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Best Clinical Trial Management Software

Best Clinical Trial Management Software (CTMS). These Software will maintain and manage planning, performing and reporting functions, along with candidate contact information, tracking deadlines and milestones.

Best Clinical Trial Management Software:


eClinical & Electronic Data Capture in the Cloud | Medrio. Discover fast, simple, affordable eClinical and electronic data capture (EDC) solutions fully hosted in the cloud. Get a free trial today!




Castor EDC – Online data collection for medical research (eCRF) | Castor EDC.  Electronic Data Capture (EDC), eCRF, ePRO application for online data collection for medical research. Affordable and easy to use.




Processing and storage of clinical trials specific data such as sites, investigators and subjects management.




Integrated Clinical Solutions, Inc. Inclinical Perform integrates clinical trial management, electronic data capture, and collaboration services to speed clinical projects to market.




MedSciNet / Internet Database Solutions. MedSciNet is a Stockholm based company specialising in design and development of web applications and online database systems for clinical trials and studies, quality registries, medical bio-banks, and other solutions within the field of academic medicine.




Clinical Trial | Clinical Trials Solutions | EDC | CDM – Clinion™. Clinion™ streamlines clinical trials for life science companies globally by developing validated, Intuitive Electronic Data Capture.Contact on +12014847621.




AGILE HEALTH computing.




Xybion – Preclinical | Compliance| Quality Management solutions. Xybion provides preclinical, laboratory compliance, compliance and quality management software for global companies operating in regulated industries.



Top Clinical Trial Management Software:

APPISTRY.COM – Appistry. Automate your next-generation sequencing (NGS) workflows from sequencer to report with accessible, scalable and compliant genomics solutions for your lab.

PERFICIENT.COM – Perficient, Inc. – Digital Transformation Consulting | vision. execution. value. We provide strategic technology and consulting services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies, as well as contract research organizations (CROs) and academic institutions (AROs). Our experience working with more than 200 life sciences companies has helped us form long-lasting relationships that enable companies to improve their clinical, safety, and business operations while reducing costs.

CAMBRIDGECOGNITION.COM – World Leading Cognitive Assessment Tools – Cambridge Cognition. Cambridge Cognition is the leading global provider of cognitive assessment software for clinical trials, academic research and healthcare provision.

CATALYSTCTMS.COM – Catchtrial. See a suite that makes sense for your organization, or want to build your own? Contact us with any questions or to receive a quote within 24 hours.

CLINDATAINC.COM – Clindata Cloud | Risk Based Monitoring | Clinical Data Standardization. Clindata Cloud compresses clinical trials by 8 months cuts costs by 5 %, eliminate data standards related rejections and greatly improves subject safety.

FORTRESSMEDICAL.COM – A Clinical Data Management System (CDMS), Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) and Electronic Data Capture System (EDC) all in one powerful, integrated solution. All your study information can be at your fingertips with our innovative, flexible and compliant Clinical Trial Software System.

PARALLEL6.COM – PARALLEL6. At Parallel6TM, we’ve created an end-to-end platform solution that allows our clients to engage with their customers like never before. More than an experience, we create mobile engagement through a series of patented mobile technologies that provide flexible, real-time engagement with customers while collecting game-changing information and data to drive business decisions.

CLINICALSTUDIO.COM – Clinical Studio – Learn About our On Demand eClinical Solution. Clinical Studio is a comprehensive, award-winning Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system that provides researchers with a solution that streamlines the study build, data collection and management of clinical research, thus saving time and reducing costs. From initial study creation to collection and analysis of data, Clinical Studio’s cloud-based data management system and mobile app remove the typical hurdles of clinical research by allowing data entry, access, and analysis anywhere, anytime. With the Clinical Studio EDC system, researchers can capture data directly at the source, reducing the time and cost of data entry. Designed with special attention to the FDA’s Part 11 compliance requirements, the Clinical Studio system ensures research data is collected and organized in alignment with federal regulations and clinical data management best practices. The Clinical Studio system allows you to spend less time on tedious regulatory tasks and more time with the research and data that advances medical knowledge.

ASTRACORE.COM – Astracore. Astracore provide tailored business systems based on our own highly extensible and efficient software platform. Whether you need a solution for your entire organisation, or just a specific function, Astracore can help.

CLIRINX.COM – CLIRINX – IT Software for Academic Medical Research. CLIRINX provides a web-based CTMS,EDC,ePRO and Patient Diary and informatics services for academic medical research and clinical trials. An alternative to RedCap.

COMPREHEND.COM – Real-time insights across all of your disparate clinical data. Continuously optimize a portfolio of clinical trials to improve speed and quality across teams, sites and CROs.

WEBOSPHERE.IN – Webosphere | Offshore Software Development| Business Solutions | Outsourcing. Webosphere – Offshore Software Development, Business Solutions, Outsourcing, web application development, mobile application development, business software, software development, software development outsourcing.

CLINSYSCONSULTANTS.COM – Clinical Systems Consultants. Clinical Data Management Organization helping organizations manage their clinical trials building portfolios and helping enterprises increase their revenue through smart system architecture and good product development.

DATAFAX.COM – Clinical Data Management: EDC + FAX / SCAN in any trial.

DATATRAK.COM – DATATRAK International: Providing eClinical Solutions & Services. 

SIGMASOFTINTL.COM – Sigmasoft International. DMSys® is powerful clinical trials software for any pharmaceutical or medical device company, contract research organization, university department or governmental/non-governmental organization conducting clinical trials or performing data management services. DMSys is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant.

DSG-US.COM – DSG, EDC clinical trial software and data management services. EDC Clinical trial software DSG provider DSG has over 24 years experience with clinical trial start-ups, electronic data capture (EDC) IWRS, safety systems and data management services.

PAGES.ECLINICALOS.COM – Merge eClinicalOS – Where Smart Research Goes To Work! Merge eClinicalOS: the all-in-one, easy-to-use, pay-as-you-go clinical data management software for managing clinical trial data. Click for Free Demo!

MEDNETSTUDY.COM – MedNet Solutions – eClinical and Electronic Data Capture Solutions. MedNet Solutions provides eClinical and Electronic Data Capture solutions for clinical trial management, and is a leading healthcare technology company.

PHOENIXSOFTWARE.COM – Phoenix Software International. Phoenix Software International develops software for data entry and system management on mainframe and PC platforms, and is a leader in exploiting the latest hardware and software advances.

VELOS.COM – Velos. Innovative solutions that unlock the power of data & improve productivity, positioning you for lasting administrative & scientific excellence.

ERT.COM – Innovating Better Health | ERT Clinical. ERT has been innovating better health for over 40 years, capturing quality efficacy & safety endpoints, harmonizing data, and delivering real-time insights.

AXIOMMETRICS.COM – Electronic Data Capture Software and Services For Clinical Trials | Serving North America and Europe.

IWEBTECH.CO.UK – iWeb Technologies Limited. Leading technology solution provider that specialises in the development of powerful software solutions for desktop, web, mobile and cloud environments.

ALMACGROUP.COM – Partnering to Advance Human Health. Almac Group – Partnering to Advance Human Health. Providing a range of contract pharmaceutical development and manufacturing services globally.

INFOEDGLOBAL.COM – InfoEd Global | Electronic Research Administration. At InfoEd Global we are committed to providing the best Electronic Research Administration solutions for the world’s best research institutions.

INTRINSICCS.COM – Intrinsic Clinical Systems. Welcome to Intrinsic CTMS, a truly modern clinical trial management system.   With a streamlined interface, a focus on proactive study management, and the ability to integrate with nearly any other clinical system, Intrinsic ushers in a new era of trial management tools. Intrinsic was designed to overcome the biggest problem with a CTMS – the fact that it’s yet another system for users to delve into.  The world’s first CTMS built on Microsoft Dynamics, Intrinsic can be viewed and interacted with via Microsoft Outlook, so every team member will be connected to the system constantly.   

LABANSWER.COM – Laboratory Informatics | LIMS | LabAnswer. LabAnswer helps companies to strategize, architect, implement, and support scientific data management and laboratory automation projects.

DM-MATRIX.COM – Data MATRIX offers a full range of clinical data management services for a variety of studies: I-IV phase studies, bioequivalence and observational studies, for both medical drugs and devices.

MYCLIN.COM – myClin provides you with the best documented, data-driven clinical trial oversight. It lets your clinical study team collaborate and communicate – accessing training, distributing essential documents and tracking study milestones in a central, secure, and private environment.

OCTALSOFT.COM – Software Development | IT Outsourcing | Oracle APEX | Clinical Trial Solutions.

OFNISYSTEMS.COM – Welcome to Ofni Systems – Knowledge management made simple. Ofni Systems – Software, consulting and compliance training on 21 CFR Part 11, Electronics Records and Electronic Signatures for FDA-regulated companies.

FORTERESEARCH.COM – Forte Research Systems | Specialized Software for Clinical Research. Forte Research Systems is the developer of specialized clinical and translational research management software solutions.

HEKA.COM – HEKA Elektronik – Patch Clamp Amplifiers, Potentiostats, Galvanostats, Acquisition Software. For over 45 years HEKA has designed and manufactured sophisticated instrumentation and software for biomedical and industrial research applications. Through the years HEKA has achieved an unparalleled rqputation for precision and quality. Most medical, pharmaceutical and industrial research facilities world-wide rely on HEKA ingenuity for their discoveries.

POPSICUBE.FR – POPSI CUBE clinical research and IT solutions. POPSI CUBE, French CRO, double competence in clinical research and computer science. Digital pen. Collection of your medical data. Web application creation and websites. Specialist of eCrf full CDISC. POPSI CUBE, French CRO, dual competence in clinical research and computer science. Digital Pen. Collection of your medical data. Creating Web application and websites.

PRECYSE.COM – Precyse. Health information management (HIM) services and technologies leader, enabling improved efficiency and tangible outcomes for hospitals and health systems nationwide.

NEXTRIALS.COM – Nextrials. Clinical trial data collection and management software, services, CTMS, Safety, and Electronic data capture. Innovative leader in EDC to EHR Integration.

PROGENYGENETICS.COM – Genetic Pedigree Software. Progeny offers family history and genetic pedigree software for clinical genetic services, clinicians and researchers.

WBSNET.COM – Winchester’s Protocol Manager™ is a full-scope, configurable, off-the-shelf Clinical Trials Management System (CTMS). Protocol Manager helps clinical operations manage global trials of drugs, devices, biologics, and vaccines in all phases of development. When the appropriate Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are implemented in your company, Protocol Manager can help you be compliant with the FDA’s 21 CFR part 11 regulations

QUESGEN.COM – TBI/Brain Health Research – Quesgen | Data Management for Traumatic Brain Injury Research.

RANDOMIZE.NET – – Clinical Trial Randomization Service. is an IWRS that efficiently manages subject randomization and drug supply for your clinical trials.

VACAVA.COM – VACAVA INC. | Data Workflow Optimization. Achieve greater business results with custom software solutions built on RapidBIZ cloud development and delivery platform.

S-CLINICA.COM – S-Clinica IVRS/IWRS, DSM, Forecasting, ePRO, eCRF. S-CLINICA is a science-driven company providing a set of unique data management solutions. We leverage our expertise and advanced, proprietary technologies to gain efficiencies and shorten clinical timelines. Combined with our data-centric solutions, our experts can manage the entire data process from study build to database lock.

SECUTRIAL.COM – SecuTrial® | Web-based data capture in clinical trials. The Agency for Medicine and Pharma. We support you in the web-based implementation of your clinical trials with our flexible software secuTrial®.

SIMPLECTMS.COM – SimpleCTMS. Clinical Trial Management System eClinical CTMS.

SMART-TRIAL.CO – SMART-TRIAL® – a next generation platform intended for data acquisition in medical research and clinical trials. A solution developed with passion for quality, and focus on eliminating ambiguity and redundancy.

ECLINFORCE.COM – Clinical Trial Management Software (CTMS) | SmartStudy Clinical Trial Management System. SmartStudy, a Clinical Trial Management System by eClinForce, provides an user friendly web-based software that makes trial management at Sites and CROs much more efficiently and effectively.

SYMETRIC.CA – SyMetric Sciences, Inc. Most comprehensive clinical data management system available today.

SYMETRICSYSTEMS.COM – With robust frameworks and flexible working methods, we help our Clients set new standards of excellence, adopt best industry practices and shrink timelines, while providing cost effective solutions. We use the best technologies and innovative designs to provide an exhilarating User Experience.

TRIALONLINE.NET – Trial Online, EDC and ePRO for Clinical Trials. Trial Online is a powerful, secure and cost effective EDC service suitable for clinical trials in all phases, globally.

DRUGDEV.COM – Global Clinical Trials Technology & Management Solutions | DrugDev. DrugDevs’ innovative technology provides cloud-based solutions to help sponsors, CROs and investigators do more clinical trials together. Learn more.

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