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Top 10 Reasons to Select Cloud Hosted ERP

Today, Cloud based ERP systems are changing the face of manufacturing sector at a lightning speed. There is a big fight of thoughts in the minds of managers and decision makers, before selecting an ERP system for any organization. Manufacturers and company owners often get confused between the choice of on-premise ERP solution and a cloud ERP. Due to innumerable benefits of Cloud ERP solution, that too at an affordable price, mostly top management decide in the favour of Cloud based ERPs. Read on to know the top ten reasons that might convince you to opt for Cloud hosted ERP solutions.

1. Pocket Friendly

Cloud ERPs are a big time and money saver because they eliminate paying extra for application software and hardware. It rather lets you avail the ERP benefits on a fixed monthly subscription. Cloud ERP solutions eliminate additional infrastructural costs such as hardware and data servers cost, and reduce IT support dependencies as entire IT support is provided by the vendor. These solutions are also helpful in shrinking the cost incurred in maintenance and support of the applications, as it’s the responsibility of the vendor to handle the updates and upgrades.

2. Advanced Data Security

Best in class Cloud ERP solutions provide excellent digital data security in the form of digital signatures and combination passwords. Such kind of advance security features helps in avoiding attacks on the company’s server too. The main benefit with Cloud ERP is that here, the data in not stored locally, but on the cloud that too in encrypted form, so the risk of data theft and unauthorised manipulation is minimised.

3. Fast and Reliable

ERP on Cloud is up and running in just no time, as installation of hardware and software on servers or on user devices is not required. The vendor’s data centres overcome the drawback of geographic diversity and restore it regularly, so that your data is never lost.

4. Greater Interoperability

By design, cloud ERP supports data integration within the company as well as third party applications. The cloud ensures greater interoperability and interaction between different applications through a single interface mechanism. You can pull the data in from disparate applications and use it on a single platform.

5. Extremely Flexible & Collaborative

ERP on cloud is a highly flexible and scalable solution, due to its accessibility from anywhere through any internet enabled device like desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet. Hence, ERP on cloud are more operable  than their traditional on-premises counterparts. ERP on Cloud also provides the facility to upload and access data in real-time via the cloud, from anywhere, anytime; thus enabling greater collaboration among departments and eliminating the dependencies. Cloud ERP is flexible also in terms of increasing the number of user licenses whenever required.

6. Customized or Industry tailored

Today, there is a provision to customize even cloud solutions as per industry specific requirements. ERP on Cloud can now accommodate your unique needs in their solution by deploying a dedicated server for your organization.

7. Automatic Upgrades

Not only this, unlike On-premise ERP software, Cloud based ERP automatically alerts the system with notifications of upcoming upgrades and amending activities. And when the time is due, these upgrades are auto generated on the client’s server for an uninterrupted operational flow. The upgrades and backups are conducted during holidays or at night, bringing down the wastage of productive hours to almost zero. Thus, the system remains up-to-date and available whenever you need it.

8. Maximum Up-time Assurance

The Cloud ERP generally promises to deliver the least possible server down time. The facility depends on the quality and speed of your internet connection, once its good, Cloud ERP delivers the performance by remarkably good uptime i.e. up to 99.7%. Such exceptional performance contributes towards enhancing the productivity and usable man hours.

9. Backup and Recovery

The best thing about Cloud based ERP solution is that it has prior arrangements for disaster recovery facility running 24×7 on your servers. This way, no valuable data is lost and there is a back up always ready in case of virus attacks or any other disaster.

10. Faster ROI

Considering the numerous advantages of Cloud ERP solutions, it is surely to realise faster value for time and money. Because of its affordable, flexible, Interoperable, and collaborative nature it indirectly contributes towards improving the corresponding return on investment of your business.

Cloud ERP is known to be a true business-enhancing solution that is capable enough to meet the current and future needs of the company. One such ERP is BatchMaster ERP On-Cloud solution which is built specifically for formula/recipe based manufacturers.

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