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6 Tips for Setting up Your Music Room

If you are a music aficionado or an aspiring musician, you should really invest in a music room of your very own. By having your very own music room, you will be able to make music at your leisure. You could even make your own records and release them to the world. However, before you invest money in building your music room, you should have a set plan. Here are 6 Tips for setting up your music room.

1. Invest in Quality Instruments

If you want your music room to be as legit as possible, it is important that you invest in quality instruments. Remember that your music room is supposed to be a place where you make great music. So if you invest in great designs for your music room but you go cheap on your instruments, then you don’t really have a music room. So before you invest money in your instruments, then you should make sure that you do your research. Depending on the type of instrument you play, and your budget you should always strive to get the best. Remember that you will be using these instruments to make music, and if you opt for sub-par instruments, then you won’t reach your full potential as a musician.

2. Make Sure There Is Ample Room

If you are going to invest money in a music room, you should really make sure that there is ample room. This is important because you will be storing a lot of equipment inside your music room. There is also a chance that you will want to expand your music room in the future. So when you build your music room, you should add extra space to it. It is better for your music room to be too large rather than for it to be too small.

3. Soundproof Your Music Room

When you start building your music room, the first thing you should do is soundproof your music room. Remember that your music room is specifically designed for you to make music. So things are going to get loud. If you don’t soundproof your music room, you will most likely annoy your neighbors and have the neighbors call the police on you. So it is imperative that you soundproof every inch of your music room. One of the easiest ways to soundproof your music room is to line walls with padding. When you choose your padding materials, practically anything soft could be used. However, if you want your music room to look clean, it is a good idea to use rubber or dense polyester fiber. They are clean to look at and could be installed very quickly.

4. Decorate It With Various Lighting Options

Although you should invest in great instruments and soundproofing your music room, it is also important that you choose your decorations and lighting as carefully as possible.

When it comes to decorating, it all really depends on you and your preferences. If you like rock bands you could put up signed memorabilia such as old guitars, or old posters of rock shows. You could also use your old records as a form of decoration. When you choose your decorations, you should follow a set theme. This will give your music room a sense of cohesion and allow you to let loose your

When it comes to your lighting options, it is best that you choose unique lighting fixtures. The more unique, the better. Some great options are neon lights and flexible LED lights. Neon lights are a great lighting option because they have a retro feel to them. Neon lights were first created in the late 1800s, and a lot of theater houses used neon lights to brighten up their marquees. The popularity of neon lights rose and fell through the years, however, neon lights are considered iconic, and if you install them in your music room, they will undoubtedly give it a timeless quality.

Aside from the neon lights, you could also invest in flexible LED screens. These screens have an innovative design, and they could be customized to fit your specific needs. Do you want a concave-shaped screen for you to show music videos? These LED screens are more than capable of that and more. With these customizable screens, you could illuminate your music rooms with incredible graphics and light shows. If you are interested in purchasing these LED screens, you should check on Viewpointec. The company has helped various industries with their lighting and visual needs. If you are interested in purchasing LED screens for your music room, just click here for some quality options.

5. Install Storage Areas for Your Equipment

When it comes to having a music room, it is very important that you install storage areas for your equipment. Remember that musical instruments and recording tools are very expensive, and if you don’t want them to get damaged, you should make it a priority to install storage areas for your equipment. By doing so, you will have somewhere to store your equipment once you’re finished with your music sessions.

6. Build Wall Dividers

Aside from soundproofing your music room, you should also build wall dividers. The main use of wall-dividers is to organize your music room as much as possible. Depending on how large your music room is, there will be specific rooms devoted to a particular use. Some rooms might be used for recording, while one room might be devoted to instrument training. By building wall dividers, you’ll be able to make your music room sessions as ordered as possible.


When it comes to building a music room of your very own, you should have a set plan. Remember that you will be investing thousands of dollars on this venture, so you better make each choice count. With these tips, you’ll be able to make a truly great music room.

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