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Boost up eCommerce Sales through Affiliate Marketing

The basic thought of Affiliate Marketing is to let other people market your products and send you the Conversions. In return, you pay them some amount of any sales that are made that originate from their efforts. This is done usually by giving them special hyperlinks which we call Tracking Links that they can post on their website.

These hyperlinks usually contain an ID code which helps to track their efforts. Here’s an example of what an affiliate hyperlink may look like:

So the Question is How to create such type of Hyperlink or Tracking Link?

To do this you can use various Affiliate Tracking System which supports e-commerce stores Integrations. I helped some online stores for their affiliate business with vNative. It’s because, vNative support integrations with Shopify, woocommerce, many others and have a plugin for WordPress to easily put Tracking Pixel. There are several steps you need to follow to get started with Your Affiliate Marketing for your online store.

Have a Product link

Product link is the landing page of your product at your store. This is the link where your visitor land to see your product description. Product link is one of the important links in yours sales funnel, if it’s broken then it’s a loss of you for a visitor and may be the loss of the trust. This page should be attractive and should be with the information of your product. Linking other products is a hack to engage the visitor.

Integrate Pixel code on your Website

This is how pixel code looks like.

<img src=’′>

Pixel is a 1×1 image which fired when someone visits or takes an action. So this is the code which e-commerce put onto their thank you page where the sales or the conversion happens.

Add Affiliates

Getting good affiliates is one of the challenging tasks for an Affiliate Program. To get good affiliate you need to join the Affiliate Community. Post your offers in those communities frequently so that the people recognize your offerings. Another way to get the affiliate is by attending the Affiliate summits. There are many affiliate summit happening around you,  network with them, tell them about your offers and follow up with them after the event. The third way to get Affiliates is by approaching them directly.

Create Link for your Affiliates

Now you have a product ready, you have affiliates, you have a pixel integrated into your website now it’s time to give your affiliates an opportunity to earn some referral’s money. Making money with the affiliate is a great hack to get the easy sales but you only need to target smartly.

Get the Insights of the Leads and pay according to their Performance

Getting the Leads insight will help you tracking your affiliates and the sales made by them. Calculating all these finances is a tough task to manage, you need a software which can automatically give you the calculated data of the payouts to the publisher so that you can pay according to their performance.

Now you ready to go, these are the elements you need for affiliate marketing. In this way, one can boost the e-commerce sales with Affiliate Marketing.

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