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Virtual Assistant Communication Skills

Being a virtual assistant means there are so many interesting things waiting for you to be explored. However, before you face them, having a good communication skill is a must due to assistance task you will have everyday since the first day of your employment. Virtual assistant communication skills are one of the most important skillsets you will ever need as a virtual assistant.

First thing every virtual assistant should understand about communication skill is there is no assistance without communication, therefore having a good communication is the first requirement if you want to build your career as a virtual assistance which in general, does not have major difference with real office assistant. However, unlike real office assistant, communication becomes more important for virtual assistant because being a virtual assistant means that there is a high possibility that both the employer and employee will not see each other for a relatively long time, except they live in the same city. Internet becomes the only place where they can ‘meet’ each other.

Since both sides can not see each other, then words become the only information that tells everything, not only about the job, but also expression, emotion, personality etc. Well, if both sides are such honest people, there is nothing needs to be worried, but if the contrary applies, the only thing that both sides have is only belief in each other. This is why there are still some employers who are not open to virtual assistant concepts because what they need is a person they can see with their own eyes, not someone whose background and personality they don’t know at all, just based on what is written at the portfolio.

Everything that has been said previously should be more than enough to become a solid reason for a virtual assistant to have a good grasp of communication skills. However, not everyone has this skill as heavenly grace from their birth. Whether you are an extrovert or introvert, there are many things need to be learnt both before you apply for the job or during your work.

The most important thing you should know about communication is it is not always about speaking to people about things you have in your mind, but communication is primarily about listening. You can’t start or have a good communication if you don’t understand the content. Furthermore, in order to understand it, the only thing you can do is listen carefully about the content, keep it in your mind, process it, and then tell it to other people. Some people are proud because of ‘gift’ they have in telling people about what they think and make them understand, however most of these people do not understand that listening is much more important than speaking, even though they have the grace.

That is why when you choose to become a virtual assistant, the first thing you should do at the first day of your employment is listen carefully to your employer, listen what your employer needs you to do, and everything important that you should understand before starting the job. Only after that, you can tell your employer what you can do and start working.

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