right from building an app, to marketing and monetizing it.

Core utility apps – These are the apps that can be seen on the user’s home screen, for example – contacts, phone, camera, calendar, clock etc. If you know how to create an app that is used as a core utility and if you attain widespread acceptance for this, you certainly can build long-term value.

Social Networking apps – Yes, you can definitely learn how to create an app for social networking. These help people in chatting, sharing mobile videos, finding a cooking recipe, and can also provide city guides to search restaurants, cinema halls, and many more.

Entertainment and News apps –  These apps keep the users engaged for hours by providing pure fun. They tell about the latest trends, give news about celebrities, provide latest information about your favorite subjects, and show the headlines. Learning how to create an app  for getting entertainment and news is very easy and fun as well.

Productivity app – Unlike core utility apps, these episodic apps do not necessarily remain on the home page, but can be really useful at certain times. Uber, Open Table,  and Hipmunk are good examples of these types of apps. These applications may be used for buying plane tickets, making restaurant reservations, managing bank accounts, finding locations, and many more. So, you can also learn how to create an app that can help people in a more productive way.

Weather and Travel apps – When you know how to create an app, you can successfully develop  one that gives regular weather forecast for different cities, or one that provides details about various countries. The purpose of these apps is offering convenience, especially at the time when you are getting away.

Notification-providing apps – With the help of these apps, the users get notifications about their mail or messages. Learning how to create an app for notification purposes is really advantageous as this is a promising category and can turn out decent profits with ease.

So, now that you know the different categories, just select any one and start learning how to create an app. You will enjoy the easy process and will also get contentment on  being a successful developer. After you’ve focused on the type of app you want to develop, you can then focus on learning  how to create an app from programs like the Apple Developers Program.


The Developer’s Checklist

When learning how to create an app,several aspects should be considered.

Knowing what not to do as well as things you must do, will ensure you and your  app have a fair chance a success in the app market or with your targeted users.

Here are a few things you should address when you get started with your first mobile application.

Never begin without a flow map – A thoroughly-planned  flow map is the first step you need to take before beginning the design of your app. It helps in creating a coherent navigational structure. With the help of a well-designed flow map, you can easily learn how to create an app that is clutter free and easy to use.

Don’t make your app identical to your website – Learn how to create an app that is different from your website. Never copy and paste your site into the app The reason for this is because the app needs to be convenient as it is made for the smaller screens found on mobile phones.

Don’t keep the buttons undersized – Mobile apps are typically used while people are on the move, if the buttons of your app are too small or if they are too close together, the user will probably have issues with touching the smaller sized buttons. So, always design your app with functionality in mind, use big buttons with enough space between them for proper usage.

Don’t overuse animation – Focus on how to create an app that has a balanced amount of animated features. Although they look nice, animated objects can delay or slow down the functionality of your app. If you’re going to use them, make sure your animated objects are fast, sharp and interesting. Make sure they keep the user engrossed without slowing down the functions of your app.

Don’t incorporate multiple screens – It’s really frustrating for a user when they have to click through several screens before reaching the screen that holds the app’s main function. If you design your app to be user-friendly, and convenient to use, and really useful, your odds of success will be much higher. Remember, keep it simple, efficient and easy to use.

Design for all – When you are designing and creating your first app, also understand that functionality and style need to be  cross platform compatible.  An app that is perfect for an android phone may not be suitable for an iPhone. So, never design the style and function of an app blindly, always make sure it’s suitable for both iOS and Android.

Never ignore the small things – Skipping out or overlooking the small details can cause you major problems further down the line. Always take your time and try to address every possible problem before you move forward.  If you want to avoid thousands of complaints and negative reviews, test your app completely before the launch. Apps that are easy to use and operate without any issues from the start, typically perform well in the app markets. Remember, simple, efficient, easy to use!

Don’t forget about marketing – While learning how to create an app, also learn how to develop a good marketing strategy. In today’s world of cut-throat competition, the person who survives is only the one who follows promotion, publicity, and propaganda. Always try to make connections with your target audience by showing the value your app can provide to them.

What Makes A Successful App

It’s hard to predict whether or not one mobile application will be more or less successful than another but there are a few things a person can address in the development process that will make a mobile application more like to succeed.

1) Develop For the Device

It’s important to recognize that a a user will have a totally different gaming experience on an iPhone or Android device versus the experience they will have when using a PC or console device. It seems like it should be blatantly obvious but developers need to keep the small screen size of an iPhone or Android device in mind when they’re developing mobile games for those specific devices.

When a user engages with a game on a smartphone, his or her experience should be one of ease, there should never be frustration associated with a game. Graphics are great, and depth is important but if the user is frustrated by the basic operation of the game, the app will not be successful.

2) Optimize for the Device

Sometimes it’s hard for developers to allow themselves to get past the limitations of the smaller screen. A good way to combat this mental block is to not only focus on the limitation of the screen size but to also explore the possibilities that the screen itself has to offer. It helps to think of the reasons why a user would opt to engage in a mobile application or game in the first place.

Try to approach it with the attitude of, “what can this device do for an application” and not “what can this application do for this device”. The touch screen is often one of the best ways you can utilize the benefits of a mobile application, use that as a starting point and then delve deeper into the benefits of developing for a mobile device.

3) Relate to it Personally

When an application bombs there can be many reasons that contributed to it’s failure but more often than not it’s due to lack of a personal connection with the user. Most great breakthroughs in technology or great inventions got their start from personal necessity and a mobile application is no different.

It’s easy for developers to get wrapped up in filling a need or trying to create an application that they think will be a fun and interactive. Instead, developers should focus on whether or not they would personally enjoy using the application they are currently building. Once they have that personal connection with the application they are creating, the developer can then really get behind the idea when taking it to market.

4) Let the Application Be Seen Early

Keeping an application completely hidden for the entire time it’s being developed is also a “problem” area for many developers. The  fear that the competition will get a hold the idea behind the app and bring it to market first is an extremely limiting problem.

That’s not to say that a developer needs to advertise and go public with an mobile application on a large scale before it’s ready. However, getting feedback from friends and family is a great way to address any potential problems with an application while it’s being developed.

5)  Think Go Big or Go Home

Really getting behind a mobile application will take it a long way but developers also need to remember to think about the people that it will reach on the large scale as well.  Developing an application with the idea that it will meet and serve hundreds of thousands of users will actually help position the app to do just that. Making an app scalable can actually invite greater chances of success, think huge and go huge.

6) The Economy Sucks So Use it to your Advantage

As everyone is already well aware of, our economy sucks and developers need to keep this in mind when they hit the ground with their latest and greatest mobile app development. Keeping an app free can accelerate the customer referral, buzz building process, which in turn can accelerate the download rate of the app. More downloads can equate to big success, keep it free to get your app off the ground first, then you can always offer an ad free paid version later.

7) The Customer is always Right

Taking the point of view “the customer is always right” is the best way to ensure happy users and having happy users should be one of the most important things to a developer. Every developer has big plans for the design and functionality of their app but keeping room for adaptability in the original plan is a good strategy to have.

Comments and ratings in the app markets will show that apps with unaddressed problems also have a following of irritated users. Leaving room to fix customer complaints can really help out with an app’s success, being adaptable and keeping customers happy is a must.

8) Dress to Impress

With both iPhone and Android app markets reaching over 500,000 available applications, in today’s world an app’s success depends on word of mouth advertising that comes from an application making a good impression. Today’s successful mobile app has a trait or quality that separates it from the rest of the pack.

Being unique in the mobile application world can provide fortune and glory while being easily forgettable can fast track an app to failure. Countless applications have gone big with almost no advertising budget simply by being unique and spurring word of mouth advertising. Separate yourself if you want to survive.

9) Never Give Up

This may be the most important part of becoming successful not only in the mobile application industry but also in life as a whole. Never giving up is a trait that many of the world’s most successful business owners share and possessing this quality can make or break an application or application development firm.

Being patient and always striving to make your product better will always better your application in the end. Consumers in today’s world are more aware than they have ever been and they also maintain the ability to quickly point out a quality product versus a sub-par product in the same niche.

Go above and beyond your own expectations for the app and always be ready to adapt for changes and problems that may arise. When things go wrong, and typically they do, be ready to find the good in a bad situation, be ready to learn from your mistakes and be ready to earn your success.

Nothing is free and if you want to be the next Instagram or Bump you’re going to have to work for it. Learning how to create an app that hit’s the big-time will never be an exact science but sticking to the basics and staying positive can help your chances ten fold.

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