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Top 5 Best Cloud Backup Service For Small Business


If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last ten years, you might already know about Cloud. No, not those fluffy, oddly-shaped stuff up in the sky. Cloud, as in the mysterious sphere of digital information location in a place no one really knows; also called off-site servers. Seriously though, Cloud is basically the next generation data environment where users can store things like pictures, documents and even videos without needing to house them in their own computers or hard drives.

Now that we have that covered, what is Cloud backup? Well, there are a few ways to answer this, but let’s just get to the point.

The Misery Of Lost Documents

If you have ever worked on an important paper for school, work or other type of activity that requires documents and then accidentally deleted or overwrote them, you will understand the frustration and fears that drove the creation of the Cloud backup service. Just imagine for a moment that you are almost done with your paper.

You’re putting the finishing touches, typing out several paragraphs in a hurry because you’re so pumped to go outside, but then your computer crashes and you weren’t able to save. If you were using a cloud backup plan, this would not be a problem because then you could pick up where you left off.

There are many other reasons for why data could be lost as well, so don’t just count on being able to save every few sentence to discount the advantages of cloud backup. What if your hard drive crashed? What if your data got corrupted? What if your computer got invaded by a virus and wiped all your files? All of these things and more could happen and have happened to other people.

Now that you understand and are probably paranoid about all of the things that could go wrong, here comes cloud backup to the rescue.

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Your Data Is Just There

When you work with an IT managed services provider that implements cloud backup, you never have to worry about your data getting lost ever again; at least, not in any way that has to do with the device itself. You are basically dumping all of that information to servers of third-party companies that will keep your data for you, likely within numerous storage machines with redundancy systems in place.

As such, whatever happens to your data in your computer, you won’t have to worry about starting from scratch or losing some irreplaceable documents, photos or videos. More than that, if you store everything in just one Cloud account, you won’t have to waste so much time trying to finding a particular document like you would if you kept your data in multiple storage systems.


Top 5 Best Cloud Backup Service For Small Business:


CrashPlan for Small Business: easy, automatic & secure online backup built for small business data protection.




Could your business survive if you lost even part of your critical data? BackupVault is a leading provider of cloud backup for small businesses. Get a quote!




Backup and recovery software from Carbonite allows you to easily protect your files, photos and more. Try Carbonite backup and download your free trial today!




We acknowledge to any kinds of computer concerns including PC tune up, Virus removal, Network setup,VoIP support and More for Small/Medium Business, Home Users.




Datto protects essential business data for tens of thousands of the world’s fastest growing companies, delivering uninterrupted access to data on site, in transit, and in the cloud.




Right now, you probably already know that you can save your data in your computer. This is a pretty standard piece of information, right? What you might not think too often about, however, is that you can lose your data in a lot of ways. People often encounter situations wherein they lose hours of work because they forgot to save and there was a blackout. There are also those times when the device itself crashes or the data gets corrupted. These are the things that people need to think about but don’t often do because they simply assume that they are not going to happen.

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Unfortunately, these things do happen, and they happen a lot more often than people assume. As such, it helps that an option like cloud backup exists so that you won’t have to worry about the data that you lose if ever your device breaks. So, let’s talk about some of the benefits of using cloud backup.

No Worries

Ever heard that song? With cloud backup, you literally don’t need to be worried that your data could get lost at any moment. This is especially true for when you are inputting your device directly using cloud platforms such as Google Docs or other similar options. When just syncing your device to cloud, you won’t have to worry about losing your data if it breaks or you do something to compromise the security of your device.

Automatic Saving

Whenever you are working on something on your device directly, you are essentially relying on that device not to flake out, which electronics have a tendency to do. So even if you decide to save often, it’s not guaranteed that it will be enough. When your device automatically syncs with the cloud though, you get far better reliability and confidence in knowing that your data is secure even as you create the data.

When writing something on a Cloud Text platform, the document typically saves every time you make any change. When you take photos, videos or create any kind of art, you can choose to have it automatically be uploaded to the Cloud, so you won’t have to worry about it later.

Free Storage

There are also plenty of Cloud Backup services that are completely for free, at least for the first few gigabytes that you use. So for those who don’t really need a lot of storage space, it’s perfect. Then again, there are those who need plenty of storage space, and they can also get this at a really reasonable price.

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