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The Payroll Management Guide

What is a payroll management guide?

The payroll management guide assists you to resolve daily payroll problems and guides you in the successful payroll planning. This reporter teaches you the way to apply proactive, competent payroll procedures at the same time as ensuring observance with central, state and local necessities.

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Necessity of the payroll management guide

If you are concerned with the payroll procedure at your place of work, then you have to maintain the payroll management guide beside you. This influential resource includes the whole thing, you have to put into practice and administer payroll processes.

The payroll management guide is equipped with explanations and analysis, major resource material, practice tools, tables, and news that offer you the reliable information and continue you up-to-date through regulation transforms, so you can make knowledgeable decisions regarding vital payroll problems.

Features of the guide

The Payroll Management Guide is incorporated with a variety of practical tools and tables, as well as:

  • Employment tax forms.
  • Double-year calculators.
  • Central and state withholding tables.
  • Payroll calculators.
  • Central or state lookup tables of exact laws by jurisdiction.
  • Tax-free bonus calculators.

Resources available in the guide

Payroll Management Guide includes primary source materials, such as:

  • Complete text of the Internal Revenue Code and Regulations.
  • Citations to the complete text of relevant payroll laws and IRS rulings.
  • Full manuscript of worker-associated income tax laws and regulations of the state.
  • Complete transcript of the Fair Labor Standards Act and Regulations.

Other resources

The Payroll Management Guide includes other resources, such as:

  • Weekly Reporter Letter: This offers you about the new information or any recent development in the industry.
  • White-Collar Exemption Advisor: This resource takes you in the course of a step-by-step study to decide whether a worker is excused or non-excused from overtime pay necessities and makes a thorough investigation for your records.
  • Detailed elucidation and analysis: This offers practical, manageable steps for important problems.

Pension and Payroll Solutions

The Payroll Management Guide enables people to meet the difficult challenge of executing and managing the pension and payroll programs that offer necessary benefits to both workers and their companies. Through the pension and payroll solutions, you will be provided with the complete collection of resources to manage these programs efficiently and precisely. Explanations and study, access to complete-text coverage of pertinent central and state law, tables, practice tools, etc., offer you the required information in detail to expand company-wide programs in full observance with central, state and local set of laws.

Answers to questions about payroll compliance quickly

Currently, through supplementary news and swift answer guides, the Payroll Management Guide assists you to put proactive, competent payroll processes into practice at the same time as making sure that you are in agreement with central, state and local necessities. All materials are set to pursue the flow of your work for quicker, more precise answers. The complete manuscript of the Fair Labor Standards Act and Regulations, the Internal Revenue Code and Regulations and tax and worker-associated state laws and regulations offer you the reliable primary resources that are the foundation for maintaining observance.


The Payroll Management Guide as well, offers central and state lookup tables, withholding tables of exact laws by jurisdictions, and employment tax forms to make sure that you have the whole thing you require for reporting. Charts, calendars and checklists assist you to record due dates, withholding garnishments, percentages and different requirements. Tables, practical tools and calculators boost the output of your everyday operations.

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