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Simple MDM vs. AppTec EMM: Best Mobile Device Management Software

Nowadays, using the mobile device management software is something common. That is because the development of the mobile device is very rapid. Because of that reason, a lot of software to manage your device can be found on the market. If you are also thinking of using the similar software to manage your mobile device, then you might want to use one of these names. The first one is Simple MDM and the second one is AppTec EMM. Both of those software can be considered as the best on the class. Therefore, you might want to compare those software first before you pick one of them to use.

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Starting from the very first, you will need to compare the price for the software. Basically, both of the software are the paid software so that you will need to pay if you want to use the software. However, both of those names offer you the free trial. Therefore, you can learn the basic things about those software. For the price of the mobile device management software, Simple MDM will cost you 2 dollars every month while AppTec EMM will only cost you half of it. After knowing the price, you might be interested with the basic deployments of the software. For your information, both of those names are focusing on the Android and iOS native. Outside than those operating system, you cannot use the software.

Therefore, if you are using some other operating system such as Windows or Mac, you will need to pick mobile device management software for Windows and Mac that you can use for managing your mobile devices.

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The third thing is the features. This is something that you should never miss when you are looking for the best software to manage your devices. Basically, both of the software have the similar features such as the standard management for the device data, device deployment, and also the device inventory. Besides that, both of the software also have the utility maintenance for the mobile devices that you are using. The main differences from the software are the device recognition mode and also management for synchronization. Then you are talking about the device recognition from the mobile device management software, Simple MDM will give you the automated recognition for your device while AppTec EMM require the manual process. On the other hand, Simple MDM will not give you the synchronization such as the one offered by AppTec EMM.

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The last one is the customer and user support. This one is very important for those who are still a newbie. That is because the support is something that will help you in using the software based on your need. For this one, AppTec EMM will give you full time 24/7 support for its entire user. However, Simple MDM as one of the best mobile device management software only gives support based on their business hour. This kind of thing might be a problem for those who live on the entirely different time zone with their business hour.

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