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Discover How Diverse and Vivid CompTIA Certification Program Is: Practice Test from Examsnap Can Be Your Guide in This Process!

The CompTIA certifications are vendor-neutral and are in high demand. It all began with CompTIA A+, one of the flagship certificates of the vendor, when it was introduced in 1993. Since then, over two million professionals have earned this credential.

Over the years, CompTIA has gone ahead to group its certifications based on the skill sets gained in the course of earning. Basically, there are four areas in which a candidate can obtain a certificate. These are Core, Cybersecurity, Infrastructure, and Additional Professional. In this guide, we’ll explore various credentials that fall under each of these four categories.

Core Certifications

The Core type is designed to help the applicants develop the fundamental skills. There are four certificates offered by CompTIA.

CompTIA IT Fundamentals+: This is an introductory-level credential that is designed for the individuals with basic knowledge of PC compatibility and functionality. Theyare also conversant with technology topics, such as software development and installation, hardware basics, basic networking, security risks & prevention, computing basics, IT infrastructure, and database use. If you want to get this certification, you should pass the CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Practice Test Questions exam, or its new version – CompTIA FC0-U61.

CompTIA A+: This is an entry-level certificate that is aimed at those students who want to take up the following job roles:a help desk technician, a networking technician, a service desk analyst, or a system support specialist. The certification covers software installation, laptop & PC hardware, mobile operating systems, and computer configuration. CompTIA A+ also evaluates the examinees’ knowledge of basic networking, security skills, and troubleshooting. To earn it, the candidates have to pass two exams: CompTIA 220-1001 (Core 1) and CompTIA 220-1002 (Core 2). The Fundamentals+ credential is not a prerequisite for getting A+.

CompTIA Network+: You can also pursue this certification without first obtainingCompTIA A+. It is not a strict requirement, just a recommendation from the company, so it dependson your level of knowledge.CompTIA Network+ is intended for the professionals with a minimum of nine months of networking experience. They should be conversant with networking technologies, installation & configuration, topologies, media, security, as well as troubleshooting of basic wired & wireless network devices. There is only one test that is required for earning this certificate (CompTIA N10-007). It’s essential to mention that it is well recognized by the U.S DoD, just like A+.

CompTIA Security+: This credential focuses on one’s understanding of network security concepts, access control, threats & vulnerabilities, cryptography, identity management, and so on. Although there are no official prerequisites, it is recommended that you have two-year work experience in IT administration with a focus on security. To get this certificate, the students have to pass one exam –CompTIA SY0-501.

Cybersecurity Certifications

This category comes with three certificates. They are highlighted below:

CompTIA CySA+: This is one of the new additions to the CompTIA certification program. The professionals with this credential have the relevant skills in using tools for system threat-detection. They can also utilize behavioral and data analytics to protect systems and applications from threats, vulnerabilities, and other risks. To earn this credential, you have to pass a performance-based test (CompTIA CS0-001) that will be updated soon.

CompTIA CASP+: This is an advanced-level badge in the security certification portfolio. It is the only performance-based credential offered by CompTIA that is aimed at the experienced IT security professionals with skills in planning, designing, and implementing security solutions in the enterprise environment. It is recommended that the candidates have at least ten-year experience in IT administration and an additional five years in technical security. The students are required to pass a single exam (CompTIA CAS-003) to obtain this certificate.

CompTIA PenTest+: This is one of the latest additions to the CompTIA certification portfolio. It’s a mid-level credential that is designed as a complement for CySA+. CompTIA PenTest+ focuses on the usage of penetration testing to detect and manage various network vulnerabilities across different areas. It is recommended that the applicants earn Security+ or Network+ before pursuing this certification and have 3-4 years of hands-on experience in information security. There is a single exam required to be taken in order to obtain this certificate – CompTIA PT0-001.

Infrastructure Certifications

There are also three credentials under this category. Let’s take a closer look at them.

CompTIA Linux+: This certification is designed for the Linux network administrators with a minimum of 12 months of experience in Linux administration. The experience should include package management, installation, scripting, shells, GNU & UNIX commands, security, and others. It is recommended that the students have A+ and Network+ before pursuing this credential. You need to pass CompTIA XK0-004 to get your Linux+.

CompTIA Cloud+: This certificate is aimed at the IT professionals who have at least two to three years of work experience in system administration. There is a single test (CompTIA CV0-002) that is required for earning the Cloud+ credential, and you will be able to become a Cloud engineer, a network administrator, a Cloud developer, or a business analyst.

CompTIA Server+: This certification is designed for the server administrators who have at least 18 to 24 months of experience in software technologies and server hardware. It is recommended that the candidates get A+ before pursuing this one, although it’s not a prerequisite. There is a single exam (CompTIA SK0-004) to be passed in order to obtain this certificate.

Additional Professional Certifications

This category includes three certificates offered by CompTIA. They are as follows:

CompTIA Project+: This credential is exclusively designed for the project managers who are conversant with the project lifecycle from planning to completion. These specialists should have a minimum of one-year experience in project management with a focus on small- to medium-sized projects. To earn this certification, the examinees have to pass one test – CompTIA PK0-004.

CompTIA Cloud Essentials+: This certificate is aimed at the professionals with the relevant knowledge of business aspects related to Cloud computing. They also understand the process involved in moving storage in-house to Cloud. These specialists are also conversant with risks, impacts, and consequences associated with implementing Cloud-based solutions. There are two exam versions associated with this credential: CompTIA CLO-001 andCompTIA CLO-002. It is also important to mention that you don’t need to renew this certification as it valid for life.

CompTIA CTT+: This credential is designed for those professionals who want to take up a career in technical training. It focuses on instructor skills, such as preparation, communication, presentation, evaluation, and facilitation. There are two tests required to earn this certificate, including CompTIA TK0-201 and either CompTIA TK0-202 or CompTIA TK0-203.The CTT+ certification is also good for life.


The above are the certificates offered by CompTIA. As you can see, the certification program of this vendor is really diverse. But in order to obtain any of these credentials, you should pass the respective exam(s). But to succeed, you have to devote a lot of time to your preparation. To prepare for any of the CompTIA tests, the examsnap platform up-to-date and verified resources that can help you pass your exam on the first try. Use these study materials and you will definitely earn your certification with ease!

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