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These Are the Most Important Crypto Events for the Rest of 2022

As 2022 draws to an end, it’s still not too late to set foot in the crypto game.

Whether you’re a seasoned crypto enthusiast or a novice in the field, crypto conferences are a great way to stay updated on what’s new in the crypto world, meet crypto influencers, and network with other crypto enthusiasts.

Most large crypto conferences also host side events or after-work parties. Not only are these fun, they also give attendees a chance to make connections in the industry in a more informal setting.

To make sure you don’t miss out on anything interesting, we’ve put together a list of some of the most important crypto events for the rest of 2022.

Read on and mark the dates on your calendar!

1. ETH Gathering Barcelona

Date: November 19-22, 2022 ( Venue: Barcelona, Spain )

Why should you attend?

If you enjoy engaging conversations around topics such as web3, DeFi, security DAOs, and data analytics, you’ll enjoy this two-day weekend conference.

An initiative by builders for builders, the main purpose of an ETH gathering is to facilitate knowledge transfer and thought leadership between the participants and the speakers.

This leg of the gathering has a whole host of interesting keynote talks, panel discussions, workshops, and working sessions.

That’s not all though, the side events promise to be just as exciting as the main event. You can expect networking parties, meetups, and even a concert!

Tickets for ETH Gathering, Barcelona start from €120.

2. Istanblock: Istanbul Blockchain Event

Date: November 21-25, 2022 ( Venue: Istanbul, Turkey )

Why should you attend?

Turkey is fast emerging as a hub for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. It’s no wonder then that Istanblock is one of the most anticipated blockchain events of 2022.

It’s the perfect opportunity to create relationships and build partnerships with Turkey’s blockchain community, expect an exciting conference agenda with some fun side events.

The speakers for this event not only include some of the top influencers from the blockchain industry, you can also expect interesting conversations from some important officials from the government and business sectors.

As for side events, there are a whole host of interesting activities planned from a women’s only meet up to hackathons to a football screening, and much more!

Tickets for Istanbul Blockchain Week (IBW) start from €120.32.

3. DCentral Miami

Venue: Miami, USA ( Date: November 28-29, 2022 )

Why should you attend?

Often quoted as “The Biggest DeFi and NFT Conference”, this super fun yearly event is being held in the sunny city of Miami this year.

DCentral Miami is a rare opportunity for DeFi, DAOs, Metaverses, NFTs, Protocols, and developers to network and collaborate under one roof.

What makes this particular event stand out from other conferences in the industry is the way it uses music, art, and entertainment to create an unforgettable experience that captures the true essence of crypto culture.

The agenda for this event includes some interesting keynotes and panel discussions from some of the industry’s most influential speakers across protocols, DeFi, DAOs, Metaverses, Gaming, and NFT.

Tickets for DCentral Miami start from US$99.

4. Blockchain Expo 2022 London

Date: December 1-2, 2022 ( Venue: Olympia, London (and virtual) )

Why should you attend?

The Blockchain Expo World Series has gained global recognition among the blockchain and crypto community.

The London leg of this series promises the same excitement, innovation, and conversations as the other conferences in this series.

You can expect to rub shoulders with some of the top CTOs, IT directors, investors, VCs, and other influencers in this two day summit.

The agenda includes an exciting round-up of tech exhibits, panel discussions, keynotes, case study presentations, and much more. Be prepared for interesting conversations around topics such as financial services, cryptocurrency, platforms, applications, and strategies.

You can register for the event (both in-person and virtual for free) or you can purchase a VIP Networking Access Ticket for €99. The VIP ticket will grant you access to networking opportunities and more.

Host your Own Crypto Conference

Crypto and blockchain technology will only grow bigger in 2023. If attending these conferences have you feeling inspired to host your own, that’s a great idea!

The increased interest in the world of crypto will make it easy for you to find both attendees and sponsors for your crypto event.

For venues to host your crypto conference, check out Spacehuntr. They have a whole host of venues in some of the top cities in the world for you to host your event.

What’s more, their experts can also provide you with advice on How to Host a Blockchain Conference and more.

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