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Best Emr Software List

Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems are the electronic machine that will record all information related to the health issue of individual that can be managed, created, gathered, and also consulted by doctors and all staff that have authorized regarding health issues. This tool is very convenient because it can keep many data in computer so that we can find any information about the individual health easily. This system is the upgrade version from the conventional medical record that using papers. This system has been used by some hospitals and some clinics to keep the patient’s personal data. This system is definitely help the doctors and staff, and it’s also helping the patient too.

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Reality of Electronic Medical Record

Even though we can see so many benefits that we will get if we use this new system, but still, there are not many places that using this system. In the recent survey for the hospitals and clinics in United States, there are only about 4% ambulatory physicians that having the full health-related data of patient in their EMR systems. It means that even though they already knew about this new system, they wont re-data the health-related data of the patients to be put in the system. Some of the hospitals or clinics even don’t have this Electronic Medical Record in their place.

Actually, there are many reasons why it’s hard to use and adopt this new system in the hospitals or clinics. First of all, the cost of the Electronic Medical Record is expensive. It’s true that this record data system is important and helpful for the hospitals. But buying new machines that will help the treatments are much greater than the EMR. Second, there are not many organizations that want to help to support this new system to be adopted in hospitals and clinics. Third, there are not many people that are skillful enough to operate this new system. It’s hard to re-data all data of the patients so they definitely need someone or some people to do that.

That’s why it’s very important for all elements to support the EMR system. Doctors, staff, patients, organizations, and governments need to support and try to help hospitals and clinics to quickly adopt this system. Things that will help this Electronic Medical Record to success are computerized provider for the system, computer administration, all data of the patient information about the past and the new health issues, standardized data storage for EMR, and many more.


Emr Software List:


Award Winning, EHR, Practice Management & Medical Billing solution with guaranteed ROI. Connect, Collaborate and Transform. CureMD Electronic Health Record decreases administrative tasks with most easy to use EMR Software with integrated workflow, scheduling & patient portal.




Paperless Practice Solutions & Patient Services designed for Endodontic & Oral Surgery dental offices looking to increase top line revenue, decrease costs, reduce headaches, and simplify your front-end and clinical workflows.

Dental EMR – ( is a fully featured cloud-based practice dental practice management solution designed to increase your practice and clinical efficiency and streamline patient care and experience. While other dentists suffer headaches and problems with other archaic practice management software, ‘Dental EMR’ solves all of their day-to-day problems in an instant heartbeat. They’ve spent hundreds of hours talking to office managers and dentists to learn of the problems they’ve suffered with other practice management software. They’ve then reinvested thousands of hours meticulously solving these problems and adapting these solutions into “Dental EMR” so that it makes things more streamlined and seamless from everyone from the dentist, patients to the staff.

Their Dental Practice Management Solution lives on the cloud so it is accessible via any web-enabled device, mobile device, tablet, desktop or laptop computer (PC or MAC). You can even access and manage your practice(s) at any time from ANY device to go over every office detail without wasting money on servers, hardware, backups or IT specialists. Because of this, Dental EMR has helped dentists save both time and money when starting a new office, expanding their offices, or looking to implement cutting edge technology in their current office. Dental EMR has shown it can save an office 15 minutes per patient over existing solutions, which will in turn help your office recover or recoup $100,000 more or less every year, thanks to revolutionary and cutting-edge features that help you take your dental practice to the next level.

It also seamlessly handles all operations from scheduling appointments, patient registration, charting, prescriptions, image storage, billing and insurance claims, receiving payments much more easy, simpler and efficient!

  • Access your practice and office anytime, anywhere from any device
  • No longer need to purchase/upgrade expensive computers and hardware
  • No server closets or servers will be needed
  • No IT specialists need to be hired ever
  • No onsite/offsite backups will be needed since we will handle all backups on the cloud
  • No worries about losing data to burglary, theft, fire, water damage.
  • You will receive unlimited lifetime data storage for your patients
  • Automatic lifetime updates
  • Easy and very simple for you and your staff to use
  • Instant support for you and your staff through their in-app messenger
  • No annual maintenance or hidden fees ever

DentalEMR’s purpose is to revolutionize the way dental practices operate by providing software innovations coupled with services that work together to increase revenue, reduce costs, and help practices achieve their full business potential. They work with both the people and software to make the two work best together.

Reach out to them and they’ll be happy to provide a free consultation on how they can help take your dental practice to the next level. Tell them Sam sent you!

DentalEMR’s purpose is to revolutionize the way dental practices operate by providing software innovations coupled with services that work together to increase revenue, reduce costs, and help practices achieve their full business potential. They work with both the people and software to make the two work best together.

MICROMD – MicroMD is a trusted, reliable electronic medical record and practice management software solution that offers a highly configurable suite of applications.

FUSIONWEBCLINIC – Manage scheduling, documentation, and billing with the only web-based therapy EMR software built specifically for pediatric occupational, speech, and physical therapists.

EYEMDEMR – Learn about the leader in Ophthalmology EMR software. Thousands of ophthalmologists use EyeMD EMR to focus on their patients & increase their bottom line.

CHARTLOGIC – ChartLogic EHR is known for its proprietary command-and-control methodology that seamlessly and intuitively integrates voice recognition to the entire electronic charting process.

NEXTECH – Patient engagement, revenue management, practice management and EMR software that enables productivity and profitability for specialty practices.

OPEN-EMR – The world’s leading open-source electronic medical record and practice management software.

75HEALTH – 75Health provides free cloud-based Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software for doctors, clinics, and hospitals.

OPTIMUSEMR – Optimus EMR provides industry-leading Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) software for long term care, nursing home, skilled nursing, and post acute care facilities.

NEXTSTEPSOLUTIONSINC – A top developer of behavioral health EHR & mental health software, billing, EMR, and substance abuse treatment,telemed,telehealth & telepsycology.

EPIC – Founded in a basement in 1979, Epic develops software to help people get well, help people stay well, and help future generations be healthier.

ATLAS – This cross-platform, browser-based EMR/Practice Management software was developed by, and for, primary care physicians operating insurance-free clinics.

CONSOLOSERVICES – Consolo Hospice Software is a comprehensive, web-based hospice EMR software solution providing a fully customizable hospice management and billing tool for your hospice.

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