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Why Now Would Be An Especially Good Time For Your Business To Start Its Own Podcast

In 2021, Spotify had 2.9 million podcasts, while more than two million podcasts were available on the Apple Podcasts platform, as relayed by a LinkedIn article.

However, if these figures have convinced you that the podcast market is now oversaturated and consequently not worth entering at this point, you need to weigh this belief against various other factors.

Below, we have detailed examples of those and why starting a podcast can actually be a shrewd business strategy.

Podcasts can help you to reach your target audience

Podcast listeners tend to be affluent professionals. According to statistics shared by TechRound, about 28% of podcast listeners are in the 25-34 age bracket — making podcasting especially attractive if you are eager to reach out to a relatively young audience.

However, you also shouldn’t underestimate the breadth of podcasts’ appeal, as research indicates that more than 70% of people in the Western World have considered listening to a podcast.

It is easy and convenient to listen to podcasts

Think about it: the strictly audio-based format of podcasts enables them to be consumed in a wide range of situations.

For example, while the visual aspect of a TV show means that the average individual could struggle to take it in when washing cutlery in the kitchen sink, podcasts can be consumed more passively.

This makes them readily accessible to many people likely including people your business is eager to target with its marketing messages.

You can establish a reputation for having industry-relevant expertise

It’s not hard to find examples of respected experts think the likes of scientists and historians who have appeared on podcast episodes, whether as hosts or guests.

Therefore, speaking on your own company’s podcast can assist you with sharing in-depth knowledge and insights you have garnered from time spent working in your chosen niche.

Once people have picked up the habit of listening to this podcast for advice, you can expect both yourself and your business to grow in reputation.

Podcast content can feel especially authentic

You might not be too surprised that reputations can be made through podcasts, given how authentic their content can seem in comparison to what is found on many online platforms.

Social media is notorious for its deluge of heavily edited and filtered content. However, when someone listens to a podcast, they can feel as though they are in the same room as the podcast speakers, resulting in a perceptibly intimate experience.

The podcasting tech you need could already be within easy reach

In an article for Entrepreneur, sales trainer Brian McKittrick points out that getting started in podcasting entails little upfront cost. He clarifies that podcasting “only takes a computer, a decent microphone which can be bought for about $50 and an account to an online podcast hosting website.”

You might not even have to look far for a suitable recording studio. Renting one of BE Offices’ serviced offices in Belfast’s Custom House, for example, would give you access to an onsite podcast studio with full recording equipment.

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