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Marketing Automation For Small Business

The popular layer of entrepreneurial culture called “growth hacking” is intensively integrating into USA realities of small and middle businesses. By trying to adjust the name and the meaning, journalist begin to use the term “explosive growth” which only partially describes the essence of this phenomena. “Growth hacking” is related to the increase in qualitative indices of a business, but gospellers of this terms put special emphasis on methods and tools used to achieve a final goal. Professionals who number themselves to adepts of the business cult are often called “growth hackers” which implies “breaking in”, “looking for flaws”.

Systems of the entrepreneurship automation are closely related to the term “growth”. At the same time their implementation is nothing else but using an unobvious opportunity to avoid routine working based on delegating responsibilities to a cycle headed by subordinates or a third-party service.

Well, you certainly need “growth hacking”. Marketing automation, as one of the components of the unclear phenomena to Russian entrepreneurs, is good as the first step of hacking the major business processes.

Work with the incoming marketing as a professional:

  1. The most successful western companies have already built the hyper target offer delivery systems. Nowadays you have the whole tooling for the data collection on your potential customers. Your task is to adjust your offers to their pains and needs. Here is the operating algorithm which you can follow;
  2. Create a list of target groups;
  3. On the basis of behavioral factors create offers for each of them imagining that you have personal dialogues with representatives of these groups;
  4. Implement behavioral indicators on your page or a survey to determine the visitor’s belonging to any of the groups;
  5. Provide your visitors with content and offers that will be relevant to their interests;
  6. Acquire notification systems to know when there is a repeated visit or other activities to ensure immediate reaction;
  7. Integrate the system of automatic customer stimulation that can be a monetary increase of an offer in exchange for a social activity;

Do not let the information on your leads’ purchasing power gather dust – return them back to a purchase with the help of special offers based on the collected information over and over again.

Get out the sales cycle:

And with that dispose of the human factor in your sales funnel. Currently, complete delegation of responsibilities of customer interaction is impossible to a virtual system, but you still have got something in hand: putting business processes executed via e-mail to an assembly line, automation of the following maintenance of contacts and recording their activities. For instance, drip marketing campaigns in the B2B sector are based on the involvement of the wealthy customers in the further cooperation by means of mailing. Activate your old leads by educative programs. You will lack the functionality of automatic services, but you can implement the sales department in the cycle.

Marketing automation in social networks:

Since this activity is based on content, your primary concern is to create a cycle for the process of content generation and distribution. The first stage is the search for relevant subjects. To determine the interests you need to go back to the first clause of this article, and the content generation can be simplified with the use of BuzzSumo and Topsy. The next task is to create the continuous process of filling with content. The solution of this is building the system of customer content, and the stimulation tools are personalized interaction with active participants and the intuitive interface at the heart of your service.

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