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Is iOS Mobile Development Less Expensive than Android?

Android has been considered as the more expensive operating system for developers for years and with recent studies done, it has been proven. The operating system coming from Google is known to be slower to develop as well, but how big is the difference in prices? Is it really worth it to go with Android still or you should focus on building your iOS apps instead?

Why is Android Slower than iOS?

Development processes for Android take more time for few specific reasons. Android is coded in Java, which basically means that it needs a lot more coding for the project to be completed than Swift or the previously used Objective-C. More work usually equals more potential issues and bugs as well.

Testing is another reason. Android is the main operating system in the world, being applied in literally hundreds of different phones, so when testing begins, Android developers need more time to test it on each device separately. Emulators for Android (even GenyMotion) are slower than iOS simulators as well.

Coding, Working, Development Prices

The studies done on these topics are several now and they all conclude that Android development will cost you more than iOS. When several projects were tested to see how big is the difference when coding, Android was taking on average between 35% and 40% more time. Some may argue that some of the coding is auto-generated but it still takes time to be maintained later.

Working hours are not that much different when it comes down to mobile app development for Android and iOS. The same tests show the following – developing Android projects take on average around 30% more time working on them. More time spent for coding means more hours that need to be paid to the developer.

Should You Abandon Android?

As previously established, Android development will usually take more time and more money. While this may sound discouraging for some businesses, the thought of abandoning Android and fully backing up iOS development should be disregarded. Android is used on a wider basis and it reaches millions of users daily, all potential customers. Android development companies like Singsys are implementing new strategies to reduce the cost and the time for developing a project.

Recent studies confirmed the idea that iOS is faster. For example, if the estimated price for an app development for Apple’s operating system is around 400 hours, then for Android would be approximately around 500. The price goes up and since there is more coding, developers need to do more work to keep it safe, but the end product will reach more users. IOS is considered as the best option to begin your mobile app adventure, but Android should be right there as well when the business is prepared to expand fully. Progress is inevitable, prices are constantly changing, opportunities are heading your way on a daily basis and by knowing the stats and the difference between the two operating systems, you will be more prepared when development processes begin.

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