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How To Become A Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant offers a lot of advantages such as money gained in a simple way, high flexibility working time, working experience, and much more. However, before applying for this job, at least there are some points everyone who interested in this job should understand. The good news for you is this time we will let you know about how to become a virtual assistant, not just a regular one, but a successful virtual assistant. So, prepare yourself to learn this content.

Like other jobs, in order to become a virtual assistant, there are some things that you need to have or prepare. Of course, when we talk about skills about this job, there are some fundamental work skills you should have. The types of fundamental work skills you should have will depend on which company do you apply as virtual assistant for. If it is an IT company, then you should have basic understanding about IT. The same thing applies for other business fields. This is because most of your tasks as virtual assistant are basically doing your employer’s daily task. Then, as you may have understood, the next important skill sets you should have is a good communication skill because you need to communicate regularly to your employer. These are the two fundamental skills you should have but of course there are also other skills that you should master, too.

It is not easy to master important skills needed to become a virtual assistant. Being a virtual assistant has slight difference with working as a secretary. Some people take an education to become an office secretary, even though at last they finally apply for assistant or virtual assistant job position. Well, taking formal education or informal one, such as a course is good way to choose because it can give you skills and knowledge you need in order to become a virtual assistant. Especially because you can also follow internship program that may offered in the same course package which will give you a bit understanding about what exactly a virtual assistant is and does, and what you will face if you still choose to work as a virtual assistant. It also helps sometimes to join a reputable VA association such as IVAA.

One more thing you should understand in order to become a virtual assistant is, being a VA means you will do most of the tasks as your main, or sometimes only, responsibility. Being a virtual assistant usually has no difference with working as a freelancer which means you will manage your time, deciding when to start and stop working. The only thing that remains in the employer’s side is asking about the job progress and ask routine job report from you, unless the contract that keeps both the employer and virtual assistant says different. Keep this in mind because the employer holds sole right in determining whether your work has met the objectives or not, and sometimes a personal reason: whether the employer has felt satisfied with your job or not. This is also why need of professionalism is very high, even sometimes higher than working as office assistant in the real world.

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