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Ganttic: The High Level Planning Tool You Are Looking For

Regardless of the industry you are working in, as a manager, you have to have a good overview of who’s doing what and when. During the next week as well as the months ahead of you.  You want to visualize your project portfolio, manage the utilization of your resources, and make planning decisions based on what you see. Finding a tool that would enable you to do that and would still be easy to use can be quite a task.  Microsoft Project is too complicated and Excel spreadsheets are  just not enough at one point.

A team in Estonia (country that is named the most advanced digital society in the world) might have the solution for your resource planning challenges. Ganttic ( is a resource planning software for the big and the small that gives you the big picture of the small details.

If you are looking for a tool that would allow you to view your plans from the perspective of the resources as well as the projects, you have found it. Ganttic’s unique approach to resource planning is applied in  companies like KPMG, Prophet, ABB, Aecom, ICA, Lenovo, and Jacobs.

You can drag and drop tasks and have an instant overview of all our resources and their work pipeline. In Ganttic, resources can be people, machinery, meeting rooms, vehicles etc. You can view each project in a separate view to see how tasks and resources interact with each other. Moreover, Ganttic gives you unlimited ways for grouping resources (e.g. by location, department) and allows you to filter out any information that you have added to the system.

If you feel like resource planning is the stumbling block that’s making your projects go over the budget and fall behind the schedule, Ganttic might be an answer for your problems. Ganttic offers a free 14-day trial and is free up to 10 resources.

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