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Top 10 Essentials Android Apps

If you own an Android device you must definitely need to know about some essential Android apps.

Here is a list of top most popular highest ranked android apps that everyone needs. Some of these apps come built-in with Android devices and the others can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store…

1. WhatsApp Messanger – Messenging App: WhatsApp Messanger – Messaging App: Whatsapp messenger is one of the top apps that every smartphone user needs and it is actually the first essential app that you should have on your android device. Now WhatsApp messenger app is owned by Facebook and is completely free for all.

2. Xender – Free and Fast file transfer: Xender is the app that you need to transfer photos, videos, apps and other files between Android devices and now also supports iPhones. Xender helps you transfer files wirelessly without any hassle. It uses your phone’s wifi and Hotspot feature to transfer files without internet.

3. GMAIL – Mailing App: Gmail is a mailing app Google. Gmail supports almost all E-mail providers and is also a free app. Everyone knows that Gmail is one of the most common and most popular mailing app these days. This is the one essential app that everyone needs and is required to use the Google Play Store.

4. WPS Office – Office and Document viewer App ( Word, PowerPoint, Excel and PDF Reader): You may be familiar with using Microsoft Office – Word, Powerpoint, Excel etc. But when it comes to an Android device there is WPS office for your every office needs this app is the most popular and known for its multi-document format support. There is one more benefit of this app is that it also has a pdf reader. WPS  Office is free but you will see ads while using this app. You can also purchase its premium version to get an ad-free experience.

5. Google Maps: This is another Google app that is also an essential for all android users. Google Maps is one of the most successful maps app you can trust. Google Maps App Offers most accurate GPS Location on your device. Now some other apps also using its integration with them like uber, ola cabs etc. You need an internet connection to download a specific geo location. Google uses its powerful satellite to provide the powerful and most accurate location to its users. This app has lots of features. Now you can also see the 360-degree view of the most visited and tourism places. You can get simple live driving directions to your destination, view your live GPS location, find places nearby etc.

6. Chrome – Web Browser: Google chrome is another essential app, develop by google. Chrome is a fast and secure web browser out there. It provides almost all features you get in desktop browsers except extensions and add-ons. It has a powerful data saving app that reduces the size of web pages and makes the load time faster. You can save pages in PDF or HTML and also has private browsing feature where your browsing history, cache, and cookies will not be saved.

7. YouTube: YouTube is a video streaming app by Google and is another most used essential app for android devices. YouTube has a big database of videos on the internet. You can search and stream millions of videos. It also provides an offline saving feature where you can save videos to watch them later offline you can only use your google account (Gmail A/c) to log into Youtube App. You will see ad videos within the app.

8. Facebook: Facebook is one of the most popular social media platform that most of the people use and there are billions of Facebook users out there. It is the one social networking essential app that everyone needs.

9. Adobe Acrobat Reader – Free PDF viewer : Adobe Acrobat is an Adobe product, and it is the most common free pdf viewer in windows pcs and is now also a popular Pdf viewer in android devices.

10. Instagram: Instagram is an also owned by Facebook. Instagram is also a social media platform, but here you can only use photos and videos to express yourself. Instagram app is also free to download.

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