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What Is A Systems Analyst?

A Systems Analyst is… After typing the preceding question into a search engine the user may encounter a lengthy, diverse collection of results. One reason for such a variance in answers is the interpretation of the keyword “Systems Analyst” which is synonymously used for Analyst, Business analyst or Financial analysts. Although various Analyst titles may imply contrasting job descriptions or duties, an analyst position can overlay multiple categories.

For example, a particular worker can be a Financial Analyst while specializing in Financial Processes and technology components. One could more appropriately combine the titles into a classification of Financial Systems Analyst. It would remain accurate to refer to the aforementioned position as a Financial Analyst, Systems Analyst or Business Analyst.

Varying Responsibilities

The actual position of Systems Analyst can vary immensely from one company to another or even between departments within. Programmers, Project managers, Engineers, Consultants and various analysts can all be considered systems analysts depending on the nature of their work. They are required to have familiarity with many technological components including hardware, software and business processes.  Various fields of studies can produce Systems analysts including Computer Science, Information Technology, Mathematics and Engineering.

The Current Definition

Utilizing the resources at my disposal along with my own expertise, I would like to provide my own concise definition of a Systems Analyst. As the role of the System Analyst expands and evolves the following definition is subject to revision.

A Systems Analyst is one who utilizes technology and program/design methodologies to address organizational requirements. System analysts evaluate business processes at all their various levels and utilize practiced methodologies to repair and/or enhance inefficiencies.

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