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Top 4 Virtual Data Room (VDR) Providers Comparison

Virtual Data rooms are accustomed conduct due diligence when getting ready for necessary deals like mergers and acquisitions, personal equity transactions, clinical approvals, capital raising and so forth. traditionally most of these would be tightly controlled rooms beneath constant surveillance. this is able to need companies who are interested interest} in a potential deal to send groups of people to an offsite location wherever they’ll study all of those documents for a given period of your time.

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Virtual data rooms solve several of the inefficiencies related to an old fashioned deal room. Virtual data rooms offer a secure and dependable method for parties to access critical and sensitive documents with a least investment.

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Security options

Security features are integral to any virtual data room. Having a virtual data room with nice security will provide you with assurance that your sensitive data remains confidential.

128 Bit Encryption: 128 Bit AES SSL encoding is that the business standard for safeguarding data.

256 Bit Encryption 256 Bit SSL encryption is doubly as powerful as 128 bit encryption and has been deemed ‘uncrackable’.

Audit Logs an audit log i s a chronological data record of everything viewed, downloaded, or altered within the virtual data room.

Automatic Audit Reports Automatic audit reports ar audit reports that are automatically sent to a system administrator at the end of a specific time. This assures that everybody who has had access to the data room is logged.

Data Backup: Data Backup assures in which absolutely no documents uploaded to the virtual data room will ever be lost or destroyed, as they’ll all be saved and backed up.

Dynamic Watermarks: Dynamic watermarks promise that any document downloaded from the area can have a watermark which is able to designate who downloaded that document.

ISO 27001 Certified: ISE/IEC 27001 is a component of a bunch of standards that deal with security within the information engineering segment. Meeting this particular considerations assures which the virtual data room has few security threats or vulnerabilities.

SAS 70 Certified: The Statement on Auditing Standards 70 is an auditing standard that demonstrates that an intensive audit has been performed on an organization’s management activities. If a data room has passed through an in-depth audit among the SAS 70 platform in addition to transferred, the data room can be SAS 75 Certified.

Set User Permissions: permitting administrators to line levels of access to completely different users can guarantee an easily traceable audit record and increase the data rooms integrity.

SSAE 16 Certified: The Statement of Standards for Attestation Engagements 16 is an attest standard which needs an outline of the system accustomed offer assurance of meddling. If a data room claims to be SSAE 16 “Certified” they’re claiming that the data room is compliant with these attest standards supporting Sarbanes-Oxley.

Tiered Access Levels: layer access levels are predefined access level teams within which users is placed. This feature saves times once configuring user permissions.

Two-Factor Authentications: Two-factor authentication offers a enhanced level of protection and security once work in by requiring a at random generated code sent to the user’s phone, additionally to a password. This adds another layer of protection that makes access to data room way more secure.

Virus Scanning: Virtual data rooms which supply virus scanning can automatically scan all documents uploaded into the data room for viruses.

Easy of Use Options

Virtual data rooms will store several vital documents. Sorting through the volumes of documents hold on in virtual data rooms is terribly time overwhelming and heavy. Having simple use options will prevent time and increase efficiency.

Branded Website: certain virtual data rooms enable you to customize the design and feel of your data room so as to form it suit your company’s whole.

Bulk Uploads: Bulk uploads and downloads enable you to import or export entire teams of files or folders right away, while not having to load them into the system, one at a time. Having the flexibility to conduct bulk uploads can considerably lower the quantity of your time a user can ought to spend so as to integrate all necessary documents into the data room.

Digital Rights Management: Which has a digital rights under the law management system integrated along with your virtual data room can assure that every one files uploaded onto your data room can solely be viewed and emended by approved users.

Drag and Drop Files: Drag and Drop practicality offers users the intuitive ability to virtually grab files and drop them into the virtual data room to be uploaded.

Full Text Search: A full text search practicality can provide you with the flexibility to easily look around all titles, meta-tags, and content for specific keywords associated with your search.

Link Capability: Link capabilities can enable to embed links from one document to a different, whenever necessary (such as wanting up information in one document that was documented in another).

Multilingual User Interface: Which has a multilingual user interface can enable you to present your several data room to parties from completely different countries at the same time, permitting them to look at all documents in their native language.

Q&A Section: Having a section dedicated to questions and answers offers your users a platform on that they’ll quickly and effectively ask queries and receive answers concerning the documents given.

Scroll-Through: Scroll through practicality provide you with the ability to easily go to the next document in an exceedingly folder whereas already viewing a document. collectively, this could prevent lots of your time once sorting through many documents.

Simultaneous Access: simultaneous access offers you the flexibility to access the data room at the same time as another party. this can be a good feature if you propose on giving access to the data room to over one party.

What to look at in Virtual Data Room

While it’s imperative that your data room is compliant with all applicable auditing laws, data rooms that claim to own been ‘certified’ by certain auditing standards don’t exempt you from any liability in an exceedingly potential breach of confidentiality. don’t get oversubscribed on any virtual data room merely on these certifications. whereas important, you’ll get a lot of higher advantages by specializing in finding a virtual data room that has a straightforward and effective user interface.

Here is Top 4 Best Virtual Data Room Providers:

HighQ is a London based highly versatile data room software provider that offers its clients with some of the most secure and compatible virtual data room solutions. Its services are mostly used by organizations operating in life sciences, legal and investment banking sectors and are used for multiple industry solutions like – Corporate finance, Litigation support, Portfolio management, Mergers and acquisitions, Bankruptcy and restructuring and Fundraising etc. The features available to the clients of HighQ Dataroom are very easy to use and can be tried by downloading the trial version for free. This software is compatible with multiple mobile platforms and provides high security features.



idrShare is based in Houston, Texas and provides great virtual data room solutions to companies in a variety of sectors. The users of this virtual data room get custom tailored services where the administrators could customize the software according to their requirements. This means that each client could uniquely brand the website by using tailored layout, desired color, theme of choice and many more such elements. The users of this virtual data room software do not need to perform any programming. idrShare offers some advance level data encryption features along with many more security features that make handling data using this software very secure. Businesses also get an option of free trial version before they decide to purchase.



Sterling X-AG is a London based virtual data room solution provider known for its security and efficiency in data handling. It’s simple and quick performance makes it a premium product for managing the process of due diligence during Merger and Acquisitions. Other services offered by this data room software are:

• Elimination of risk through extremely high security measures.
• Cost reduction due to excellent delivery time
• Well-integrated with variety of platforms
• Fully equipped user dashboard that is easy to understand and use.
• One-click administration feature that ensures quick upload of essential documents.
• Strict permission parameters for added safety of the data.

Sterling X-AG

Sterling X-AG

Multipartner virtual data room is situated in Rome and is well-known for its virtual data management platform. It has a long list of clients from all kinds of industries using its services for different industry solutions. Multipartner also offers trial versions for free to its prospective customers in order for them to experience its superior features. the services offered by this virtual data room software are:

• Creation of audit logs and data back-up
• Easy to use multi-language user interface with no pre-requirement of any kind of client software.
• Microsoft office integration
• Dynamic watermarks
• Two-factor authentications, tiered access levels and 128-bit SSL encryption for maximum security etc.



There are several choices once setting up a virtual data room and with such a lot selection out there, it’s simple to be overwhelmed. within the past, we’ve got already mentioned the foremost common mistakes that people build once selecting a virtual data room supplier and also the factors to require into consideration once scrutiny suppliers. Here are a number of the queries that you simply ought to consider once creating a decision.


Some solutions are DIY (do-it-yourself) solutions complemented with on-line facilitate guides. Others choices embody full-fledged service to transfer documents, got wind of permissions and do a number of different functions as a part of the giving.

  • will the Virtual data rooms supplier assign a degree person who drives the dealings or is everything sent to a typical helpdesk?
  • will the service embody managing documents, permissions, conversions and user follow-ups or does one ought to do it all by yourself?
  • are you able to get involved with the data room supplier via a fanatical email, chat room or telephone? Is it extremely 24/7?
  • Self-Management: is that the platform simple enough to control on your own?
  • Live Demos/Training: will live demos be provided on request? you must be able to get as several demo and coaching sessions as needed.


The confidential documents hosted in an exceedingly virtual data rooms are essential. you would like to make certain that you simply acumen the documentation is handled. This includes the technology and human perspective.

  • wherever is that the data hosted?Where are the data centers located?
  • Server Certifications: are the servers ISO 270001 certified? Are the servers SSAE sixteen certified?
  • Security: is that the communication 128-bit or 256-bit SSL encrypted?
  • Human security: are the directors of the Virtual data rooms supplier trained? what number transactions have they already conducted? Do they sign an NDA with the provider?
  • Document security: are documents secured with a solid DRM (Digital Rights Management technology)?
  • extra Security: are there dynamic watermarks? This adds another line of security just in case somebody tries to use his or her smartphone to require a photograph.
  • bespoke Permissions: will user permissions be bespoke for every and each user? will it’s bespoke for every and each file and folder? are you able to produce layer access levels?
  • Backup: Is there data backup? however typically is that the backup operation performed?


It is necessary that you simply grasp the journal of the company that you simply are trusting along with your sensitive information.

  • Experience: what number years has the Virtual data rooms supplier been in business for? Have they served transactions in your industry?
  • Ownership: who are the individuals behind the company? Is it a respectable corporation? Do the homeowners have decades of expertise within the field? are you able to trust them along with your sensitive information?
  • Platform options :Is there something distinctive regarding the Virtual data rooms provider? after you are scrutiny, you’ve got to check options.
  • Free Trial – is it offered? approach long? It’s the most effective way of scrutiny totally different Virtual data rooms suppliers.
  • Personalization: will the web site be branded along with your logo?
  • Multilingual: will the technology support multiple languages?
  • Plugins: are there any special software system requirements? This sometimes complicates the method as a result of your IT department can ought to make multiple changes to security to alter access.

Questions and Answers:

Is Q&A supported at intervals the Virtual data room? this is often a crucial feature as a result of it helps maintain communication between all parties at intervals the Virtual data Rooms rather than winnow through many emails to seek out the correct ones. Auditing additionally becomes easier.

  • Right click: are you able to right click to visualize a sink of all the choices out there to you on a specific file or folder?
  • Uploading Data: are bulk transfers doable or does one have to be compelled to upload every file one by one?
  • Downloading Data: are bulk transfers doable or does one have to be compelled to download every file one by one?
  • Drag and Drop: will the technology build it easier for you by permitting you to tug and drop?
  • Search: will text be searched at intervals the documents?
  • Coincident Access: will multiple parties access the documents simultaneously?
  • Audits: Do audit logs permit you to ascertain for each activity performed in detail? will the audit reports be customized?
  • Commonly asked Questions: Is there a listing section for you to simply solve the foremost common problems? ar there tutorial videos for each users and admins? although there are, you must still be able to get involved along with your Virtual data rooms dedicated team to resolve your queries; they must continuously be there to assist you save time!
  • Business Blog: is that there a journal that shares necessary and relevant information? Is the Virtual data rooms supplier an inspiration leader within the industry?

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