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Tips To Keep Your Landing Page Up To Date With Trends

Let’s get started by introducing the protagonist in our journey, the landing page. In layman words, landing page, very much unlike the home page, is a page that is designed for a prospect to land on. Now the next question that might pop up in your head is why do I need to heed so much attention to keeping these landing pages on my website updated if the prospect is already on my website and checking out the product or service that I am confident about. To answer this, a landing page needs to be designed to perfection and kept prim and proper in order to guarantee the conversion of these prospects into customers. It is amazing how adopting a few modern perspectives of optimization can overturn the scenario of the conversions that you experience. Making a withholding first impression with an effective landing page design trends can increase your brand value by several folds.

Start with the obvious, match your landing page to its source

As the saying goes that common sense is often not very common, apropos there are companies out there that put out ads or content which is linked to completely irrelevant pages on their website. This grave error makes the prospective customer feel betrayed and exit the page without a second thought. It is likely that you have lost their trust and any further prompts or ads by our company will be blatantly rejected by the individual. The solution is easy and doable by keeping the landing pages aligned content-wise and copy-wise which should spike the consumer’s interests

Keep up with the trends and go for a minimal design

After several trials and errors regarding the landing page designs, the trends finally show some stability. The studies and stats clearly pint towards preferences that include a clean and minimally created page that is able to deliver a clear message. Having a modestly designed landing page provides dual advantages, it is easier on the eyes of the prospective customer and simultaneously takes up much lesser time to load. Another useful trick is to create heavy contrasts that grab the user’s attention which is often done by using gradients in the background.

Remove the navigation bars to achieve appropriate attention ratio

The attention ratio can be defined as the number of options you provide the customer on your landing page versus the option you want them to click on when they visit the page. This should ideally be 1: 1. A great way to achieve this is by removing the navigation bar altogether form the landing page design. Eliminating the distractions from the page leads to increased conversions as the potential customer is not steered away from the main call to action. The navigation bars do not belong to the landing page as they are not aimed towards conversions. The lack of navigation bars has shown a tremendous amount of increase in conversion rates.

Add social proofs to demonstrate credibility

Since we are eliminating the navigation bar, the customer does not really have much of a chance to develop trust which was previously established by navigating through the ‘home’ and ‘about’ page. This can be rectified by adding certain testimonials on the landing page that can improve your credibility. To comply with the minimal landing page design mindset you can put up logos of some of the famous clients that your company has associated with. This impends a sense of trustworthiness in the minds of potential customers and may help in fading the doubts they might have regarding the quality of the product or service.

With the emergence of AI, interactivity and intelligence are the new rages

The forms and UX on the landing page need to be extremely precise as a tedious job in that department can lead to loss of conversions. In lieu of this having an interactive landing page wherein the user is guided through a process to state out their requirements and present them with customized results does the best to keep the prospect occupied and since they have gone through the effort to fill in their needs they will be eager to see if they obtain satisfactory results. This grabs some precious extra time through which the user contemplates the decision to associate with the company. AI is picking up and there will be a number of websites that adopt this concept so get ahead of time and prepare thoroughly.

Upgrade the call-to-action buttons to attract clicks

The upgrade mentioned here is specifically related to design, specifically what is the prompt that appears on these call to action buttons. The audience is usually bored with the monotonous ‘click here’ or ‘get started’. It is high time we got creative and used them to call out for a purpose that is customer-centric. It can be replaced by a simple ‘start saving like us’ or something short and similar. This replacement calls to the values or commodities that the prospect wishes for and is prone to following through to the final step. They can also be utilized to demonstrate increased urgency or scarcity.

Optimize your landing page to be mobile-friendly

This is common knowledge by now but deserves an honorary mention in this list of tips. Since it is 2020 and almost everyone uses their mobile phones for literally everything it would be a really bad idea to ignore this step. This opens up a whole new world of conversion through phones and tablets. It is highly unlikely that a potential customer will remember to check the website of a company whose ad they saw on their phone. Taking a bet against these odds is a pure risk and one that any company can surely live without.

Last but not least, an efficient and thorough upgrade from time to time is essential

Having a regularly optimized landing page design has proved to be beneficial for several services in its own way. Improving these pages and keeping up with the trends helps you realize what the audience demands and you can constantly work on providing the service in an effective manner.

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