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Top 7 Alternatives to 3dcart eCommerce Platform: Top Shopping eCommerce Software Solutions

Whether you’re starting up a new online business, or you’re looking to update or upgrade your current ecommerce software for better quality there are a plethora of available options on the market for ecommerce software. Choosing the best option is the only way to guarantee the best service. That is where 3dcart comes in. For the best in ecommerce software solutions, 3dcart continues to dominate the marketplace with innovative, cutting-edge technology that will result in your online business positive growth and success.

Arguably the most popular service offered by 3dcart is its shopping cart software. Selling products online becomes easier, more streamlined and ultimately more efficient for you and your customers.

For online business owners seeking cutting-edge web design, they can purchase 3dcart’s ecommerce web design services. Business owners can choose from original designs that are tailored to the business’s needs and goals, or choose from more than 50 pre-existing designs, free of charge. Premium templates are also available very at competitive prices. Business owners can obtain a high quality attractive website for their business without having to break the bank.

Marketing is an important part of running a successful business. As online marketing can be especially challenging, 3dcart offers ecommerce marketing solutions to ensure that each business is attracting their target market in the best way possible. Its marketing services provide a complete marketing package, including tools for search engine optimization, pay-per-click and social media advertising. Other ecommerce business services offered by 3dcart include domain name changes, data migration processing, automatic software updates, and third-party SSL certificates.

Because 3dcart is confident any of its products will aptly fulfill your business needs and exceed your expectations, you can try any of its services free for 15 days. In addition, you have access to a free mobile app to manage your online services on the go, and technical support that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for your convenience.

For consumers using your website powered by 3dcart, they will experience streamlined order process, and be able to track their shipments online – all possible through 3dcart’s partnerships with UPS and PayPal. You and your online customers will have access to protected information and transactions through a partnership with McAfee. 3dcart’s partnership with Google Analytics provides you the opportunity to track your process.

3dcart has exactly what you need for your online business. Visit today to place your order.

Features and Benefits of 3dcart

If you are interested in starting your own online store, 3dcart has your perfect solution. If you need a website for your business, this eCommerce software offers easy professional website creation using simple drag and drop tools. With 150 templates to choose from, anyone can quickly create an attractive site, with no design experience necessary. Add new pages or products easily using 3dcart’s Quick Edit. Edit product images using the integrated editing tool, Piknik. For entrepreneurs knowledgeable in CSS or HTML, you can use these skills to customize any part of your 3dcart website. The software is also compatible with Dreamweaver. You can even edit on the go using 3dcart’s mobile application.

If you already have a website, you can easily integrate 3dcart simply by copying and pasting the “add to cart” buttons on your own site.

To bring in sales, your online store needs visibility. It must be seen by potential customers. 3dcart makes this easier by providing built-in search engine optimization tools. Use these tools along with 3dcart’s marketing and promotional tools to make sure your site gets good ranking in search engines so that potential customers become aware of your business.

Running your own store can take a lot of time if you have to worry about all the small details. 3dcart takes care of many of these details, in a way that benefits both you and the customer, so that you can focus on other things. For example, experience the convenience of a tax calculator that automatically calculates the tax and provide your customers with a customer-friendly ordering and shipping process. With 3dcart, the customer can choose from several shipping options. They can even have several different products shipped to multiple addresses at once. A built-in shipment tracker allows customers to track their order directly from your 3dcart site.

Among other customer-friendly features offered are the wish list and the waiting list. The wish list encourages longtime, repeat customers as it allows them to bookmark products they wish to purchase later. If an item in your online store is out of stock, customers can add their name to a waiting list if they wish to be notified when the product is available again. All of these services and features plus many more are available through 3dcart.


The Difference between 3dcart Ecommerce and other Shopping Carts

Today, many businesses sell online and in order to do this they need to set up a shopping cart to display their goods and have a means to sell them. This kind of selling is known as ecommerce. There are many shopping carts available, which makes it hard to choose the one best for you business.

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Shopping carts provide online stores with the tools needed to help customers chooses items, place those items in a virtual cart, and hold them there until they are ready to check out. The process came into existence around 1993 and the term ecommerce simply is a platform that support computer based business transactions.

There are countless numbers of ecommerce shopping carts. All ecommerce shopping carts have two components. The storefront is the area where the customer has access, and it is sometimes called the front end.

The other part of the shopping cart is the back end. This part of the site is where only administers have access. This is where shopping carts may differ. Some of them are relatively simple. They provide customers the opportunity to put items into the basket through a click on button, and once they have finished shopping they can proceed to check out the item(s) and choose a method of payment.

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Then, there are shopping carts that offer more. They have databases that give the storeowner much more manageability of their business. PayPal is an example of the more simple approach to selling online. It has a basic shopping cart including itemizing and checkout.

The great thing about PayPal is the fact that it integrates really well with most ecommerce platforms. An example of a shopping cart that has additional features to enhance the storeowner’s experience is 3d cart.

3d cart has great ecommerce online tools that support the merchant. Their resources include selling online, an app store that has apps for shipping, accounting, and marketing, with over 100 payment providers, and shopping engines that include Google shopping, Amazon,,, plus others.

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They offer very affordable package deals ranging from very low traffic to very high traffic. All of their packages offer great tech support, virus protection, $0 set up and 0% transaction fees, plus much, much more. It is simple to setup and easy to run.

In the end, you can have a choice of something that simply lets you add items to you shopping cart or you can enjoy the experience of online selling at another level. It can open up a whole new world of increased traffic and greater revenues.


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Top 7 Alternatives To 3dcart E-commerce Platform:


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3DCart VS. Volusion: Which is the Better E-Commerce Platform?

It may seem like a never-ending battle among the top players in the e-commerce arena, especially between the fast growing favorites of many online entrepreneurs and marketers— 3DCart and Volusion. With each one of them offering incredible features and upgrading their special provisions every now and then, it becomes more and more difficult to make a choice.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that choosing your e-commerce software provider entails careful consideration of important aspects and sensible discernment of both the short-term and long-term benefits that you’ll be able to enjoy.

Which one will it be for your business – 3DCart or Volusion? Let’s take a good look at the principal elements you ought to mull over before making a final decision.

Main Feature

Think of it as deciding between two movies that belong in the same genre. The chief element you have to delve into is the content, the main story, the deeper value. In this case, one way to discover which is the better e-commerce platform for you is to check out the primary feature being offered by each online store builder.

3DCart’s eminent feature is its no-brainer drag-and-drop solution, making it a breeze for clients to create their dream stores without being burdened with technical know-how. With various navigational tools for your use, you can smoothly employ the layout you want and incorporate the software’s special Deal of the Day and Group Deals offers for customers. What’s great is that you can actually seek help from customer support if in case you still cannot achieve the customized look that you desire.

Meanwhile, Volusion also has its own version of this— the Easy Editor. With this element, you can actually create a full-featured website from one spot, thus easily integrating different important facets of running an online store— blogging, email marketing system, and domain name finder to name a few.

Although 3DCart is said to be lacking in the “all-in-one e-commerce solution” attribute, Volusion’s aptitude in this area is NOT highly applauded in the Internet world because it often necessitates additional fees before you can maximize it.

Free and Premium Templates

If you want a wide variety of free and premium templates to pick from, you will surely appreciate Volusion’s amazingly extensive selection. When it comes to this aspect, it actually surpasses not just 3DCart but a lot of other leading e-commerce solutions. However, the downside here that you ought to take note of is the cost of the quality templates.

3DCart only has 50 free templates as compared with Volusion’s 100+. It’s got more than 50 premium designs while Volusion offers 350 premium templates.

But it’s essential not to be swayed by the quantity. In the same way that a few excellent products are better than a huge inventory of substandard worth, you should focus more on quality rather than quantity.

Number of Allowable Emails

Do you know that even if you avail Volusion’s top packages, you can only avail of up to 20 email accounts? If this suits you well, then you can count it as a plus for the company.

On the other hand, 3DCart allows you to set up an unlimited number of email accounts. If you’ll be expanding your team in the future or perhaps coming up with certain promos, then this feature might come in handy so you can direct concerns and entries accordingly.

Customer Support

Both are said to have exemplary customer support in general. Be aware, though, that because of Volusion’s many clients, some of its users have reported a few delays in getting a response for their concerns. Nonetheless, the company has reported its continuous efforts to address this matter.

These days, though, a lot of 3DCart users and even some unbiased reviewers have been calling attention to its greatly improved customer support. Similar to having a smaller class size in school, its team is able to focus better on the needs of each client and is also able to deliver satisfactory service within a short period of time. This massive progress is one of the main reasons that had triggered the Better Business Bureau to significantly raise its rating for 3DCart.

Pricing and Plan

Naturally, the different plans and prices should also be taken into account. This is especially crucial for start-up companies and those with smaller budgets. Because Volusion’s lowest plan is only priced at $15/month, it’s certainly more popular than 3DCart’s $19.00/month.

Since the rates are not a far cry from one another, it’s important to check out the inclusions. For the lowest plan, you can enjoy 1Gb bandwidth and a total of 100 products if you go with Volusion. It’s surely a good initial option for newbie online entrepreneurs. Meanwhile, 3DCart allows the same number of products with twice as much when it comes to bandwidth.

The Verdict

If you want full control over all the sections of your website and the ability to modify them as you wish, it’s best to go with 3DCart. But if you’re okay with having some of the HTML and CSS portions untouchable because they’re just too technical, you can then choose Volusion. All the same, please take note that 3DCart has made even these specialized parts easily adjustable for even the non-techies.

Now if you want more options for templates, Volusion is a shoo-in. But if you’re more inclined to use a greater number of emails which you foresee to be useful in the future, then 3DCart is a better choice.

Hence, the final decision is up to you. Just like in picking the movie you’d rather watch, it’s an individual choice. But of course there’s always a more sensible option based on the facts and feedback from others.


Try the best ecommerce platform for growing brands with a FREE 15-day trial. Stores powered by BigCommerce grow 2x faster than industry average!



If you’re currently torn between 3dcart and BigCommerce for the shopping cart software of your online business, don’t worry. There are tons of other people around the world who are in the same predicament. And this is why it’s important to read through different reviews on these two top-performing e-commerce builders, so that you can weigh the pros and cons and your own priorities, needs, and desires. This way, it will be easier to make a final decision.

In picking the online store builder that will help boost your business in the long run, you must carefully go over several important factors— pricing and plan, special features, customer support, web design customization, payment gateways, and marketing tools.

The Similarities

Many would say that 3dcart and BigCommerce actually have many things in common. For one, they both have built-in marketing tools incorporated with the plans. However, you’ll need to check which of these are more suitable for your use. Both companies greatly value the importance of SEO in helping their merchants promote their products.

In addition, these well-known shopping cart providers also offer more than 50 payment gateways for merchants to pick from, along with a good range of shipping setups. Moreover, both claim to be very transparent with their fees and promise that there are no hidden fees you’ll need to pay later on.

The Differences

Now how do these two differ?

Although both offer a free 15-day trial, you’ll see that 3dcart has the more affordable plans. The lowest plan is at $19.00/month while BigCommerce’s lowest plan is at $29.95/month. And when it comes to the popular plan for each, you’ll already get plenty of inclusions from 3dcart’s Professional Plan worth $79.00/month only.

If you read several reviews of authority websites and actual users about these two e-commerce builders, you’ll also realize that many would still go with 3dcart when it comes to ease and user-friendliness. You’ll love this company’s drag-and-drop type of website designer plus the fact that you can even consult some of their in-house design experts. The program in itself is said to be very easy to navigate, making you seem like an actual web designer without needing any CSS and HTML know-how. Meanwhile, BigCommerce also comes with point-and-click design tools and customizable CSS/HTML. Nevertheless, it’s more difficult for non-techies to use.

In terms of customer support, both companies also deserve a round of applause. They have both been doing good in this field and are proud to say that they have in-house staff to attend to every need and concern of each client. It’s important to note, though, that 3dcart employs more tech support team members with a wider scope of specializations that can be of great use to the software users. Average call hold time is only 5 minutes while ticket responses are given in less than 30 minutes!

The Verdict

Given the differences, you’ll be able to easily point out which one will give you better value for your money and will also enable you to progress more in the long run.

These days, more and more online business owners are flocking and migrating to 3dcart because they get so many benefits for a minimal monthly fee. It seems to be the practical choice for a lot of small and middle-sized merchants. Every one of them who have tested it out are happy.


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