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Monthly Archives: April 2021

Personal Training: Mistakes You Need to Avoid

There’s no denying that becoming a personal trainer or running a personal training venture can be a lucrative and satisfying career, especially for fitness enthusiasts. However, that’s not to say that it’s easy. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or are … Read more »

A Beginners Guide to AWS Penetration Testing

Figures show that about 82% of the workload of businesses will reside on the cloud with a flow of around 40 zettabytes of data flowing through networks and cloud. The global growth value of the public cloud is expected to … Read more »

Top Uses Of Interactive Maps

Interactive mapping has risen in its popularity quite a lot. If you’re not familiar with this concept, it’s an opportunity to have some data of yours sorted out in the form of a map. Whether it’s your location map, a … Read more »

Introduction to White Hat Security Testing

The purpose of a penetration testing procedure is to help you identify the security gaps and associated risks in your application and network framework. It’s a vital activity in today’s global scenario where every other organization’s defenses are constantly tested … Read more »

What Is Labor Analytics Software?

Are you managing a large workforce? Are you responsible for labor cost analysis? If so, you are probably already looking for tools to help track and analyze work-related data. Labor analytics software, or LAS, helps you manage labor information so … Read more »

How The Finance Industry Is Changing

In recent years, leading banks have been developing financial applications based on the concept of Daily Banking. With this approach, the banking application contains the functions of payments. There are transfers, monitoring debts and commissions. They manage funds and checking … Read more »

8 Best People Search Engines In 2021

At times, you might find yourself saying it’s a small world when you meet a friend after years all of a sudden. However, in today’s time, people’s search engines are there through which you can connect with your long-lost friends … Read more »

How to Build a Marketplace Mobile App

Unlike all the other online stores, the marketplace presents independent sellers with a golden opportunity to list their services and products. There are multiple forms of marketplace platforms available of various sizes. Those are marked with numerous options, starting from … Read more »