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5 Great Things You Might Not Have Known About Out-of-Home (OOH) Advertising

What is out-of-home (OOH) advertising? The term is almost self-explanatory, as it refers to advertising that takes place outside the intended recipients’ homes.

Given how significantly marketing has been digitised over the last two decades, it would be tempting to see OOH advertising as outdated. However, it has actually changed significantly over time.

Here are several easy-to-overlook incentives for your business to engage in OOH advertising…

OOH remains a demonstrably effective offline medium

These days, you might class OOH as a “traditional” marketing method but this perception could lead you to underestimate how well OOH can still bring the goods.

In one Nielsen study highlighted in an Entrepreneur article, OOH was found to be the offline medium most effective at driving online activity. In fact, compared to the alternatives of TV, radio and print, OOH delivered four times more online activity per dollar spent.

OOH isn’t just billboards

Billboards are an especially prominent form of OOH by dint of their sheer size. They also take up much space in the public mind due to how they have been used in such popular geographic areas as Times Square and Sunset Boulevard.

However, it remains crucial to emphasise that OOH can be used in various formats including those of murals, transport wraps and street furniture.

If you are seriously considering booking OOH advertising space, it would be wise for you to use many different OOH formats so that you can significantly extend your brand’s reach.

OOH is readily accessible for brands

There was once a time when companies were unable to reserve OOH advertising space at a reasonable price until after having established close relationships with owners of this space.

However, it’s a different situation now, thanks to not only OOH buying platforms but also in-depth, real-time data concerning the availability of OOH inventory.

Through looking at historical pricing data and historical performance data, you can also help yourself to judge which OOH placements are likely to give you the best return on your ad spend.

OOH is easy to utilise

This didn’t always used to be the case. Often, getting an ad from a piece of paper and into an OOH advertising frame would entail spending significant amounts of time on creative development and proofing, not to mention haggling over pricing.

One relatively recent development in the OOH space has been programmatic digital OOH, which has enabled brands to purchase and launch campaigns in just 48 hours.

OOH inventory is abundant

If you have never previously dipped your toes in the OOH advertising waters, you could be pleasantly surprised by the breadth of OOH advertising opportunities available.

Let’s assume that you want to leverage OOH advertising in the UK. In this situation, you could approach Clear Channel one of the UK’s leading owners of out-of-home media in order to engage in, say, shopping centre advertising.

This would be a worthy pursuit in light of the fact that 70% of adults visit major shopping malls across the UK, which is also home to other OOH avenues.

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