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Top 5 Best Restaurant Accounting Software

The use of restaurant accounting software is essential for every business that wants to maintain successful operation. An overwhelming amount of eateries close every year, and in order to avoid becoming one of the many that can’t afford to keep their doors open, you have to prepare yourself. This is where  restaurant accounting software can be a life saver, as it will keep track of all the important information that you need to succeed, so that you can organize your business like never before. This way you’ll be prepared for anything, and you can maximize the profit of your restaurant like never before.

The main facets of any restaurant accounting software is to keep track of your financial activity, as well as the inventory that you have on hand. Through this type of program you can determine how much you’re making, losing, your most popular items, as well as when you need to reorder product. The main use is always going to be charting financial activity of course. The chief use of restaurant accounting software is to determine how much money is coming in, and going out through payroll, taxes and other expenses. This will allow you to properly determine the budget you’ll have available for food, as well as extra staffers, or renovations.

Another great aspect of any restaurant accounting software is that you can utilize it to determine your most popular food items. This way you can always stay on top of the most popular dishes, and see what could be taken off the menu to make room for something else. This way you can fine tune the food that you serve, so that you can determine the best dishes that will help you achieve the best possible profit margins. There’s no point in keeping dishes on the menu that don’t sell, and restaurant accounting software can help you discern which ones are worth the effort, and which aren’t.

Something else you’ll want to consider, is restaurant accounting software that also lets you keep track of your inventory. This way you can track when new items need to be purchased, so that you can determine when the time comes to buy new product so that you never run out of dishes. Otherwise you can run out of food, and have to refer customers to other items than their main ordering choice. This is never good for any restaurant, and always reflects poorly on management.

When you’re looking to buy any type of restaurant accounting software, there are a lot of different options on the market. Some of the best include Quickbooks, and are trusted brands that you can rely on when making your choice. Usually it’s best to go with a brand that you can trust, so that you can ensure quality, as well as the overall functionality of the product itself. Otherwise you can’t be sure how safe the program is to use, or how well it will work for you, if the restaurant accounting software just isn’t reputable.




Optimal accounting solutions for small, medium, multi-unit concept, franchise, and enterprise restaurant operators.

Services they offer include:

  • Restaurant Accounting
  • Financial Reporting
  • POS Integration
  • BI & Data Analytics
  • AP & Cash Management
  • Multi-Unit Inventory
  • Manufacturer Rebates
  • Payroll & HRIS
  • Restaurant Compliance
  • Treasury Solutions

Plans & Pricing:, which includes a Payroll calculator at the bottom for restaurants to estimate their cost of Payroll services.


ZipBooks is free accounting software that sends invoices, tracks time and expenses, integrates with your bank & lets you process credit cards. Get started!

  • Accountant Access
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Bank Connect
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Auto-Categorization
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Project Accounting
  • Tagging
  • Balance Sheet
  • General Ledger
  • Income Statement
  • Taxes Invoiced
  • Trial Balance


We help restaurants grow with our all-in-one Restaurant Management Software. Save time and money by seamlessly integrating your accounting, inventory & other systems.

  • Accounting Designed for Restaurants, Not Just Anybody
  • Restaurant Payroll, Simplified
  • Headache-Free Budgeting for Your Restaurant
  • Easily Upgrade Your Accounting


The best cloud based small business accounting software. Send invoices, track time, manage receipts, expenses, and accept credit cards. Free 30-day trial.

  • Accounting Reports + Accounting Tools
  • Avoid the Tax Time Scramble
  • Ensure Your Bottom Line Is Top Notch
  • Take a Peek with Dashboards or Run Full Reports
  • Supporting Your Growing Business


Lightspeed Accounting integrates your POS system with QuickBooks or Xero. Learn how you can save countless hours and better manage your business!

  • Let your systems communicate
  • Generate reports for all your restaurants
  • Get 100% accurate numbers


Manage smarter with Compeat’s all-in-one restaurant management software. Fully integrate your inventory, accounting, workforce, back office, & analytics.

  • Gain key insight to control costs
  • Compare financials against budget
  • Make smarter financial decisions
  • Control your bottom line
  • Enjoy POS interface to the Daily Sales Report and G/L posting

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