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Youtube Downloader: Versatile Software

YouTube is a source of billions of videos shared by computer users all over the world. Every user who has access to the internet is entitled to rights in uploading videos. Hence, YouTube has become a diverse site for videos and information across countries. As long as you have a legitimate e-mail address, sign up for membership and agree with the website’s terms and conditions, you can immediately begin uploading videos in the site. Its distinct function as a social website has led to the popularity of YouTube for years now.

Despite its diversity and popularity among computer users, YouTube still has certain limitations. The most important factor that confines the website is its inability to allow direct download of videos online. Users who want to repeatedly watch videos need to access the internet and visit the link frequently. Because of several people’s increasing needs to have a copy of YouTube videos, various software developers have created a unique program called YouTube Video Downloader.

Youtube downloader is a free program offered online that enables computer users to download videos on Youtube and other video sites such as Bing Video, Google Video, Metacafe and Megavideo. The program name could be a little misleading, as it implies that videos solely from YouTube can be downloaded. Download is relatively easy using this program since the user solely has to copy the URL of the video and paste it in the box provided. For YouTube videos, users are also given options as to their preferred video download quality with the following options: normal, high quality, high definition and best available. This option enables a person to modify video quality according to his preferred features upon playing.

The benefits of this tool are not just limited to direct download and immediate quality modifications. The software also allows the conversion and playing of videos that have already been downloaded online. All you have to do is select the video file in your computer, and select the file extension of your converted video. Among the most common file extensions that can be selected are XVid MPEG-4 Codec (AVI), Ipod Video (MOV), and iPhone video (MP4). As soon as you press the “Convert” option below, the software will immediately process your request and display a message box as soon as your video has already been converted. Most commands in this program can be executed in a few clicks.

Another distinct feature that makes this software appealing to everyone is that it enables all internet users to download media from YouTube and other video sites for free. Nevertheless, users can still upgrade to a premium account if they want to convert videos at a higher speed and download more than three videos at the same time. Nevertheless, the free version is relatively sufficient for video fanatics, since it offers benefits that are highly similar to the premium version.

Unlike several software companies that offer video downloading features online, Free YouTube downloader provides the most accessible and user-friendly tools that will make video download and conversion easier and more convenient!

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