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How to Choose the Best EdgeCast Reseller in the Industry

Over the past few years, the importance of Content Delivery Network has grown exponentially. It has proven to be an extremely scalable business solution, infused with abundant advantages. Let us take a quick look at what Content Delivery Network means and a few key aspects surrounding it. You can also take a quick tour of the website to understand a little more about EdgeCast Reseller as well as CDN.

Content Delivery Network

To understand the ABCs of CDN, it is important to know the need of implementing it. When you have developed a website, it is inevitable to select a host server to get a space on the internet. Once you finalize the hosting server, the customers can access your web page from across the world. However, it is possible that the end users might face a lag due to a huge distance between the server and them. This is where CDN plays an important role.

Functionality of the Content Delivery Network

CDN is basically a collection of edge servers that act as virtual host servers by caching contents in them. These are distributed in various locations to reside geographically close to the customers. This allows the clients to access your website, without having to wait for a longer period of time; assuring enhanced service and satisfaction without any loss of packet data.

CDN Service Providers

While analyzing Content Delivery Network, you must have come across various service providers that claim to offer the finest solutions. However, it always better to evaluate your options before closing in on any one option. While carrying out your research, there are chances that you may have come across the term ‘EdgeCast’, here and there. Through this article, we will discuss the services and solutions offered by EdgeCast to make your website fast and secure.

What is EdgeCast?

EdgeCast Networks also known as Verizon Digital Media Services is a company that was founded in 2006 by Verizon Communications and funded by Steamboat Ventures, a Walt Disney Company. This particular company is well known in the online industry as a premier self-sustaining CDN technology carrier.

EdgeCast Resellers

We have understood that EdgeCast is one of the finest Content Delivery Networks available in the market that covers the basic necessities of a website. It offers a granular control to you that aids in the seamless access to the contents. In order to avail the same, you must take assistance from an EdgeCast reseller that will provide CDN services at competitive prices.

How to Enjoy the Optimum Outcome?

An effective, infallible, and reliable hosting helps your business gain scalability. An experienced and well-established service provider is capable of presenting you with an active solution. You should consider the services offered and understand all aspects of investing in a particular service provider. They need to offer you with a gamut of solutions to cater to your business and website, irrespective of the type content i.e. static, dynamic, live streaming, etc.

How does the EdgeCast Reseller Operate?

The servers should always be combined with optimum features to make contents available to your clients at a faster pace. EdgeCast CDN ensures you have an integrated control over the content delivered and offers safe as well as prompt delivery of diversified contents to your audience.  Apart from the aforementioned attributes, it also provides round the clock assistance for any technical queries or challenges.

Services Offered by EdgeCast

Let us have a look at the services offered by EdgeCast resellers:

  • Caching– In simple terms, it is saving the static contents of your website to the servers. The HTTP caching allows you to transmit the desired contents to the clients in an adept manner. Once an end user requests for a particular data, it gets transferred immediately from the server to the POP (point of presence). POP is located nearest to the clients, which reduces the latency, thus reducing lag.
  • Application Delivery– Static content is the only content that gets cached in an efficient manner, which a dynamic content fails to achieve. The Application Delivery Network ensures an accelerated access to the requested data.
  • Security– It offers an ultimate security from hot-linking, content theft, piracy, and other unauthorized access. This is accomplished with the help of security tools that restrict illegitimate access.
  • Edge Optimizer– It is powered by a technology of the Google PageSpeed. It enables you to offer the contents of your web page to the clients five times faster than the normal speed. This feature of the CDN influences the edge servers to edit the dynamic websites, which are being delivered to the users.
  • Streaming– This allows the users to access the videos on your website as per the preference. For example- HDS, HLS, Smooth Streaming, Flash, HTML5, and HTTP Progressive. This enables high quality streaming that can be accessed from the nearest POP.
  • Storage– The dynamic, as well as static contents, are stored efficiently with this facility presented by CDN. It allows your client to access your contents with the help of worldwide load balancing in the fastest way possible.
  • Rules Engine– This enables you to create your own set of rules to garner complete control over the system. The interface is user-friendly and easy to understand.

Solutions Offered by EdgeCast

The following are the optimum solutions offered by EdgeCast:

  • Integrated Site Acceleration– The dynamic and static contents of your websites load at an accelerated pace.
  • Media & Entertainment– High-definition and instant videos, images, and sound clips can be enjoyed without any interruption.
  • Gaming– Caching transmits static content at a lightning speed that allows an accentuated experience for gaming lovers.
  • E-commerce– It enables you to offer the fastest e-commerce website that will enhance the user experience drastically. This, in turn, elevates the business and profit margin.
  • Live Events– It is a challenging task to offer uninterrupted live streaming. However, proficient EdgeCast reseller allows your website to access the nearest broadcast nodes for instant connectivity.


When you are opting for a hosting service to enable your business over the internet, you should never compromise on the quality. Avail services of the finest EdgeCast reseller who will offer the aforementioned services at competitive costs, to suit your business needs efficiently.

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