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Creating Least Privilege Access for Your Employees

Everyone knows that there are a large number of virtual threats out there today. Most people have had a virus or malware on their home computers at some point, and they know just how destructive they can be. Imagine owning a large company with a huge network of computers and having to contend with a hacker or a piece of malicious software that corrupts your system. This could spell doom for quite a few companies out there today.

Instead of letting everyone have access to the full system, which is a mistake that a large number of companies are making right now, you can institute a policy of least privilege. This simply means that you will be able to decide which of your employees gets access to various parts of the system and programs. Reducing the number of people in the system with full access is the best way to eliminate many threats that are trying to assault your company.

When you are trying to determine which employees have access, you can separate them into different groups. At the top of the list, you will find the administrators, those who have full access to the systems. Only a handful of people should have this type of access. Power users will have fewer rights, but there should still only be a few people – managers perhaps – that have this level of rights. The majority of users will have limited rights, which can prevent them from making mistakes such as removing printers or installing their own software. As you can see, you simply give each person the least privilege that still contains all of the functions needed for their job.

Password Vault software is a great option for those who want to divide their access up into different sections and provide the least privilege possible as mentioned above. The software works with any operating system whether you have a physical or virtual machine. It is fast to set up, easy to audit, and it keeps your company safe since people will not be able to access areas of the system that they are not supposed to.

You will find that the system has more security, it is easier to manage, and the costs are less as well. This is a perfect and simple approach to beefing up your security and still giving your employees the access they need.

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