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MVP Approach to Redesigning or Developing a Website

Having a website is good for your business and without online presence; you might face the consequences sooner. Even if you have decided to build your own website, you might be tangled in a myriad of functionalities. What features to introduce, how to design the website and how customers will react to it.

As a startup entrepreneur, you need to plan strategically and work on your idea rapidly, before it leaks out. Building a new website or redesigning it can be extremely challenging.

Fresh websites come with a number of challenges and complexities. Especially when you are short on time, you might end up in developing a website with poor UI and UX. Moreover, there bugs and errors might disrupt the growth of your website.

What would you do as a startup, when you are short on time and funds? Here, Minimum Viable Product Development will help you design a website with simplest usability and design to help you learn about its performance how much traction does it gain in the initial phase. In few words, you can develop MVP to help you gather data.

The main benefit of developing an MVP is that it helps you launch faster with the lowest possible risk of losing money and time. Take an example of Dropbox who gained massive traction after the release of their first video.

If you are thinking of redesigning or building your website from scratch using Minimum Viable Product, read the article.

Identify the Problem and Make Guesses

Firstly, you need to identify the problem and make assumptions that cater to the needs and pain points of your customers. Once you have defined and identified the problems, make sure to find the risks associated.

For example, if you are making a website for online, what problems you think people might face. Of course, it would be long streaming and waiting that would annoy people and exit the website. The process might put you in trouble, but once it is done, you have done at least half of the work.

Similarly, if you are developing or redesigning a website with a new idea, make sure not to take hasty decisions before it is launched.

Find the Best and Smallest Solution

After identifying the pain points of customers, you can now step ahead and devise a simple design allowing you to test it. Now is the time to think of the design process, usability and functionality that would be loved by users.

Whether redesigning or building a website from scratch, if you don’t know the process, make sure to hire an MVP Development Company to make things right from the first day. Don’t risk yourself, your money and your valuable time in doing something that you are not aware of.

Build and Test

After the above steps, now you are having an initial draft of what your website will look like and how it will solve problems of the masses. Think of developing it on a smaller scale that allows you to test whether the users are interested in it or not.

It could be anything from video to landing page or signup form to an advertisement on search engines. It would help you to test your product with minimum functionality. You can also try out your MVP through blog, whitepaper, PowerPoint Presentation or a word document. It would help you to gain initial feedback from customers in the early stages without throwing your money away.

Take an example of Dropbox who just made a simple animated video that was easily understandable by the layman. Dropbox was successful in increasing its subscribers from zero to 75,000 in one day.

Repeat the Process

After the initial testing of your MVP, if you feel that your hypothesis did not work out, now is the time to create a new one. Repeat the above processes again before you come up with a successful website idea.

The process may include changing the user interface, user experience, website layout and user’s pain points. It is effective to save yourself from a loss before it’s too late. If luckily your idea works on the first instance, now it is time to introduce some other features that might be useful. The process will help you to test the website with minimum investment, lesser time and gain feedback.


Making of your website needs a plan that aligns with your goals and addresses the major problems faced by the users. The next time you come up with a new idea, make sure to keep the MVP process in mind.

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