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Top 7 Best Document Management Software for Everyone

Data is now in extreme abundance. For one, documents are just one form of countless many forms enterprises, organizations and individuals create and share data in. The sheer size of created/exchanged documents has made management and upkeep mandatory. To properly manage documents, existing internally or imported externally, appropriate document-sharing software or systems should be in place. There are, indeed, a good many software and systems enterprises, organizations and individuals could choose from. To make matters convenient, a shortlist of best seven document management software is given.


This is, perhaps, one most instantly recognizable document management software/system (DMS). Deployed, in standard format, for free, G-suite is an ideal DMS for individuals and small-medium-enterprises (SMEs). Trial of G-Suite is already provided once you, an individual or a startup, has basic Google account. Combining text, voice and video communication features (e.g. Gmail Hangouts) and Microsoft-styled collaboration suite (e.g. Google Slides, Spreadsheet and Docs), G-Suite is a cloud-based DMS offering you can switch to Business or Enterprise options for more storage, enhanced security layers and collaboration add-ons. G-Suite is most useful for cash-strapped startups opting for limited features and free service. For medium and big enterprise, G-Suite offers great value, particularly in using Google’s infinite data storage and hosting space.


By many standards, eFileCabinet is an enterprise killer. If anything, eFileCabinet is consistently designated best document management software and best document management system. More, eFileCabinet offers unmatched document management solutions, documents storage software and document organizer software. Strongly recommended by buy an essay, an DMS authority, eFileCabinet enables users to create, share and combine documents effortlessly. Integrating automated workflow, collaboration and quick access features, multiple authentication layers, eFileCabinet is user-oriented and solution-smart. The DMS comes in four plans: Starter, Advantage Business and Unlimited .Typically, more storage space and additional collaboration features are optimum for medium and bigger enterprises. Interestingly, eFileCabinet comes in cloud-based and on-site offerings and, as such, gives users more options for security.


M-Files is particularly optimum for larger work groups and medium-big enterprises. AI-enabled, M-Files makes document management a piece of magic. By automatically sorting, naming, organizing and merging documents, M-Files frees up your mind and, over long run, saves your budget. The collaboration and security features M-Files offers are optimum in financial services, construction and engineering, oil and gas, and manufacturing. Trials are also provided for 30 days, a great asset before you make a purchase decision.

IT Glue

It Glue is essentially, a B2B DMS. Targeting managed service providers (MSPs), IT Glue is a one-stop shop for document management and control. This DMS offers a wide range of benefits including document integration, secure password management, and enterprise-grade security. Perhaps, one most important killer is IT Glue’s ready-to-integrate with major PSA, RMM and BDR platforms. SOC 2-compliant, IT Glue includes such features as Documentation Automation, Single Sign-On, Access Control, Microsoft Office Cloud Editor, and more.


Like IT Glue,Confluence is geared to business. More structured, Confluence combines document management, workflow, search, app integration and feedback in context. Developed to create and/or manage documents, Confluence organizes documents in custom and searchable ways. More, Confluence enables users to speed up review process by offering inline and page comments. For convenient data migration and integration, Confluence can be integrated into apps and platforms including Jira, Trello, and Team Calendars. Confluence comes in Free, Standard and Premium plans in cloud-based and/or on-site deployment formats. To get to know more about Confluence usability features, buy pre written essays on offers great insights.


Relatively new compared to IT Glue and Confluence, Templafy is a big business DMS. Deployable across a wide range of platforms and OSs, Templafy is a best fit for enterprises of complex operations systems. This DMS has multiple benefits. However, documents created/imported from different platforms is perhaps Templafy’s killer benefit. More, Templafy is deployable on a cloud-based and on-site basis and, as such, offers users flexibility to manage security issues. Templafy can also be integrated to Microsoft Office 365, G-Suite, Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. Trial is offered for free before you make a final purchase decision.

Templafy could also be adapted to SMEs. Despite geared to big business, Templafy could be used by several startups wishing to split costs yet also enjoying confirmed benefits. For instance, startups sharing same location or industry niche could agree to use Templafy on a cloud-sharing basis. Instead of paying huge upfront subscription costs, smaller startups could use Templafy on an on-demand basis. This option involves, of course, some security precautions. Typically, cloud-based solutions are consistently said to involve more security risks as opposed to on-site software. In sharing Templafy, smaller startups could be exposed to a range of security breaches such as data trails. These could be “data leftovers” still kept on service provider’s servers and, as such, could be compromising. By having in place a proper data sharing and management agreement, such security risks could be minimized, if not eliminated.


This could be designated a sharing-and-collaboration geared DMS. Like all document management solutions, Hightail enables users to manage documents securely to maximize workflow efficiencies and minimize complexities. In contrast, Hightail’s major asset is about sharing and collaboration. That’s, unlike most document management solutions in market, Hightail enables enterprise users to share and collaborate on large-size files and documents. More, detailed information and notifications are included once documents are shared or an action made. This central feature of hightail is particularly important for data-intensive, document-sharing enterprises. Take law firms. Obviously, litigation process involves a wide range of documentation. More, soliciting peer advice and seeking more evidence are critical to press forward in a law case. To do so, lawyers at a law firm need to collect and manage huge amounts of data, essentially in document form. The well-known issue when student doesn’t have enough time to write an essay and just pay to write essay. It saving a lot of useful college time and offers insights into really quality essays. If properly managed, leads to great efficiency. Similarly, law firms, particularly multinational ones, are one enterprise segment whose need for document management software cannot be overemphasized.


Using DMS is a growing necessity for individuals, organizations and enterprises. Coming in different features, plans and options, DMS enables different user segments to perform a range of functions more efficiently. There are many DMS around in market. Only seven solutions are shortlisted: G-Suite, eFileCabinet, M-Files, IT Glue, Confluence, Templafy and Hightail. The storage, collaboration, security and integration requirements are decisive factors to select one option over another. Similarly, changing operations, expansions, new regulations and cost-sharing arrangements are equally important factors to stay to or switch form on DMS option. Ultimately, your choice is informed by your evolving individual or enterprise needs.

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