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Choose to Eliminate Admin Rights

Virtualization of networks and computer servers has now made it possible for us to work from anywhere in the world at any time. There is no longer the concern of getting to the office to get the information you need when you can access it from home or even vacation. There is no doubt that virtualization has made doing business much easier and more convenient, but it doesn’t come without its own problems. After all, if you can access your information at any time from anywhere, it only stands to reason that anyone else could, too. That lack of security can put your entire organization at risk, with the possibility of theft or accidental loss threatening your company’s survival.

Fortunately, there is datacenter virtualization security software that can help you get control of your virtual environments. Not only can you protect your precious information when you eliminate admin rights, but you can also keep a tight rein on other programs that your employees can access. With datacenter virtualization security software, you will find that it is possible to create a hierarchy of permissions for every level in your organization. You can entirely customize the number of permissions granted for each level, and even specify the particular programs and software that each person can access. It’s a lot of control in your hands for one piece of software.

It is highly advisable to eliminate admin rights among your workers. It may be hard to imagine that anyone could take advantage of you, but it certainly does happen. An even more likely scenario would probably involve an accidental sharing of data or information. Even worse, when your employees have access to websites and other Internet entertainment, there is a chance of dangerous downloads that could introduce malicious programs into your networks. Virtual environments do cut down on the amount of dangerous programs out there, but they will always exist.

The software to eliminate admin rights is not inexpensive, but it’s certainly lower in cost when compared to any sort of disaster recovery. You may have done fine this far without it, but imagine a natural or manmade disaster in your area and consider how much money you would have to spend to clean up the pieces. The cost of the purchase is definitely worth it in the end, especially when you consider the peace of mind that datacenter virtualization security software can give you.

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