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Daily Archives: February 8, 2017

Best Affiliate Software

Best Affiliate Software solutions provide an interface for automated management of an affiliate program, as well as complete infrastructure needed for running it successfully. Best Affiliate Software: POSTAFFILIATEPRO Affiliate Tracking & Affiliate Program Software | Post Affiliate Pro. Post Affiliate Pro … Read more »

Best iPad POS Software For Small Business

iPad POS Software makes your company more technology friendly, and gives your customers just another positive thing to remember about you. Customers like to interact with good technology, and the iPad is that, co-opt their brand to improve yours as … Read more »

Best Customer Loyalty Software For Small Business

Best Customer Loyalty Software can include things like gift cards, discounts, special deals, partnerships with nearby businesses, newsletters, or other incentive programs for repeat customers. Best Customer Loyalty Software For Small Business: SALESMACHINE Realtime Customer Scoring Platform – Salesmachine. Salesmachine tells … Read more »