Best CRM & Contact Manager Software For Small Business | 2017

On a site full of information on CRM best practice and products, is there a place for Contact Management? Is there even a place for pure Contact Management in our increasingly networked lives?

Contact Management software was the pre-cursor to many of the CRM platforms we see today. Products such as ACT!, Goldmine, and Lotus Organizer were originally designed to help busy sales people keep contact information.

In their own way, each product allowed the user to store contact details and notes on their interactions. Even today there are many happy users of these systems whose requirements do not extend to fully featured CRM software suites.

Best CRM & Contact Manager Software For Small Business:

AVIDIAN.COM – Comprehensive CRM Software For Microsoft Outlook. Avidian’s CRM software turns Microsoft Outlook into a CRM that sales teams will use. Complete with contact and opportunity management, emails, calendars, and analytics.


BASICONLINE.NET – Basic Online Cloud Software helping your business be more productive. Web based business applications to improve productivity, speed-up workflow processes and save money. Free trial available on all software.


BIOSCRM.COM – The world is constantly changing. Technological and social innovations are the order of the day. changing social values. What today is the measure may be obsolete tomorrow. See it as a company just to find your way. Above all trends and developments is in fact one central theme: value. Who is of value or who adds value is irrelevant. Otherwise not. BIOS + translated this as a starting point in its service: value oriented work.

BIOS + adds continuous value to processes, products and services by adding value to available data. This creates renewed understanding laid down by existing KPIs or new indicators. BIOS + provides clear reports, order of modules to marketing and sales plans and action lists. The self-learning system is always up-to-date and real time.

The importance of CRM will only increase in the future. It was still quite common in the past for everyone to join in the customer base to send a promotional event or for an activity and account managers to run a solid tour around the country; the customer now expects a tailor cut supply. Contact -in whatever form too- not place at the right time is inefficient and even counterproductive. Newsletters or mailings with the wrong message at the wrong time are wasted. Also account managers who add nothing at the moment of customer visits, are increasingly seen as spam. Spam is loyalty in the way and even detrimental to a client relationship.
BIOS + provides insight and transparency in the real value of a portfolio, based on data from across the supply chain. Because of connected platforms to structure these data, creates lightning quick insight into all required parameters. More timely and better quality data than one account can ever figure out. BIOS + you generate cross-selling based on cross insights!


BIZZY.IO – Bizzy – Boost your ecommerce business with perfect marketing. 15 minute setup. No big budget. Timed, targeted, and painless behavioral marketing.


BLUECAMROO.COM – All-In-One CRM and Project Management for Small Business | BlueCamroo. BlueCamroo is the most complete all-in-one CRM for Small and Medium Businesses. Combining CRM, Project Management, Collaboration, Support Ticketing, and more.


BLUEROBININC.COM – At Blue Robin we believe our success is dependent on the success of our customers.  We do not believe in one-size-fits-all approach.  We fit our software into your business, not the other way around. With our web-based Total Enterprise Automation Management System (TEAMS) platform, we offer our clients the most cost effective business automation solutions.  There is no hardware, software, middleware, databases to purchase, install, maintain, and/or upgrade.


BORNEOSOFT.COM – Easy-to-use Web-based Online Forms and Cloud CRM. Easy-to-use Web-Based Online Forms, CRM, Newsletter for Online Marketing Campaign, Leave Management, Email/Collaboration Tools with FREE Edition.


BPA-SOLUTIONS.NET – The Next Generation of SharePoint Software Solutions | BPA. BPA Solutions offers SharePoint Software Solutions for Customer Relationship management, Quality Management, Recruitment, and much more. CRM Software available for SharePoint and Office 365.


BUSINESSMANCRM.COM – BusinessMan – CRM/ERP Business Software Solution. Fully Integrated FileMaker Solution , highly adaptable & low-cost CRM/ERP Business Management Software, featuring financials, e-commerce, quotes, sales etc.


CENDYN.COM – Cendyn | Hotel Digital Marketing & Advertising Strategy. Cendyn is a full-service hotel digital marketing agency specializing in online solutions that drive bottom line results for the hospitality industry.


CIRRUSINSIGHT.COM – Your Inbox Perfectly Integrated with Salesforce – Cirrus Insight. Email Tracking, Templates, Calendar Sync and More with Cirrus Insight. Start your free 14-Day trial today! No Credit Card Required.


CLIENTBOOKCRM.COM – Client Book CRM: Retail CRM and jewelry software that helps you grow. Proven retail crm and jewelry software used by jewelers and retailers around the world to grow their business and work more effectively.


NETWISETECH.COM – Workflow Applications | PEO Services. Netwise Technology specializes in providing returns on technology investments through our PEO services & workflow applications program, ClientSpace.


PPDCOMPUTING.CO.UK – CLIM8.NET Login | Online CRM Software | Web Based CRM Software | Customer Relationship Management Software | UK. Online CRM Software designed for small to medium sized businesses. This easy to use pay monthly online CRM software includes contact management, diary management, html emailing and much more. Click here to read more on our Small business CRM, online CRM Software.


COLLABRILL.COM – CollaBrill : End to end Business Management Solution, built for Collaboration. End to end Business Management Solution, built for Collaboration.


COMARCH.COM – Comarch – Global IT Business Solutions Provider. Comarch is a global powerhouse specialized in the design, implementation and integration of advanced IT services and software.


CONCURSIVE.COM – Concursive Corporation. Concursive Corporation – Social Business Software and CRM – Concursive Corporation is a privately held media and software development company headquartered in Norfolk Virginia. We are the developer of several products, including ConcourseSuite, a dedicated CRM solution, and ConcourseConnect, an integrated Social Mobile Local web-based software platform that brings together Corporate Social Networking, Collaboration, Online Community, Business.


CONNECTORHQ.COM – Connector | Customer Database Software. With Connector you can generate lead capture forms and create auto response welcome emails and notifications in a matter of minutes. Then all you have to do is cut and paste the HTML generated by Connector HQ onto your website and there it is – a sophisticated lead generation form that is capturing incoming leads 24/7 and automatically sending email notifications to the right team members.


CONREP.COM – Professional Services Automation, PSA Software Solutions – Conrep™. Professional Services Automation Software, Conrep™ Professional Services Automation (PSA) is a software designed to help Consulting, Staffing and Professional Services Organizations.


CONVERSOCIAL.COM – Conversocial | Social Customer Service. Conversocial is a leading cloud-based social customer service solution.


CORE2CRM.COM – Core4 FileMaker CRM – Customizable Customer Relationship Management Platform. The Core4 Contact Management Software is a customizable Customer Relationship Manager platform utilizing FileMaker Contact Management technology. Learn more about Core4 today!


NEXPHAZE.COM – Nexphaze CounterBalance. CounterBalance Low cost Customer Relationship Management CRM Software. Custom Software Architect, Design and Development with C#,C,C++,XCode,PHP,Java,.NET,ASP.NET,iOS,Android,Flash.


COMBIT.NET – CRM Software – Reporting Tools – Customer Management – BI. CRM software, reporting tools for developers, enterprise reporting and customer management solutions. Flexible and multiple awards from customers and the press!


ADMINISTRATION123.COM – CRM Billing Software – Administration123. An online CRM billing solution that gives you a complete view of your customers – from lead to payment to customer service. With our software you have a powerful, easy-to-use solution to manage your sales processes, customer service, marketing and partner programs.


CERILLION.COM – Convergent Billing, Charging and CRM Solutions | Cerillion. A full service BSS/OSS vendor delivering convergent solutions to fixed, mobile, IP and multi-service telecoms providers worldwide.


DQUIP.COM – Best CRM Software in India | Internationally | 2016 | Dquip. Review our fully loaded CRM Software. CRM OnPremise and CRM OnCloud options for Large, Medium and Small Businesses. Leading companies trust our CRM Software.


CRM-EXPRESS.COM – CRM Software for small, midsized businesses and individuals – 30 days FREE trial. CRM-Express is a online and desktop software to manage your customers and contacts. It can be used by individuals, families, small and  and midsized businesses.


CRMBOOST.COM – Database and Mobile Platform for Quick Cloud Solutions Deployment by CRMBOOST. 


CROWDTWIST.COM – CrowdTwist Multichannel Loyalty and Engagement Solutions | Loyalty Engaged. CrowdTwist is an industry-leading provider of comprehensive multichannel loyalty and engagement solutions.


SERITUSSOLUTIONS.COM – Seritus Solutions: Seritus-CoS & Seritus-CRM. Seritus-CoS and Seritus-CRM are the next generation web-based systems utilizing the latest technology tools available to provide very cost effective, robust and powerful solutions.


ITOUCHVISION.COM – iTouchVision | UK Customer Service Software. iTouchVision is a leading Cloud CRM solution provider for Customer Service Software with Contact Centre, Case Management, Service Desk, Field Service & more.


CALLIPPUS.CO.UK – Callippus Solutions. An IT consulting company to partner with, for outsourcing your custom / bespoke software application development and maintenance needs.


E-DEAL.COM – E-DEAL CRM, the CRM solution to manage your Customer Relations. E-DEAL, the French CRM market leader, supports your digital evolution. Request your online demo access.


NTRACTIVE.COM – Ntractive – The #1 Mac CRM Solution To Grow Your Business. Elements CRM the #1 Mac CRM for Apple Business. Grow your Mac business on Mac, iPad, and iPhone.


ENQUIRESOLUTIONS.COM – Enquire Solutions – Call Centers and Cloud CRM Software. The top CRM and Call Center solution for multi-family properties including senior living communities, assisted living, home healthcare, and more.


ESPOCRM.COM – Open Source CRM Software To Increase Profitability Through Customer Loyalty | EspoCRM. EspoCRM is an Open Source CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software that allows you to see, enter and evaluate all your company relationships regardless of the type. People, companies, projects or opportunities – all in an easy and intuitive interface.


FATFREECRM.COM – Fat Free CRM – Ruby On Rails-based open source CRM platform. Fat Free CRM is an open source Ruby on Rails -based customer relationship management platform. Out of the box it features group collaboration, campaign and lead management, contact lists, and opportunity tracking.


FORCEMANAGER.NET – The mobile CRM that improve and analyse your sales team’s performance | ForceManager. A fully-integrated sales force automation and CRM solution, designed to provide an easy, fast and smart solution for sales representatives.


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