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Five Great Reasons to Advertise With Radio

There are advantages to radio advertising that other forms of marketing simply can’t offer. Summit Media Corp has 28 stations in the United States, ranging from Easy Listening in Birmingham to Country Legends in Louisville to a Hawaiian music station in Honolulu. Each station provides businesses with opportunity after opportunity to market themselves and network with the local community. If you’re creating a strategy on how to best use your advertising dollars, radio is still one of the most cost-effective and far-reaching ways to reach your target audience.

1. Radio Allows You To Target Your Ideal Demographics

Whether you market to 18 year-olds or the over-50 crowd, whether your customers are mostly male or female, there’s a radio station that has the demographic that you’re looking for. Radio stations do thorough research to determine exactly who makes up their listening audience, which in turn allows you to make a wise and informed decision about where, when and how to advertise.

2. Listeners Can’t “Skip Over” Radio Advertisements

There’s an abundance of software available to block internet ads; TV viewers watching on their PVRs can fast-forward through advertisements. Radio audiences, however, can’t bypass advertising. They’re actively listening and ready to listen to your pitch. Unlike other forms of advertising, radio truly gives you a captive audience!

3. Radio  Stations Can Provide You With Amazing Sponsoring Opportunities

Take advantage of opportunities to really get your name out there by sponsoring community events or sponsoring popular radio segments. You can also host an on-air event at your place of business or be live on air with the DJs themselves. Best of all, listeners like and trust local radio personalities because they listen to them every day: having one of those personalities repeat your company’s name in an intro or during a live event increases the likelihood of listeners wanting to check you out!

4. Radio Listeners Are Faithful to Their Stations

Once listeners have a favorite radio station, they remain faithful to that station. This offers you an audience that has an ongoing relationship with the station, its DJs and its music. That bond means that the audience trusts the advertising–a huge boon for new advertisers!

5. Sound is the Most Effective Way to Make Yourself Memorable

Time and again, it’s been proven that people remember what they hear more than things they see or read. A catchy ad, a sing-song phone number, a memorable slogan–all of these, repeated in strategically-placed ads throughout the day,  linger in the listener’s mind long after the ad has aired.

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