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The Most Common iPhone Problems: Learn How to Fix Them

How do you deal with your iPhone when it doesn’t work the way it should? Some people would just take their phone to the customer service and show it to them to fix their problems. But did you know that the most common problems can easily be fixed by you? Well, in this post, I will give you the most common fixes for your common iPhone problems.

You might be thinking that your phone is just working fine or even you may feel that the last time your phone was hung was like ages ago. But it is just a matter of time before it gets hung again. Just like any other machine, iPhone can also have many problems that arise due to not troubleshooting in the right way. So before you think of giving your iPhone to the customer service or customer care, there are a handful of things that you should give it a try just to make your device “Just fine” again.

1. Restart, Reboot, and Recover

It might sound ridiculous or silly but restarting your iPhone can be a solution for your majority of problems. Right from battery drain to bad Wi-Fi and applications not properly working,  restarting your phone brings it back from dead. So you can just power down and power up or if you can you may set it to hard reboot.

Of course,  at times,  reboot also will not work. If indeed something went terribly wrong with your iPhone and you have been said to or have to then just put your iPhone into recovery mode so that the system will reinstall its iOS for a better functionality.

And in case you don’t want to reset every little thing on your phone but just 1 or 2 then also you can do that. All you need to do is go to your Settings> Remove network connections> Erase content> Zap your phone’s keyboard dictionary, change your home screen default, adjust put the location and privacy data off. You can read this post for further information on how to factory reset iPhone without password.

2. Battery Issues

Out of many, the problems that are related to the battery are the worst. And that means that you cannot depend on your iPhone when you need it the most. Well, could battery issues honestly there’s a lot you can try before you reach out to customer care for assistance.

–  A forced restart

When your iPhone is not charging the way it should one of the first and best things to do is a forced restart.

–  Switch outlets ports

You may find it funny but sometimes outlets or USB ports can be damaged adjust do not work as they should. And this case is especially a place in the case if you are trying to charge your phone by plugging into a wall or a PC which you haven’t tried before. So ensure you’re trying charging your phone by plugging into a new USB port.

– Switch cables

If so far nothing but then you can try switching cables. Just like USB ports or outlets, sometimes cables can also fail. It is pretty common for cables to get tore or chewed up if you are a frequent traveler. And this is especially true if you are using any third party cables. So get a new iPhone cable and try charging it with that.

3. Frequent shutting off your phone

If you have an iPhone that frequently keeps shutting down then the below tips should help you fix your problem.

– Plug in

If your iPhone is losing battery too quickly then plug it in. And once your phone starts to charge then you should see it starting the charge and you will be able to learn your battery level. In any case, your phone has too little battery then that means some app must have eaten your battery completely. But if it shows 50% or even 100% charged the battery then you seriously got something else.

Or else you can also try connecting your iPhone to the cable and plug it into an outlet or USB port and then charge it. At least charge your iPhone for an hour or two and his find it not responding then try another charging cables or USB outlet plugs.

– Restore

Once you tried the easy solutions, it is now time to try the difficult ones. In this scenario, restoring your iPhone in iTunes is better than doing it from iCloud. Because doing so will offload, re-install, and reload your data rather than trying everything in place and on your iPhone.

  • iPhone to iTunes either using Mac or PC via your device charging cable
  • Now click on the device button
  • Select backup now
  • Let the phone finish backing up your data
  • Now click on Restore iPhone
  • Wait until it finishes

4. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connection Problems

We often get intimidated by seeing the connections that won’t connect. WiFi connection needs to lock on and transmit data and on the other side, Bluetooth has to broadcast and create a connection. That’s the usual thing but if your connection isn’t working properly then he is what you need to try.

– If your phone has been connected to any old devices that you are no longer utilizing then delete all those connections. Select  Bluetooth>Info>Forget this device and then confirm it.

– Not all but some of the problems can be easily solved just by turning off and then back on again. So try turning your Bluetooth off. Give it a 5-minute rest and then turn it back again.

– If the above text didn’t work then try hard resetting your phone. Turn your Bluetooth off and then press sleep button and volume down button (iPhone 7) or press and hold down both the wake button and the home button simultaneously.

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