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Choosing the Best Automated Webinar Software: 9 Key Features to Look For

Hosting an automated webinar instead of organizing live webinars has become popular for several reasons. For instance, you don’t have to be there to present, and attendees can join the session without waiting. You can also automate your sales funnels, thus saving you time, effort, and money in the long run.

But to ensure success, you must choose an automated webinar platform that allows you to set up your webinars on autopilot with ease.

Read further to learn the features to look for in an automated webinar software and some of the best platforms you can try today.

9 Features to Look for in an Automated Webinar Platform

Switching between webinar tools and platforms can be a hassle. That is why you need to make the wisest decision on the first go.

To help you choose the best automated webinar software, here are the key features to look for:

Customizable landing pages

Webinars will have a registration page and a thank you page.

The registration page must be interesting enough to grab the attention of readers. On the other hand, the thank you page must provide the basic details of the webinar sessions and let webinar attendees import the evergreen webinars into their calendars.

Third-party integrations

Being able to connect to third-party services is also an essential feature. This can help expand the reliability and functionality of any software solution and is extremely important for different kinds of projects.


Nothing is more crucial than using the automated webinar service to simplify things. Webinar attendees must be able to use the platform with ease. Otherwise, they may abandon your on-demand webinars.

Analytics dashboard

Choosing a platform with a webinar stats dashboard will provide you with an overview of the metrics and reports you care about most. These may include the number of registered users and attendees, peak attendee count, peak time, and replay views. Statistics will also guide you to make changes that will help grow your business.

Live chat

Automated chat messages are good, but having a live chat option is also essential. Even if you are hosting automated webinars, there must be an option for live chat messages because this can help boost automated webinar experiences.

Built-in email automation

Choose a webinar automation platform that helps lessen the time you need to generate leads. The most efficient way to do that is through email automation.

With a built-in email automation feature, the platform will keep the conversations alive before and after the online events. Once you have set the automation up, the webinar platform will do the rest; thus, saving you time and money.

Custom registration fields

The registration form must include all relevant information you need from your attendees. It must also be a customizable opt-in page.

Getting interested individuals to register easily in a safe system is crucial for the success of your live and automated webinars. Take note your registrants are your target audience for remarketing.


Mobile users are increasing daily, perhaps because smartphones are more practical and accessible than laptops and desktops. That is why the mobile audience is very relevant. Using a mobile-friendly platform guarantees that you won’t be missing out on the huge percentage of possible attendees.

Video hosting

Other automated webinar software will force you to use external video links instead of hosting the videos for you. It is crucial to use a platform that allows you to upload videos to their site. This will provide you with more power over your content and help avoid any external link issues later.

Top 3 Automated Webinar Platforms to Consider

Here are some of the best software for putting webinars on autopilot:

1. StealthSeminar

StealthSeminar is one of the most preferred platforms by big companies because the webinar room can accommodate up to 4,000 attendees.

Among its best features are the following:

  • Perform full A/B tests on offers, events, and more
  • Automated delay reset time
  • Unlimited polls, surveys, and file-sharing during automated webinars
  • Webinar attendees can be blocked from chat without them knowing
  • Automated interactive experience

2. EverWebinar

EverWebinar has plenty of sales and marketing features. Some of its best features include:

  • A/B testing landing pages
  • Automated interactions like simulated live chat, automated polls, automated offers, and highlighted announcements
  • Integrates with almost everything, such as Facebook Ads, MailChimp, Infusionsoft, and Instapage
  • Superb analytics dashboard and tracking
  • Secure webinar room with password protection

3. EasyWebinar

EasyWebinar offers standards features like screen sharing, mobile compatibility, live chat, integrations, multiple presenters, Q&A, and just-in-time tickers.

Other webinar tools you can enjoy with EasyWebinar are:

  • Excellent analytics and reporting tools
  • Combination of technology and marketing strategies
  • Attendees turned into presenters
  • Simulcasting, which allows instant replays of your webinar through Facebook, YouTube and EasyWebinar all at once
  • Customized registration pages

Choosing the best webinar software will provide you with a high-converting, beautiful webinar landing page, insightful analytics dashboard, flexible automated interaction setup, and all that with competitive pricing. But before committing to one platform, ensure that it has all the powerful features. Best of all, test it out and see how well it suits your needs.

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