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Best 360 Degree Feedback Software

360 Degree Feedback Software is used to evaluate employees from different stakeholder perspectives e.g. manager, peers, direct and indirect reports and sometimes even customers.

Several uses for 360 Degree Feedback include:

  • Employee Development
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Performance Management
  • Training Needs Assessment
  • Evaluation of Teams
  • Leadership Development
  • Self-Assessment
  • Performance Metrics

This process can also be a motivator of performance improvement since it shows the participant the opinions and views of many other peers, subordinates, supervisors, and others.

Best 360 Degree Feedback Software:


The World’s Leading Research & Insights Platform | Qualtrics. The Qualtrics Insight Platform makes sophisticated research simple and empowers users to capture customer market and employee insights in one place.




3SixtyLite | 360 Feedback Appraisals Evaluations and reviews for any size organisation, HR Professional and individuals. The definitive choice in cloud based 360 feedback, appraisals and evaluations worldwide. Assessment and review solutions for Employers, HR Professionals for any size organisation or individuals. Off the shelf questionnaires and reports or full customisation options.




36Dollar360 | 360 Assessment. The 36 Dollar 360 is powered by SVI, an organizational development company that focuses on creating irresistible companies and extraordinary people. Over the years, SVI has launched tens of thousands of 360 assessments within some of the world’s largest and most complex organizations. You can rest comfortably knowing that, while the price is low, the system and industry expertise supporting it are proven to be best-in-class.




The 360 degree feedback tool | Spidergap. The employee-friendly 360 feedback tool. Clear feedback reports that lead to action. Try for free!




The Customer Success Platform To Grow Your Business. Build more meaningful and lasting relationships and connect with your customers across sales, customer service, marketing, communities, apps, analytics, and more using our Customer Success Platform. Try for Free.




Impraise — Real-time 360 Degree Feedback and Performance Review Software. Real-time Feedback, modern 360 Degree Feedback and Performance Review Software. Make employee feedback continuous and meaningful. 100+ customers. FREE Demo.




To the right you see a partial screen shot of our portal’s welcome screen. To learn more about LeaderNation and our services click the 360 feedback, Competency Library, and Reports boxes below to see additional screen shots of our site.




Talent Management System and Software Suite | Cornerstone. Welcome to a new era of HR administration. Cornerstone HR helps leaders make better business decisions with real-time data and deep insights, while enabling organizations to centralize employee data, improve agility and meet the needs of their people with self-service tools and a great user experience.




GroSum – Performance Management Delivered !!! Performance Reviews360° FeedbackRewards, Increments & Incentives.




Performance Review Software. 360 Degree Review Software. Small Improvements.




TeachBoost | Powering Instructional Leadership. TeachBoost incorporates your rubrics, templates, and resources to streamline your processes and deliver actionable data to scale great teaching practices.




RealTime Performance. RealTime Performance is a training firm that designs and delivers engaging learning experiences that give leaders the skills they need to succeed.




Perfode | Employee Performance Appraisal, Employee Performance Review Software.




In Bugscore 360, employees score one another on a range of attributes that you tailor to your organization’s values. Scoring takes seconds, is real-time, not forms-based and allows you to collect new data insights about your employees like no other software.




CompleteSurvey offers powerful cost-effective 360 feedback solutions that help drive corporate performance.




360 Degree Feedback Assessments Evaluation 360 Feedback Software. Contact INSIGHTMirror 360 for 360 Degree Feedback Assessments, 360 FeedbackEvaluation, 360 Feedback Software and More!




IFP, Insights For Performance LLC. 




TruQu | Daily Feedback is the New Norm. Get real-time feedback from colleagues, clients and managers. Continuous 360 degree feedback. Get feedback online or use the Feedback App on your smartphone.




HRMS | Human Capital Management | HRMS System | SumTotal. SumTotal can guide you to the right HRMS to manage your company’s human capital management needs. Learn about our hrms system solutions and how we can help.



Top 360 Degree Feedback Software:

2020INSIGHT.NET – 20/20 Insight GOLD-survey software-measure training effectiveness, leadership training, employee development, 360 feedback. 20/20 Insight GOLD is extremely user-friendly software that lets you create and use practically any kind of multi-source feedback survey you can imagine – including 360-degree feedback projects, pre- and post-training competency surveys, team and organization climate surveys, customer satisfaction surveys, and many more!

CHECKSTER.COM – Automated Reference Check | Talent & Hiring Tools | Checkster. Chosen by many Fortune 500 companies. Checkster gives human resources, recruiters and hiring managers certainty in new hire activities.

CALIBRALEADERSHIP.COM – 360 Assessment – Corporate Coaching – Leadership Development – Calibra. At Calibra, we partner with our clients to customize an approach to meet their unique leadership development, 360 assessment, and corporate coaching needs. We develop solutions that result in real change. Learn how Calibra can help boost your organization’s talent from ordinary to extraordinary.

HR-METER.COM – The HR-Meter Tool Box is filled with tools that are the ever evolving products of years of experience in the creation, integration and execution of IT-Based Human Resource Management techniques that benefit individual employees as well as companies as a whole.

360DEGREEIT.COM – 360 degree feedback software – appraisal & performance management. Looking for 360 degree feedback software which assists with your employee performance management & appraisals? View’s expert systems here!

360FEEDBACKMANAGER.COM – 360 Feedback Manager – 360 Degree Feedback Manager | HR Measurement Tool | Questionnaires. This is the official 360 Feedback Manager tool, allowing you to become a superstar taking surveys, questionnaires and appraisals online with 360 Feedback Manager.

OPTM360.COM – The OPTM360 is a 360 assessment tool and 360 feedback tool that helps in 360 Evaluation, performance review and leadership assessment. It takes less than 10 minutes, makes it easy for everyone to give, receive and act on feedback.

360SPARK.COM – Custom 360 feedback provides senior leaders insight. 360 degree feedback through artificial intelligence.

SURVEYCONNECT.COM – SurveyConnect – Flexible 360 Degree Feedback Assessments. A leader in 360 degree feedback assessments with experts to help you with your 360 process. Our ActiveView 360 platform is simple, flexible, yet powerful.

APPRAISAL-SMART.COM – Performance Appraisal Software, 360 Degree Feedback, Web Based Online. Performance Appraisal Software, 360 Degree Feedback, Employee Review Software, Staff Appraisals done Web Based Online, Performance Management Systems.

APPRAISAL360.CO.UK – 360-degree feedback, also known as multi-rater feedback, 360 review or 360 degree appraisal, is designed to get around this. You’re rated on your performance by people who know something about you and your work. 

ASCENDUS.COM – Online survey software to conduct assessments. At Ascendus we provide you with Online Survey software tool to conduct – 360 degree feedback, employee engagement & customer satisfaction assessment.

BEYONDFEEDBACK.COM – Our experienced Project Managers serve as a single point-of-contact for our clients.  This enables us to learn your business well and makes us easy to work with.  We do not use cookie-cutter approaches – each project is customized to meet our clients’ specific business needs.

BIGPULSE.COM – BigPulse online voting software – election and nomination services, high security hybrid voting, many voting methods, instant runoff voting, self-managed or fully managed, affordable.

CARBON360.CO.UK – 360 feedback reviews gather insights from colleagues, managers, clients and anyone else your employees work alongside to give you an accurate and thorough performance overview. 

TRACKSURVEYS.CO.UK – Track 360G5™ is a online platform for creating and delivering bespoke 360 Degree Feedback that aligns exactly with your organisation’s needs, delivering bespoke talent, development, assessment and performance metrics.

COACHINGDIRECTOR.COM – Used globally by Fortune 500 companies and leading coaching providers, Coaching Director is focused on providing an effective and streamlined platform for managing all of your coaching engagements.

QUANTUMWORKPLACE.COM – Employee Engagement Software | Quantum Workplace. Elevate company culture & performance! Check out our employee engagement software with surveys, recognition, goal tracking, appraisals & more!

FEEDBACKLY.COM – Feedbackly is the only software tool that you can use to collect and manage customer feedback and data in multichannel. All data collection is automated and you are able to analyze the insights from one dashboard. Our goal is to enhance your customer retention and create more sales for you.

FEEDBACKONLINE.COM – FeedbackOnline 360 Degree Questionnaires Online. FeedbackOnline 360 Degree Feedback software | We provide Questionnaire & Assessment services in areas related to personal, team and organizational effectiveness.

INTEGRATEHR.COM – IntegrateHR – the 360 Degree Feedback Survey Specialists. IntegrateHR is a dynamic and customer focused employee measurement and development consultancy whose solutions add real value to its clients?operations. Being primarily competency (behaviourally) based, the company provides a wide range of solutions (human resource consulting; learning, training and development services; and an integrated suite of web-based software applications (360 Degree Feedback Surveys, Employee Surveys & Web Recruitment).

INVOLVE360.COM – 360 Degree Feedback, Performance Appraisals, 360 Degree Appraisal. Experts in online 360 degree Feedback appraisal and Performance Management tools – Easy to use, Web based so assess from anywhere.

LUMUS360.CO.UK – 360 Feedback – Lumus360 UK. Lumus360 is one of the UK’s leading providers of 360 feedback tools and team development surveys.

MYFEELBACK.COM – MyFeelBack, smart surveys to improve your customer knowledge. Keep your customer database up-to-date. Collect high-value customer insights. Trigger ultra personalized marketing actions. 30 days free trial!

360DEGREEFEEDBACK.NET – We were one of the first companies to put the 360-degree feedback process online back in 1997. In the decades since, we’ve built custom assessment processes and reports for hundreds of clients all over the world.

PANORAMICFEEDBACK.COM – 360 Degree Feedback by Panoramic Feedback. Best practices, resources, information center for 360-degree feedback. Learn why Panoramic Feedback is the trusted international provider. 50+ languages, fully customizable, professional reports, exceptional service.

ETSPLC.COM – ETS – HR consultancy, 360 degree feedback and employee surveys. ETS plc is an HR consultancy and technology provider offering ‘best fit’ 360-degree feedback, employee surveys, talent, performance and training programmes.

CAMMSGROUP.COM – The CAMMS EPM and BI Suite Pillar diagram is reflective of the global enterprise performance management trend of having close connections to your direction and what you need to do (your strategy), how you do it, your delivery engine and the driving forces behind that shift in culture.

PERSPECTIVES360.COM – Perspectives 360 is a simple and effective online 360 degree feedback system which is ideal for assessing and developing the performance of managers and leaders.

PROFESSIONALQUEST.COM – Professional Quest: Survey Software Solution. Free Trial! Total Survey Software Solution: Professional Quest gives you the flexibility to deploy market research surveys, 360 degree feedback surveys and general surveys with ease.

QUERCUSAPP.COM – QuercusApp | Next Generation Performance Management.

RESULTIER.COM – Resultier uses 360 feedback and employee engagement surveys to help companies build and change cultures that engage employees, customers, and stakeholders alike. We have a strong network of the world's top organizational experts.

SELFSTIR.COM – SelfStir – 360 degree feedback and leadership development. SelfStir develops products and services that offer individuals and organizations the opportunity to develop and reach higher levels of effectiveness.

SIGMAASSESSMENTSYSTEMS.COM – SIGMA Assessment Systems | Tests for Success. SIGMA is a test publisher selling tests for success. We offer tests for employee and leadership selection, development, careers, personality, and clinical.

NOTJUSTSURVEYS.COM – Survey Software Customer Employee Satisfaction Surveys HR Software – Not Just Surveys. Online customer & employee survey software, sample survey questions, free downloads. provides web survey software for human resources HR, employee surveys, customer surveys, and managerial assessment (360 Degree Feedback) surveys. Catalog of over 300 HR (Human Resource) software products, many with free demos.

THINKWISEINC.COM – ThinkWise – 360 feedback for leadership development. The ThinkWise 360 feedback surveys provide insights on strengths and reveal opportunities to improve performance and develops better leaders.

UPSTEEM.COM – Talent Management Software. Want to make your talent management system more manageable? Upsteem’s Saas talent management suite enhances your efforts to retain and develop your team.

ENVISIALEARNING.COM – Envisia Learning – Assessment Technology Partners. Assess participants, change behavior and measure ROI in ways that match your unique methods of delivering programs.

WIRL.CA – WIRL: The Simplest Performance Review And Feedback Software. WIRL’s performance review and feedback software is reinventing the way HR functions by making continuous, 360-degree feedback easy.

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